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  1. Six got in touch with me via DM. There was a brief problem last Saturday where the auth system decided (through a misconfiguration or bug) that no one had privs to play on the private servers. I had left my Cryptic-managing launcher running - something I don't normally do, and it apparently polls or otherwise gets notifications about changes like that, and decided to whack my install. I'm not a fan of the installer actively removing installs in such a manner. Note that this behavior is by design, as is it removing your Cryptic/Paragon installations if you click "log out". When the
  2. They have been preserved on the Wikis, but Cryptic/Paragon didn't publish everything that actually changed in those patch notes, so a lot of relatively small but individually important changes have no public indication of when (or sometimes that) they happened.
  3. Ignite does not cause Terror, which is the status effect cause by what we call "Fear" powers, like Fearsome Stare. Ignite causes Afraid, which is the effect that makes NPCs want to run out of it. Most place powers (read: "pseudo-pet") which inflict unpleasant effects on NPCs generally also cause Afraid, because, realistically, you would not expect remotely intelligent beings to stand in such effects. Location-based damage fields like Rain of Fire, Ice Storm, Sleet, Caltrops, etc. all cause Afraid on NPCs. Ignite, however, has limitations those powers do not. All of them
  4. Any word on this? This still happens. I just had the launcher fail to login, and it once again completely removed my Cryptic assets installation and erased all my customized launcher settings (which servers are hidden, auto-update, etc.) I know how to prevent it from deleting my i24 assets, but most people are not going to do this, and will have to reinstall everything every time this comes up. And even though I can save myself the full download, having to rebuild my launcher config each time this happens is frustrating.
  5. More fixes. Effect stacking by key is now displayed. Previously, there was no visual indication this was happening in a power unless you looked at the raw data. The new icon tells you the stacking key string on hover, and indicates when the stacking is both per-key and per-attribute. (The default is per-key only - a flag on the effect has to be set to cause it to also be per-attribute.) Effect target modifier indicators have been added. These are similar to the inner/outer radius indicators, but look like archery targets. Black rings around a red dot mean the effect is restricted t
  6. CoH's phasing mechanics honor group settings too, but only sort of. If someone is in one of these areas, no one outside it can see them until they also enter the area. Since it "phases them out" in your map and team/league list too, that makes it annoyingly hard to find them unless you happened to notice where they were just before they entered the "forbidden" zone. Once you do find them, you see what they do. Honestly, I'm not sure why it acts like that, where they disappear off of your team lists that way.
  7. I can confirm that she does not have a definition above level 20, so that's why she caps out there. She exists from level 11-20. It should be relatively simple to extend her level to 24. (Note: this is not something I can do, however.) I agree she should exist that high, given her arc range. (Realistically, she should exist up to around level 30, to account for people with their notoriety settings cranked up.) This, by the way, is basically always the source of unintentionally low critters in missions - they don't exist at the level of the mission owner + notoriety. Ve
  8. I get that it's blocking outgoing mail, but I believe that's a "poor man's" way of limiting the size. Letting it grow unbounded beyond that can have all sorts of unexpected consequences. While I doubt the mail file is going to grow large enough to cause actual storage issues (the entries are likely very small), it certainly could cause issues for global mail. Like so many things in CoH, we know it's implemented with the code equivalent of baling wire and duct tape. (Last we were given details, mail goes into a flat text file that's updated whenever a mail is written or deleted.) Ju
  9. The in-game display is, unfortunately, correct. The set is not included in the list of powers that can accept ranged damage sets. (Yes, horribly, that's how this works - powers are added to a huge list of powers each set category can slot into.) Which does seem like a bug. I'm just confirming it's more than just a UI bug.
  10. It's correct that the limit is 100, and the bug is that the error message still says 20. Not aware of the exceeding 100 thing. My understanding is that it should bounce messages over the 100th back to the sender. If it actually lets you go over 100, I'd be worried it would truncate the list to 100 on you somewhere along the way.
  11. I've made some Thanks! Both should be fixed. Some other small fixes are also up. More help was added (including the section with the duplicates above. 😨 I fixed a styling bug that meant the column of help links on the help page was much wider than it needed to be. Powers with "Target Requires" expressions display this above the main power info tables, where other requirements are displayed. For an example, see Inner Will. I also tweaked the formatting slightly to help with display of multiple, very long requirements expressions on a power. (The title line
  12. IH needs some love, but I don't think this is actually a very useful change. All it does is make Regen basically unkillable on normal notoriety, lets it still crumple under heavy fire, and be extra preposterous with IOs or/and external buffs. Scaling regen seems unlikely to be that useful to me for the same reasons. Anyone with lots of experience playing Regen is familiar with how popping IH after you're already in trouble isn't likely to save you - it can't get you high again that fast on its own (in fact, you're probably still trending down under heavy fire), and random walks in
  13. Rikti invasions used to happen in Atlas and mercy. There's not a hard mechanical restriction that prevents them from working in those zones. They were turned off by the devs, primarily because the way the invasion critters scale makes them horribly hard for level 1-5 characters to defeat. The fact that in addition they might teleport into these hidden areas is just a further complication.
  14. There's nothing you can do about it on your end. It's a bug with the mission itself. It's been this way since before the sunset.
  15. Even if we boost the survival benefits of Regen's clicks, since clicking deprives "power" unconditionally, the only way click-happy survival tools can offset that is by boosting offense. That strikes me as an unlikely benefit for the set to see added. We can make Regen more survivable for sure, but I figure at its best it's always going to bounce around WP-levels of survival as long as it remains primarily about HP recovery.
  16. PS: I never said this explicitly (though you can infer it by combining my posts), but the DB/Regen in that ITF is a Scrapper.
  17. The core issue with buffing Regen is twofold. Clicks cost time, but those who enjoy active sets need them to be click happy. HP recovery is the weakest survival mechanic on its own, but adding significant defense/resistance to the set will reduce the need for the set to be played actively. Note that these observations don't mean I don't think Regen can't or shouldn't be buffed, but no buffs that will preserve its unique play will ever put it on survival par with sets that have high resistance or defense (or both). Given that in real play, it is strong enough to be s
  18. Isn't it obvious? Because Regen has almost no passive/toggle resist or defense. WP gets both, and Bio beats WP on resists and just general toolsets. Bio is like three way love child of Regen, WP and Invul, with some stuff none of them get. I'm not trying to say there's some test where Regen wins on raw numbers. Not against Bio for sure. There are some burst damage cases I think it can win vs WP, simply because WP has so little reactive capability. Your test produces numbers, and any "hard" numbers "feel" authoritative, but I believe the test you ran shows se
  19. I'll certainly concede the obvious - it could have been faster on anything less threatened by the Cims, since it's clear that if you don't have to click or run or wait to heal then you can just plow through everything. I spent about 3 hours on the first 3 missions, then went to bed. (I was, for whatever reason, doing this on a weeknight.) The fourth mission took me another 3 hours. I know people who can solo the whole TF it in 4 hours, though there's a whole lot of variation by AT and powerset. (Anything with Flight can avoid tons of damage from the Cims proper.) Offha
  20. You should know this is set up for Regen (and to some extent WP) to fail. Regen has the weakest of the three's def/res stats. In that scenario, you must defeat enemies in order to reduce the DPS you face. By ignoring MoG, you deprive Regen of 15 seconds it could spend killing things to reduce what it's up against. By not killing anything, you demand that IH's HP recovery exceed the applied DPS and never do anything to reduce it. That's not how the powerset works. Regen is about burst survival. Winning fights is about getting your foe to zero HP before they can do the same to you, a
  21. Small nitpick here (with "small" being relative to your point, but probably not legally): if the private server was using the game company's actual source code and nothing else, it could still be shut down under copyright (rather than trademark) laws. That'd be harder to prove of course, since you can see trademark violations simply by playing, while inspecting source would likely require something more forensic. I would describe Homecoming as existing in a legal grey area. If NCSoft decided to play hardball, the servers would have no recourse but to shut down or at least go into h
  22. lol, fixed. That was a very strange autocorrect failure. That's what I get for posting on mobile.
  23. I soloed the ITF on +4/x8 with a DB/Regen. I very much wanted to do it using no inspirations and no temp powers, but I did not engage the limitations, just in case. In the end I was forced to use yellow Inspirations to hit Romulus, and I used a Jet Pack initially during the fight with Nictus puffballs. No amplifiers, no Lucks or Robusts, no base crafted buffs, etc. I only died once, thanks to two (edit: went back and read my notes from the time and it was three) hits in a row from Nictus Rom in the final fight with him after the last ambush. Probably obviously, I did not pile into
  24. Totally what I do. I never activate it in a scrum unless I'm desperate.
  25. It's because of this that any time I join a thread arguing for buffs to Regen (usually anchored on "bring back toggle IH", because, hey), this is one of the core things I argue for - give Regen good base resistance to -recharge. There is some mechanical precedent for it - when Fiery Aura got it's one big rebalance pass pre-sunset, resistance to -recharge was added to Temperature Protection. The motive here seems obvious, meaning I don't think this was added for thematic purposes. FA has one survival-based click, that cliick was re-balanced in ways that made the set more survivable (buffing the
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