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  1. Everlasting's my primary server. That said, focusing on the above - why do you assume I die on a TF? I can play the same TF ten times, with ten different teams, same settings, and have the experience range from "never dying" to "seven team wipes in a row" depending on who's playing. Builds are only a part of that, after all. And frankly I'd find the second experience more interesting, finding out why and trying to fix or work around it (barring some odd gameplay bug, like, say, all Council Vampyri suddenly spawn as AV-level Nosferatu or something, and every spawn has three of them
  2. No you aren't, and no you don't! :) This can ... already happen now? And what's more, players have more control over who they give INF to and when. *And* can give it to non-SG players, too. ... which basically... does nothing, so why enable the system (and the potential for some people to start in with "you're not doing anything for the SG, look at the prestige numbers!" arguments, even if they do mean nothing and there's no loss.) Even ignoring that, say you have two members of an SG. One is on for several hours a day. He farms, m
  3. All I can say is that I 100% disagree with the premise you're starting with. Can IO builds make a difference? Sure. But I play quite a bit of support. I don't do "builds." And I haven't had survivability problems, or support problems. I'll be on commons late into a character's life - and, of course, played back when we didn't *have* IO sets and the game was a bit rougher. What it *sounds* like, to me (and I may be wrong on it, but I've run into it enough that this is sounding familiar) is that you might be concentrating too much on one side of the character. "I'm a bubbler" or "I'm
  4. Yeah, I'm confused as well. Those buffs were made AOE on *live,* so it shouldn't even be a different branch of the sunset-era code. All you have to do is visit Point du Hoc while a mothership raid is being set up, if there's any thermal, sonic, cold, kin or FF you'll see everyone buffed in just a click.
  5. I ... honestly have to wonder what you're doing if your support is getting killed/mezzed that fast and that often. About the only time I see that is on MSRs during the bomb (and very beginning of bowl rush) phase, and even that's not always a mass of death. Maybe in PVP, but that's a vastly different environment with very specific needs. Plus... yeah, I'd have to agree, these would just be gobbled up by DPS. Most have some sort of self heal (or +regen) that would use the exact same sets, and probably more than one if you're throwing bonuses in that early. Other support types? +Def
  6. ... not really a fan. "More prestige" does not equal "better supergroup," yet people tried on live to make it seem that way, and getting rid of the "You must run in SG mode" dictators was a big plus for actually *enjoying* SGs. There are far more interesting ways to have SG contests and such than "go grind this." Personally, I'd rather have any and all references to prestige purged from the game. Yes, even in its current inactive state.
  7. Chewing on it a bit (and I see a few echoes of thoughts in some other posts) - Go to patron pools... not 2.0. I'm not even sure it's a 1.5. Maybe a 1.3. Villainside - sure, add red widow. Or generic "Arachnos." Heroside - FBSA pools. The arcs themselves are themed. Not going to go into "what the powers are," since - well, lots of balancing and rebalancing would need to be done anyway. Grey - For those who don't want to swear fealty to a patron, or tie themselves to heroside city hall. Midnighters, perhaps put Arachnos here, Longbow, Hammers, NPs... or whichev
  8. On Excelsior, *Everlasting. Lord knows why I put Excelsior, Krow typically does these every once in a while. It's fun. (Plus our dropship bounties on the MSR *never* stay at what they start at... we seem to always have people donating there. :D )
  9. About the only reason to do it now (other than "I want to try a petless MM for challenge") is that it's the only way to get whips. (DP was the reason before that got turned into a blast set, after all.) Though... I mean, not taking the pets, I'd think you kind of *have* an END discount there. You don't need to buff or support them. Varies by secondary and pools, sure, but still, if you're not having to heal/bubble/buff your pets (on top of just not having to re/summon or upgrade them,) that's END you're not using.
  10. Yeah, when I was doing more commissioning (back on live,) half the time I'd just go inside or in a base to get steady light. Between in-world buildings (stores, police stations... don't recall, is the AE "quiet room" affected by time-of-day lighting?) and bases, though, I think we sort of have control over this already. (Heck, I made a base specifically for costume contests to avoid "welp, day went to night halfway through and nobody can see the details of the costume." Not that anyone uses it to my knowledge...)
  11. Which is kind of a tangent there, really - mostly annoying to some RPers. Sounds like the OP knows it already. Though, I suppose, the argument could be made "it's at least one thing red side has to draw people over to play, even if only for a little bit." (typically one mission, though.) Regardless - yeah, this has been suggested since live. Not really against it, though I don't know if heroside (flavor-wise) would have individual "patrons," per se. I could see them being linked to organizations, though. Hmm. We have MAGI, DATA, etc. already (tho
  12. Heh. I used to do different things - take a FOTM combo (say, when Ice/Elec blasters were popular) and either reverse it (Elec/Cold... which was ...odd) or stick it onto a different AT (Fire/kin? Sure... I'll make it as a tank, though, not a troller.)
  13. ... tell the kids to go back outside and play so the price goes back up? :)
  14. ... which server are you on? On Everlasting I see requests for GM teams frequently, and GM hunt teams that go after multiples are ... probably a couple of times a week that I know of. And yes, anti-player Confuse does exist in game. (I believe one of the BAF mobs does, or did, this, as well as the Succubus from the COT, from memory.) I'm not sure I'd go for this as a GM - I don't honestly think there's enough in Cim to really have it fit - having more arcs in Cim going into gorgons (and perhaps other easily-reachable representations of myths) for something to do pre-Inc
  15. Yeah, respeccing needs a rework. There have been a *lot* of suggestions on ways to do it (even just "free un/redo of the last power/slots placed" seems popular.) "Respec any one power at any time" would probably be more techncially challenging (just because of things like pool dependencies for prior powers and the like,) but ... yeah. Respeccing needs a look.
  16. The only thing I can really add is that,to me, the "pros and cons" part are ... pretty much irrelevant to the timer. Which somewhat reinforces Hedgefund's initial response. If a team's going to rush, I don't think it has anything to do with the timer - *everything* is faster these days. I last ran this with my SG (fair mix of characters, a couple like tweaking characters, a few - like me - don't bother) and it still was reasonably quick. We weren't *trying* for anything. Wasn't a 10 minute run, included some RP in the mix, nobody was bothered one way or another about a timer. And
  17. ... they have an armor secondary. With mez protection. Not sure why you think they'd need more or why... apparently turning mez protection into their inherent somehow would do anything. Hahahahhaha... no. WIth any change there'd be some spike of having more people play it to try them out, yes. But... *people like different play styles.* Sometimes even the *same* person. If I feel like playing support, I'm not playing a sentinel (or a blaster or a brute.) If I feel like getting in the mix in melee, I'm not playing a sentinel (or a controller, say.) I
  18. They look different enough to me (plus I tend to have LFG and SG in their own tabs,) but I can see where people can see them as "too close." Being able to customize those colors (or channel colors overall) wouldn't hurt, if it's possible.
  19. This post came to mind when I was messing around with an AE, actually. Time in the Cities - especially with the 'missing years' - is strange. It may not matter to people who just want to smash stuff if it's 2012, 2021 or 2112 "in game" (which is a perfectly fine approach to take - it's a game, enjoy it,) but on the RPer and lore side it kind of caused a bit of chaos as people tried to unofficially handle it. Some people didn't care. Some people tried to pick up like the "missing time" didn't happen. Some tried to explain what happened (from "snaps" to "well, I did stuff," to ... well, as many
  20. Welcome back. 1. Server - You can always check "Server status" at the top of the page during the hours you play, but typically it's the two Es - Excelsior and Everlasting, the second being the RP server. 2. Modifications - Maybe, maybe not, depends wholly on your character and if you feel you need to make changes. I haven't yet, personally .
  21. I've been seeing the same thing, though somewhat rarely.
  22. Or you can just note exactly what you mentioned above. "Intended for myself and some friends. Non-English. Plenty of jokes you won't get. Non agricultural."
  23. ... or, since Paragon had this thing of "we want writers to explore their own ideas, not complete old ones," one of the writers thinks how silly it is for a little island to forcefully hold territory in the US and the Isles is taken over by a combined military/meta force, driving Arachnos underground. LR is only seen in propaganda (until later levels,) but since Ghost Widow still exists, you know Arachnos isn't gone... Boomtown's slowly getting rebuilt. But the edges are still a veritable war zone. There's a Rikti enclave in the city - not the war zone, though Vanguard
  24. No! ... just kidding. If/when it's possible, yeah, all for more options.
  25. I ran across a small group in BB... geez, must be two months ago now. First time in a long time. And it was a lot of fun. I miss that being a common thing.
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