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  1. Personally I prefer Big Mobs "Road Tunnel" map 19823 so my numbers are skewered for that map. With a Rad/Fire Brute I average a clear time of 8 minutes per map with an alt tank on follow. Average 6 million inf on each account after vending. So 12 million per 8 minute mission. Solo without the tank I get 7 million per mission, so the overall gain is better with the second account. Of note: This is without using Inspirations. I vend all enhancements, all white and yellow recipes and all but rare salvage.
  2. I almost went the Cardiac route, but decided to go Ageless instead. It's another click I have to keep track of and I do sometimes forget in the heat of battle. But on the plus side it gives a nice recharge boost as well as Endurance.
  3. I been team leading pretty regularly here lately, mainly lvl50 redside , since I have just absolutely feel in love with my new Dom. While I do get a friend or two to join it is always just PUG teams. I just spam LFG chat and hope for the best. Torchbearer people know of my LFG nonsense to try and get teammates And for the most part it all works out. The difficulty may need to be adjusted as you go. A lot of the time start it as a team of 4 and add as we go. I find it interesting how a team can struggle and yet add one teammate and completely change how well the tea
  4. It should be noted, these are decorative items. They can not be targeted or used as to there intended purpose...Which is sad really. So does no one know what the deal is with the dummies in RWZ ? Why they are there sometimes and not others?
  5. PvP IO recipes can no longer be sold to vendors So I will no longer accidently sell that Shield Wall that I actually need for an alt and now I have to use god knows how many converters to get it back since I sold it like an idiot? nice
  6. There are some truly strange and messed up people in this world.
  7. So what exactly is going on with the targeting dummies in RWZ ? Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not, sometimes I see 6 of them , sometimes less than that. Is it a time of day thing? Do they get destroyed as players use them? When do they respawn? Can you force them to respawn? Screenie for show: Inquiring minds want to know!
  8. So I was wondering would it be possible to make a Null the Gull option that I can pick to make it so when I click an SG portal I just goto base? Basically do away with the popup window where you have to pick your base or put in a code for a base. I just so very, very rarely ever want to go to anything but my base...it would just be so much easer and faster to do away with that popup. This has probably been asked for before, but I didn't see it
  9. A favorite alt of mine, with maybe my best screenshot( I am terrible at taking screenies)
  10. That's because LotG is a Global enhancement: Source
  11. Ok, believe Luck of the Gambler is the only global recharge IO. But as for recharge set bonuses check this page:https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Set_Bonus_Comparison_Tables Scroll down toward the bottom is recharge
  12. Agreed this will be interesting. Personally I have enough and could have a lot more but just lost interest in that part of it. I have more than I need already so stopped marketeering and rarely farm any more. When I do farm it is more something to do to relax and unplug.
  13. Been running tip missions today working to get frenzy. And yeah this guy will stay a villain. I am finding you just get used to and get a feel for clicking Dom manually. Just one of those things that takes practice and experience I think. I got 178ish global recharge so plenty of overlap. Since I slotted 1 winter set already for other bonuses, that gave me 15% -recharge resist , tossed a spare slot in kick for another 15% and the Winters Gift global for 20%...for a total of 50% -recharge resist. Edit: top line says doing tips for frenzy...I hones
  14. I like using this macro for different builds on alts: macro Build1 cc 1$$Select_build 1 Then do a macro on second build: macro Build2 cc 2$$Select_build 2 This changes the costume as well as the build. So you know just from looking at your alt what build your on. This works great on my Widow/Fort.
  15. Ok , that explains why it failed on a recent Kahn I was on. 1 teammate Ouro'd out before TT was used. Good to know.
  16. I think but not sure it goes: if everyone is Hero/Vigilante OR everyone is Villain/Rogue the TT works.
  17. I think it was mainly Arachanos that I was having the most problems. Adding some more -recharge resistance with next respec. Going to try putting Hasten back on auto and move Dom to the key easiest to hit, also gonna do a bind power to movement. For sure going to get that. Thanks for the replies.
  18. So I am trying Doms again. And I think I found one I like. But am having trouble dropping domination. I don't understand it, I put the auto thing on it. I have more than enough recharge. But I will notice at certain times it still drops Dom and I have to rebuild. So thought I would ask you Dom gurus how /what is best way to keep Dom active?
  19. I am still confused about this. If Exorcised is a Rogue badge why didn't I get it when I changed to rogue alignment? I have Archmage/Demonic. The only oddity I can find is I only have Coldblooded and not Coldhearted. But from what I can tell you can only have one or the other.
  20. Yeah after playing with it a bit. This new mechanic really means you want to be able to place it somehow to make full use of it. As listed above lot of ideas on how best to do that. But if nothing else giving it a very fast cooldown would at least allow you to resummon from mob to mob.
  21. I went and looked on one of my toons with Demonic/Archmage and I don't have Exorcised....I am not sure how or where the Exorcised thing is coming from. But for your question, Archmage is the Hero equivalent.
  22. Just tried this on my Dom, and it worked great I really like this change. Of course I have slotted to avoid the knockback.
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