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  1. On the subject of Earth Powers.... I already touched on bringing over Stone Mastery to Dominators, but what about other Archetypes? Earthen Mastery - Blasters/Masterminds - Quicksand: A debuff power much like those in other Blaster/MM ancillaries - Salt Crystals: An AoE sleep power which seems like the traditional fit here - Rock Armor: An armor power that provides similar defensive properties to Ice Armor - Earth's Embrace: A power that fulfils a similar purpose to Hoarfrost - Stalagmites: An AoE stun that works as a nice capst
  2. I think it's because the model they used for Granite Armor is that of the Devouring Earth rock minions, which don't have alternate crystal or lava textures. However, I think an easy fix for this would be to use the 'Animate Stone' models from Earth Control as customisation options that could be used in it's place.
  3. I imagine now that some inherent and temp powers are available to customise, that enhancement 'powers' might also be able to receive the same treatment, right?
  4. I think your personal relationship is affecting your objectivity, Castle is a professional, and as such that opens him up to the scrutiny and criticism of the general public. While I may not have had much direct interaction with him I am completely capable of forming an opinion based on personal observation and secondary data, so insinuating I have no right to express my views simply because I dont share your perspective of things is the only shameful thing here. I'm not oblivious to the fact he probably had it hard, but you know who has it harder? The Homecoming team, and they've
  5. Which is why I suggested playing content at level 44, as it also prevents your team from using incarnate powers.
  6. So far one of the biggest issues with the game is that people dont feel challenged, and that's usually coming from a perspective that incarnate powers, IO sets and accolade powers are all in play. So, I think a fairly simple way of providing more difficulty options to the game is to expand the current notoriety system. So far, the most a leader can do to set a challenge (besides running +4/x8 on difficult mobs) is to simply run content at lower levels, which will disable the use of incarnate powers, and also makes IO sets less effective. Of course, not everybody is going to enjoy t
  7. Not likely to happen. The idea of a 'rollback server' has been pitched before, usually to whatever point somebody feels that the game was at it's best... pre-incarnate, pre-IOs, sometimes even all the way back to issue 3. Unfortunatley, Homecoming lacks a means to restore the game to an earlier point in time, and even if they did, I dont think it would be in their best interest to do so since the focus here is moving forward, not looking back. If you want to play the game without incarnates (or IOs for that matter), you are still very much able to do so. Onl
  8. I think this is the same sentiment I share! While I look forward to the eventual rework of the Warriors, they don't look as uniform as a gang should. But, that's just judging from the three examples we see there! Consistency in design is very important, they need to have an iconic look, something that makes them distinct compared to the mis-match aesthetic of Freakshow and Destroyers. Camo, olive drab and occasionally denim and monotones leans more into their style, and their signature bracers and sleeveless vests are a must!
  9. This is probably gonna get me a lot of hate, but... Would porting the Sentinel version of Regeneration to all other ATs be a good fix?...
  10. Having more MinFX options that allow for more muted effects of powers would be great! I have a character who's highly resistant to heat, but thematically wouldn't constantly be on fire, and another character who has a radiation-proof suit that would benefit from having less gas and bubbles coming off him. Bu as far as 'NoFX' goes? I'd only reserve that for powers that only affect self, and only in PvE. It's quite handy to see what buffs have been cast on allies, or what toggles somebody is using in PvP, but 'MinFX' would likely still be okay.
  11. Here's my Rockabilly/Greaser inspired power armor hero, Rodder! Shout out to @First Player who helped me see it's a design worth sharing 😄
  12. @parabola I wasn't trying to infer that each of the praetorian alignments have identical parallels in the 'true' alignment system, just that those alignments are likely a best fit for the powers; Wardens = Like to cause chaos and destruction, therefore villain's 'Frenzy' power works nicely. Crusaders = About exposing the truth with as little harm as possible, so 'Fear Incarnate' could work well here. Responsibility = All about justice and being a role model, so 'Call to Justice' is a nice fit. Power = Seeking control and manipulating others, so 'Duplici
  13. I vote no. There's no patriarchal subtext, no misogynistic narrative, and no gender politics of any kind. The use of 'he' is used only to provide context that the descriptions are referring to an individual, whereas 'they' can have a far broader meaning, and can confuse the reader.
  14. I think I saw your suggestion a while back, 'Lithotherapy' right? Pretty cool stuff!
  15. I think the intent of OP's suggestion is so that anybody can see if an ally is mezzed. If somebody has a power that can clear mez effects, then they can identify who needs it. Otherwise, it at least helps people know who might be in danger and jump to the rescue.
  16. If this is what I think it is, then I'm extremely happy that something from this thread has made it into development! If it isn't, well... here's a cool screen shot of what the 'Meteor' power from Earth Blast would probably look like in action!
  17. It may also be this; Which was one of the things that got me wishing for an Earth Blast powerset of our own! (Along with all the other Earth Prophetess powers 😄)
  18. Could it be? Have my prayers finally been answered?! EARTH BLAST?!
  19. I like this It would also be nice if pressing the jump button while mezzed would cause the message to appear... people will probably spam it but at least you'd be able to see who's crying out for help, right?
  20. I guess we all have different experiences with people, so there's bound to be differences In perspectives, and we're each entitled to the opinions we form afterwards. I don't have anything personal against Castle, most of what I've come to understand of the guy comes from what I've witnessed on the old forums myself, but I never really had any direct interaction with him. But I'm not gonna insist you share my views, or declare you aren't justified in expressing yours, at least.
  21. I just disagree that the core functionality was affected.
  22. I'm glad there's a clarification here. Most people seem to look at the cottage rule and believe that it applies to each individual power, whereas a more fitting application of the rule is the function of the powerset as a whole as you've said. So thanks for clearing that up!
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