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  1. Mace has Crowd Control, which is labelled as a cone, but is pretty much just everything in front of you. Not a small cone by any means. Shatter also sort of has a line AoE, but it's a bit finnicky - it goes 'through' enemies, so you might sometimes whallop a guy behind your target. Whirling Mace PBAoE is pretty basic but gets the job done. Crowd Control though... the sheer level of CRUNCH is incredibly satisfying. Between that and Clobber, a super high DPA attack, Mace pretty much hits like a stream train going full speed.
  2. Psi damage is definitely resisted quite a lot at endgame, especially in Incarnate content. But even across the board, robots, Fortunata, Awakened PPD; they all have pretty decent psi resistance. It can be offset with a secondary that does other types of damage easily enough. The main issue with Psychic Blast I've had is how slow the projectiles are and the lack of AoE. Psychic Tornado is a really satisfying power, but that and the Nuke is all you have for AoE clearing in the set itself. That said, if you like the idea of it, and have a concept that suits, everything is
  3. I'm sure someone with actual history knowledge could confirm or deny, but I recall reading about this subject just in some random "wee hours of the morning" tumble down random information holes on the internet. Shaving of body hair goes back to even medieval written records (and satire), believe it or not. In Greek literature, particularly, there are references to depilation, and waxes for that, and so certainly it's quite possible to have been part of Greek culture. ...for the creation of the character, I assume it was just because armpit hair is seen as unattractive a
  4. I'd love Stone Melee on Scrappers - it's definitely one of my favourite sets in terms of feel. Imagining a Seismic Smash crit... 🥰 I can see why Scrappers don't have it because it's slow and hard-hitting, like super strength... and Scrappers were, I guess, nimble/Spider-Man types (or at least, I've seen that sentiment a lot). But Energy Melee is slow and hard-hitting, and while I do like that Brutes and Tankers have a melee set to call their own... I want my Stone Melee crits, too...
  5. I realise this is confirmation bias, but my Naga Molten lasted me years and years - still works, just the right mouse button sticks sometimes. So I got a new one in a sale - Naga Trinity - and I've had no problems since I got it. That said, the super cheap mouse I got for my laptop has survived falling down stairs, being accidentally thrown against a wall (I tripped) and probably a bunch of other stuff... still totally fine. I think I'm just blessed by electronic fairies.
  6. There's a new "Paragon Heroes" NPC by the hero exit in Pocket D, 'Tsukira Wolf'. A nice homage to somebody, lovely to see! His bio reads: 'Little is known about this mysterious fighter, though he seems to be an honorable one and very talanted.' That should be 'talented', and it reads as much in his description on the hcwiki so it doesn't seem to be intentional.
  7. Oh, absolutely. I'm speaking as a roleplayer myself about roleplay specifically in Pocket D - I should have specified.
  8. I miss the old Pocket D on Union. Perhaps it's because I've grown up a lot since then, or just because I'm more aware, but there are a lot of... very strange characters hanging around there these days that skirt the codes of conduct. (And some that blatantly disregard it.) Back on Union, we had our fair share of that too, of course, but in far smaller number, and far less blatant, or so it feels to me. It's probably just the old rose-tinted glasses, but these days it feels like a huge part of my cherished teens (and the introduction to roleplay in general) has become a
  9. I'm in the weird minority where I feel like StJ is somehow LESS visceral, and I think it's all about the noises. It's just really faint thuds and cracks to my ears, which makes it way less satisfying to use to me, as fun as uppercutting a goon into the ceiling is. Initial Strike always sounds like it's missing - whiff-whiff. Notable exception is Spinning Strike which is just so crunchy. Martial Arts has KAPLOW and WHACKAM noises, which are way more enjoyable to me than thud-thud crack wonk. Very over the top and that's my jam. Anyway, sovera has covered everything succi
  10. Thanks! It was great work from what I could see. I scrolled through the discord channel for a while but couldn't remember their username, so I appreciate giving credit where its due.
  11. Someone posted some costume pieces they made in the costume channel on the Discord and they looked really good, in my opinion. Gun slings around the thighs and shoulders, a hoodie, and ninja-like trousers. They also said they were happy to give them to any servers that wanted them. It gives me hope new costume pieces isn't impossible! Obviously priorites are probably elsewhere right now, but it's nice to know there's a future.
  12. Welcome home! I can only speak for myself, but I had the same worries - what if it wasn't as good as I remembered? If I tried it again, it might never be the same. But after so many years of pining and rose-tinted memories, I can confidently say it lives up to my memories incredibly well. I'm sure it will for yours, too.
  13. Checking bios is pretty much my muscle memory at this point. There's so many fascinating and inspiring ideas out there. I wish the actual text box was better, though - sometimes I want to make a small edit and it ends up being a hassle trying to navigate to the right spot, type, find out it doesn't type, but turns out it did type and then it appears when I try to type it again... oof. These days I just copy and paste the entire thing every time I want to make a change.
  14. I love this term. I'll have a dig through and see if I can find that thread!
  15. City of Heroes is a game that thrives on its amazing ability to feed people's altitis. As a chronic sufferer myself, it's not at all uncommon for me to finish a character's build, play them for a bit, and then start chasing that next concept. Also for me, it's become a game of wanting to find 'the one'. That one single character that I'll never want to stop playing, both conceptually and in gameplay. (And roleplay!) The one single character I'll rack up dozens of veteran levels on, running content just for the sheer fun of playing them. Of course, in a game
  16. I know a fair few EU folks, being EU myself, so we're definitely around! It never feels empty for teams - there's usually TFs running all hours of the day. Since it's roleplay you're interested in, there's a usually a regular crowd in Pocket D at the very least during EU evening hours most nights, especially weekends. Some nights are slower than others but it's definitely never felt like a complete ghost town to me.
  17. Interesting questions! There was a time I was maybe unhealthy in the lengths and depths on my roleplay. These days, I generally restrict openly roleplaying to intended sessions (such as with my supergroup, or when friends are in Pocket D), rather than all the time. Being on Everlasting, I do often get into teams with at least some people roleplaying, which I'll engage with, but it's usually only very casual, light roleplay which I'm perfectly fine with. I'm generally able to disconnect and consider something OOC if needs be. Everlasting is quite nice in that many people use (( )) O
  18. One of the few screenshots I have from Live that survived. It wasn't long before the shutdown. Always cracks me up.
  19. Force of Will was a power pool set to appear before the game was shutdown. You can read about it on the Paragon Wiki. Force of Will (Paragon Wiki)
  20. Veloice


    I was @Feyth. @Crimson Archer, I remember you! I was Lady Patriot in the Militia, for a good spell, if you remember her at all. Good to see you around.
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