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  1. Two little things that I think would be nice for macros: 1. The ability to email them. They show up on the tray like items. Wouldn't it be great if - say - someone in help said "I can't find the last X!" and you could drag your "Find" macro to email, send it to them and say "Put this in your tray, right click it, and change the last word - 'hostage' - to whatever you're trying to find?" Even if these were only able to be emailed to an account, it'd be helpful. Obviously these wouldn't leave *your* tray when you do it. 2. A macro window. Yes, ther
  2. No such thing! That's only... around 60. Also, recent (surprise) pickup - Sweating Bullets. DP/Fire Sent.
  3. (Bit of in-game and IRL history incoming....) As I'm recalling, technically they're an *Italian* group. Not American in origin, though obviously they're using American recruits now and would have been for half a century plus, given their role in WWII in-game. And Italy makes sense. Birthplace of fascism (the fasces being an Italian symbol, a bundle of rods with an axe blade which was a symbol of power and authority, and Mussolini being an inspiration for other Fascist movements - Mussolini's "fasces" (at that time more a group or movement, and not the only one referred to as a fasc
  4. They were removed in issue 3. Which is also when Kheldians were introduced. Running through the Kheld story arcs, you'll find Nictus (Arakhn and Requiem) pulling a lot of strings, even before the split. (Arakhn and the Center were leading things - there's 1-2 Kheld arcs where you see messages between them,) and Arakhn inducted Requiem into the Path of the Dark.) Plus in... I think it's one of the Ouro arcs, I'm drawing a blank - there's a bit about the 5th going underground and waiting to emerge again, as I recall. So... basic power grab, difference in goals, that
  5. Kinetic melee is ... odd. Could never get into it. (In part due to look, in part due to sound... I can't help but call it Nascar melee.) *shrug* Not sure about beam rifle. I've got one or two, it's just ... eh. Not really connecting with the character.
  6. Sonic's not bad.. but, yeah, the sound effects can be offputting.... "Resonant puke," "Dog howl" and the like - I mean, sure, you can tell what power's being used, but still. Imagine that with dual pistols. *Bang* *Zoink* "Wawawa* *sad trombone* as you shoot...
  7. Yeah, was about to say it's available one-handed in WM so I'd hope it'd be possible for TW...
  8. Some characters exist as a bio before I hit the character creator. Some have been around since live and .... need more than the editor's limit. Some are just mess-around, this-sounds-like-fun characters (or utility characters, like base builders) that don't need one. Some have one I just haven't written up yet. Really depends on the character. *shrug*
  9. I'm ... pretty sure that was on live? I don't think I have any old screenshots of the character select screen...
  10. Yes, this happened back on live. And there were some complaints about it back on live, since they and the Council will fight each other, which makes "defeat X council" missions a bit more tedious. You'll also find references to (and missions with, directly or indirectly) their leader, the Center.
  11. Yeah. These things are a waste of time right now. Drop the HP and resists. And/or give me some temp power bombs (either at the start of the mission or found on enemies around them) to blow them up.
  12. I'd be for moving down the level the patron arcs become available to 33 so they're already unlocked (if you haven't joined someone else's arc) at 35, other than that...
  13. The people who want to get PLd will get PLd, even if you unlocked all primary and secondary powers at level 1. And it doesn't matter if they get PL'd or not, frankly. Some don't want to play characters until they're "complete" at 50 and fully IOd, T4'd, etc. The people who want to play characters through lower levels for whatever reason (like me) are going to do so. Personally, I don't think it's needed. There are some powers that could be rearranged to be *available* earlier, but that's a powerset-by-powerset project.
  14. Can't hop in game right now. Can't say I've seen this - but does this also happen opening up the autosave above it? It should also be saved in your COH (or homecoming) directory as a .storyarc file - might want to attach it. I can't think of anything that would *do* that in the file but it couldn't hurt to see if someone else sees the same thing with the same file. (And the file itself would be there to examine.)
  15. Man, I'm all over the place. Sometimes I'll have the *character,* but not really a costume and they'll end up in a generic looking thing or T-shirt and jeans. Sometimes I'll be doing soemthing else, see a piece and go "Ooh... I could use that for..." and end up with a new character. Soemtimes it all just comes up naturally. And ... while I don't think I have any unused costume files, some totally deserve that "clothes horse" badge. If they had an in-game walk in closet, it would be filled plus some.
  16. If you're level 35+, you should get an arbiter (rein?) as a contact. He's standing right outside the big tower in Grandville. He'll have you look at the arbiter statues inside and pick one. You'll then have that patron as a contact. Do their first arc. You'll be awarded a badge. You can then use any of the patron power pools (... assuming you don't have an anciliary pool already picked, if you do, you'll need to respec.) If you're under 35, people will often advertise they're running the patron arcs, or are on the last mission or two of them. Join in. You can get the badge, but won
  17. 1. On certain maps (Kings Row, Talos, Oakes, etc.) there'll be a dot that shows an entrance for pocket D - typically has a bunch of pinkish Pocket D "posters" around it. 2. Go to a base portal, use either your own base if it has it set up or one of your server's transport-hub type bases (such as zone-8888 on Everlasting) to go to Pocket D. (While there, once you change your alignment, go to the monkey fight club, go upstairs, snag the explore badge - think the one on the truck works, too - to add it as a destination for the long range teleporter.)
  18. Option 1 - Do tip missions. You should have villainous options. Do 10 and a morality mission (villain,) get merits, be evil. Option 2 - go to Pocket D, go to the truck redside, talk to Null the Gull to change your alignment.
  19. Given we don't have examples, I'd say you're making assumptions about the poster. Yes, they could be more annoyed at certain names that happen to hit some sore spot with them, and they could ignore them and "should let the kids have their fun." Or the kids could be spraying graffiti and leaving bags of dog crap on their property, in which case they have every right to complain. We don't have the information either way. No need to get judgey on the OP. If the OP thinks there's a problem, they should go to the GMs.
  20. Figure out a way to train architects to design sensibly laid out office buildings and warehouses.
  21. I can't remember the last time I was even sent to a police chief...
  22. Honestly, I'm not sure. I know there are badges for them, which I would assume would be unaffected, but couldn't recall if there were specific missions asking for types versus groups, so...
  23. Eh, I don't think I'd want them deleted. I would want them looked at - the ones in Croatoa (specifically looking for fir Bolg in the Misty Wood... think that's Nemmer's mission) has always been problematic mostly due to the "vagueness" of where the hunt area starts and where they spawn. I wouldn't argue with the "point system" mentioned above (other than those specificially requesting a hunt of, say, fake nems or bosses, as I could see that getting gummed up) or perhaps long strings of repeated hunt missions.
  24. I want to say a very basic one existed back on live, but I'm not 100% on that, nor do I remember who set it up. I mean, *technically* you could do it in Notepad, if you wanted - they are just text files, after all - but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  25. Mm. Most of the videos I can think of are either the early-early days (as in "alpha stage") or music video type machinima...
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