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  1. Yeah. I'd call this somewhat problematic, in general. Plus, as someone who likes and uses knockback, I had to modify this to "player" knockback when I answered, as I'd honestly answer differently for players vs pets vs NPCs. Honestly, the most relevant data here is "How many people voted for each answer." And that doesn't even really show the total number of people interested in the poll, as people can vote for multiple answers, so it's not really worth much to know.
  2. Given you started with me specifically, I'm taking all the "you"s as being me. So let me set a few things straight. 1. I'm being realistic given player feedback about redside since live. An effort like this shouldn't be made expecting a sudden, sustained redside explosion. You'll have a few more people, yes. And possibly - more likely - others who take their blueside characters grey so they can cross over on occasion. But you're not going to see - say - a steady 60/40 or so split, blue vs red. And just a one time thing on short notice... I'd be surprised if you saw much of a blip.
  3. Congrats. Little challenges like this are always fun. I did one of each AT to 50 on live, an done of each control set... if it had kept going, I'm sure I'd have more "one of..." sets.
  4. .... interesting that you see responses that say flat out "tried it, didn't like it" as "taking you to task." Closest I see to what you describe is Ghost's reply with the "kicking and screaming" line, and even there they say "I tried it for a month and didn't like it." (And yes, alternating the WST to be strictly red/coop one week, blue/coop, would immediately have people complaining about being "forced" to play redside. Having the PVP warzone contact you used to have to see being just inside the warzone gate had people complaining loud and long about being "forced" to PVP, eventua
  5. Well... some people just don't *enjoy* redside. (or gold.) So...
  6. PF does that. You either go "OK, that's just him" and chuckle or want to strangle him. :) My main reason for opposing this sort of thing is simple. I've already dealt with people who have insisted I "needed" the various KB-KD IOs, without ever seeing me play. I've taught groups that no, it actually isn't needed and can be useful - the tanks and brutes seem to love having mobs flung their way for some reason. >.> And I've blocked people who were just being asses about it. I don't want to see that behaviour increase, and I don't want people to ... basically never learn to pr
  7. Interesting. (And just Sprint specifically or are you including the Prestige Sprints?)
  8. Well, that depends. Are you interested in the heal, or specifically having an AOE heal trigger to cover you and nearby teammates? I'm fairly sure there are a few others that give "heal on attack" type effects if it's just the self heal.
  9. Ugh. Maybe if they could do it as an IO so you could try it out, but it would pretty much kill any use I have for it otherwise. I want them pinned in place away from me, not drawn towards me.
  10. Yeah. Unless you're trying to do it to a War Walker or something, it's not unreasonable for one person to carry another that way. (If you're thinking of something else, Sun, it's basically slinging someone lengthwise over your shoulders - not piggyback where they're hanging on your neck, but arms on one side, legs on another across your back. Distributes their weight fairly well, assuming they're not injured.) But, yeah. Technical issues prevent that in game.
  11. I don't think I'd want some of the escorts - especially the "helpers" - to have high perception. Especially in missions where their death = mission failure. Having some version that locks on to you or a rescuer? That'd be good. (Though given NPC dialog, I know they sometimes start referring to enemy NPCs with "rescue" dialog, too... I could just see this breaking missions.) That said, there are other issues with those NPCs that would also need dealing with - like their speed and their pathing. They make odd decisions. If the engine could handle grappling, I'd be *more*
  12. Issues with these tests: What *are* we testing for? Nobody's going to do pylon times with a controller. We're not there for DPS. How long you can hold a boss or group? Not everything's based on holds. Highest rank of something you can control? *sleeps all the AVs in MLTF* OK, done, next? Highest rank of something you can defeat solo? First GM defeated solo was by an Illusion controller on SOs back in the day. Next? Time to finish a mission? That's as much dependent on the secondary, pools and slotting as on the primary. Someone complained about how long Mind too
  13. I don't even think that's a HC thing. *checks PWiki archive* Nope. I'm remembering correctly. The auction house on live was across servers, as well. So this is not a new thing.
  14. Well, Evasive Maneuvers gives "+Flight Control," so eliminating drifting and such sounds like just what it's supposed to do.
  15. 1. You do not "only have to do it once" if you're switching between content where you may want it in one instance, may not in another... as stated. This is part of the reason for "it would be nice to have it as an option or a slash command." 2. Read 1 and 3 again. It explains it. 3. There are numerous powers that *require contact with the ground* to work. And yes, I'd want those in an MSR, but not necessarily in other content. Hitting the "group fly bubble" changes movement suddenly, from "I'm running around herding" to "well, ok, now I'm slower and floating, even once
  16. They're not wrong to tell you all salvage of a certain quality (common, uncommon, rare) is in the same bucket. It is. If the price "went up" from one bid to the next, you happened to get the last of what was listed at a certain point. Also making it harder for people to do anything like that is the fact the market isn't server based. It's spread across all five servers.
  17. 1. There's no indicator of if you've done so or not. Not an issue if you have one or just a few characters. It is if you have multiples. 2. Related to (1,) it often becomes an issue when doing multi-team league zone events - MSRs on Everlasting, for instance, where if you leave the zone, you *may not get back in.* 3. Also, and to me this is where a setting or slash command would come in handy, you may not want it in some situations, and may want it in others. Say, not wanting it in an MSR, but wanting it in the Hamidon raid that comes straight after.
  18. I just checked both Mystic Flight and plain old Fly. Both still have the drift. The only time Fly does *not* drift at the end is if you have Hover running at the same time. In that case, it will just stop instantly.
  19. As I've said before, that or a slash command would be *grand.* Set it up without having to leave a (potentially rapidly filling) zone, on the fly if you forget to swap it - since you *can* not want it in one situation and want it in another, after all.
  20. Part of the problem with these sorts of things is that (as I recall) there's nothing in the engine, or the engine has (or had) a problem with "grappling." Things can't pick up and hold other things - something like Hurl just makes up a rock as part of the power graphics/animation, it doesn't have you pick up a nearby garbage can, for instance. (It also keeps us from having melee pools that involve grabbing/picking up, some potential whip attacks, and is one of many things tied to stretching when it's suggested. Or for that matter, even a "hug" or "arm on shoulder" type emote, much less power.
  21. Yeah. Kind of have to add my voice to the "While AOE holds should have recharge looked at, Seeds isn't the yardstick to use." (And for me, mass confusion > seeds simply for the lack of aggro on MC. Granted, this is offset a bit on Seeds side by either being on a dom and having attacks that early, or being on a team for other players to absorb some aggro, but still.)
  22. You *can* play at below -1. People have outleveled missions that were causing them problems since issue 0. You could also, technically, set mobs to -2 by setting it at -1 and taking an Ultimate inspiration for a level boost, I suppose. (Well, several, depending on how long the mission was.) There's ... easier, and then there's "I want to feel more powerful," thus guides on capping defense, recharge, etc. The two are *not* the same. I mean, take - say - an MMA fighter. He's put into a cage match with ten other guys, more or less equally skilled. If he defeats them, h
  23. Don't think I've had her do anything but die if she did this. They don't come back to find me. And you don't have to keep her alive. (Unlike Lady Jane....)
  24. Sounds like a good way to get kicked off teams, if noticed. Better rule to follow - "Don't be a dick." If I'm confusing something that would buff the other side, typically I'd rather have it buff *me.* If you're killing that first, as far as I'm concerned, you're working to actively harm the team.
  25. We have "classic recreators" already - though with even more strict rules (simulating having to take Fitness, etc.) So it is being done, to an extent...
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