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  1. Pfft. Just fill a tub with cold water and put them in there! Water cooling's a thing, right? >.> (And yeah, thanks for hosting...)
  2. TO me this would just overcomplicate *local* chatting in a group - 20 feet is *not* that far. If you're looking at chat vs broadcast vs team vs supergroup - which, yes, all together can get to be a bit much - filtering out by tabs can help. Or using team, if you've got a specific group you're talking to.
  3. Likely with the latest update that added the "upgrade" button in the corner of the combination screen.
  4. It's the first. I even specifically said in the original post, I don't have a problem with the pricing, just the availability. I'm fine with them being at the (roughly) 7-15m they seem to run between. There are a few that have 1-2 in stock out there that someone has listed far higher, apparently (I've bid over that range, so I'm guessing over 20m.) I'm not throwing INF that's that far over the average - I'll buy two superpacks and convert at that amount. ;) (Which, with the number of bids in - and I figure half at least are lowballing - I don't seem to be the only one
  5. Running the Atlas arc, contact Officer Fields, second last mission ("Push back the Vahzilok near Victoria Manuel's theater.") There's some phasing, I think, but typically the Vahz respawn here quickly. (Near the theater, sloped "brick" surface, -715, -23, -2356.) They aren't. I found one pair on a nearby rooftop, defeated those. Defeated another pair on the far side. But there's just nothing respawning where they *should* be to finish this arc. I'm solo, so it's not someone else's phasing on the team, and I've just hovered here for several minutes before (an
  6. And not just NC. IIRC the third novel (covering the Rikti War) didn't get out because the first two didn't sell all that well. But yeah, getting the rights is a big thing. Yes, she did. Secret World Chronicles. Four books published, I think. I know of one other fan that did that and got published, too - Paige Orwin, with the Interminables and Immortal Architects. Hasn't managed to get a third published in the series, last I knew. Mentions COH specifically in describing the books, as I recall, though the setting is wholly her own, not really referencing COH (at
  7. ... you know, I have "stages" of "would I work if I won the lottery." 1-5 million - yes. Taxes take a chunk, pay everything off, nice house, car, etc. Work because I enjoy it, not because I have to. 6-... 30-ish million - Retire. Travel. Do stuff. Take care of siblings/etc. Any "work" would be projects I want to do - researching specific aircraft or events, that sort of thing. Over that? I'd end up working because I'd be starting businesses and such. Stuff that could be fun for myself and others, screw profitable, I'll be dead in the next 30 years anyway and
  8. Just feedback on this bit. My decision on if a character's a corruptor or a defender rests on one thing - which do I want to focus on? Do I feel I'll need my de/buffs first, or do I want the attacks (and scourge) first? That's all the role difference I need, honestly.
  9. ... Old SG, old AE. The person (for once, not me) who tested it had everything spawn correctly, mission went as planned. When SG Team 2 went in (yes, we had multi-team AEs, multiple AE missions that were simultaneous for the storyline - a lot of fun, but a pain to do the writing for, long term) they ended up with a spawn of 10 AVs. ... took a while, but they *did* finally beat them. (Not solo, but still.) No, I don't have that AE mission, sorry. Long ago and far away. Plus I was (surprisingly) not the author. 🙂
  10. Your guest is as good as mine. (that said, I saw what I think is the first spam post from a new "user" - some chinese website vendor or some such - a day or two ago....)
  11. If you're asking for more ways to show powers being used? Absolutely. If you're asking for them to be *tied* to or only usable by an origin? No. Players should be able to use or be inspired without that restriction. Inspired by things usually associated with an origin? Sure. But let the players fold, spindle and mutilate them to come up with their *own* concepts. Second thing, not sure what you're talking about. The powersets that were in development? If the team has the resources to do them and do them *well,* of course. Third thing, depends on the team's resource
  12. So, once more browsing through for fun things to throw on characters, I notice ATOs are still... nowhere close to meeting supply with demand. Quite a few are at single digit levels, with swathes of the Brute section at zero - and they seem to be there quite often. And unlike other rare items - rare (though it's not, really) salvage, purples, etc. these rely on players doing something specific to supply - spending merits or gambling 10m inf per shot on a superpack (and getting an AT enhancement... something that isn't guaranteed.) They don't drop. They can't be crafted. The only oth
  13. ... I have no idea why I put excelsior when I'm mostly on everlasting. :D I tend to add to the bounty, myself. Someone's gotten a few hundred million inf of mine, by now, and at least a couple super packs or winter IOs.
  14. Worked on a model. Blew things up in Mechwarrior 5. Slept.
  15. ... which brings me to something else brought on - it's *not* a measure of group involvement. It is - or was, unless we're somehow vastly changing how it's awarded - simply a measure of "how many things I killed in SG mode." WHich, sure, when we *did* have to buy stuff for the base (which the OP doesn't want a return to) was useful, but now? Leading doesn't generate prestige. Yes, leading as far as deciding to lead, say, a task force on SG night indirectly does - but it does it for everyone there, regardless of if they just showed up or took the initiative and time to set that up.
  16. At most, a rum and coke or bit of whiskey, and that's rare. I don't get drunk (I mean, I probably would if I drank enough, but I don't find drinking enough for that to be fun or entertaining, so I don't do it.)
  17. See, that's the thing I'm *still* not seeing an explanation for - how is turning this on "fostering community?" Or in the OP's words, "getting SGs to talk?" Absolutely everything presented as a "we can do this with it" is something we can do *now* without it. What about turning Prestige back on magically makes SGs able or willing do things they can do right now, but apparently some are not? I mean, sure, technically saying "hey guys, turn on prestige/SG mode" is taling "more" since it's a sentence that wouldn't be said otherwise... (Well, if I'm being technical, not "e
  18. Get the antivirus installed and updated with no help from tech support.
  19. ... my brain insisted it was different shorthand for "Rise of the Phoenix" and wondered how they were dying so much - even intentionally - to have this as a rotation. I had to click and look. 🙂
  20. You're reading a lot of things that don't exist. There's no anger here. You just apparently do not get that you've given no good reason for turning this on. You deciding to deflect doesn't change that, and frankly only convinces me further that you have no good argument. Everything you claim you want or need Prestige on to do, you can do now. You don't need prestige to do it. (Other than, of course, making your prestige amount bigger.) Here, let's start with one of your reasons. Why do you need prestige on for your SGs to talk? Why can't you just talk to the people in
  21. If that's all you are getting from anything I'm saying, you're not reading. As I said in response to your prior post, the things you listed for "and prestige can do this!" can be done *now,* without prestige being turned on. And *are* being done now, without prestige being turned on. And with no explanation or argument of just how prestige enables those things in any additional way. The same is true for your original post. There's zero rationale for just how Prestige enables anything you listed or makes it easier. What you list for reasons for it in your OP, and restate again lat
  22. I think the spiderlings *might* be a little weak as a T1, but there are other options to look through anyway. And things can be tweaked, in any case. Other than that, yes, MMs are hard to create primaries for, but I don't think anyone would mind more options!
  23. Here's the thing. You don't need prestige to do any of that. That's the *point.* SG doesn't talk? Start talking while they're on. Get people talking. No prestige needed. (You wouldn't earn prestige for typing in chat - or starting a discord channel or whatever and talking there - anyway.) Have meetings? Say "Hey, guys, let's be more than a group sharing a base. How about every Thursday afternoon for the next few weeks we run a different TF?" No prestige needed to start doing that. And no pressure if someone can't join and isn't making that number bigger. "Ma
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