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  1. Macro question: /macro_image "IceBlast_Blizzard" Ice "powexec_location target Blizzard$$powexec_location target Sleet" I want it to drop Sleet and then Blizzard on my target. I assumed I would have to press it twice but it is only dropping Sleet. A second click only queues up Sleet again.
  2. There is a serious lack of reading comprehension in this thread.
  3. So the majority of us have lots of alts. From reading these forums and talking to people in the game some of you have an crazy amount. I myself have around 30 and recently when I logged into the game I didn't really know what I wanted to play that day. I knew I wanted to play just wasn't sure what alt I felt like being on. So I had a silly idea, what about a button that would just choose a random alt. You would not know what alt had been chosen until you zoned into the game. But what if we pushed the silly to the next level, a random team builder? Say a tea
  4. This is interesting, looking at it in the new Mids and the number changes from AT to AT. Seems Brute/Tanks get 64.58 ( 3.45% ) And a Defender looks to get the biggest number at 89.69 (8.82%)
  5. I would suggest looking in the Brute section of the forum, their is quit a few builds posted there. Also be careful of farming builds vs regular builds
  6. So first let me say I think the build looks very good. While we have very different build styles , since you are asking on here for comments I wanted to try again about Bitter Freeze Ray. I know some people as mentioned above skip it, and the long animation takes some getting used to. But it really can be a very heavy hitter: That is what it hits for the majority of the time. That is almost twice what Bitter Ice Blast does. Here is how I have mine slotted, just for reference on how it can be done.:
  7. It was posted in the bugs forum for some time now, hopefully they patch it soon
  8. I found this is a great way to kill time when waiting for a Hami raid or MSR. You have access to AH, all you need is a portable workbench. And of course the converters.
  9. Been toying around with Ice on a Corr and one thing I would say is Bitter Freeze Ray is a very good proc power. If you are so inclined I would look at sloting 4 or more damage procs in it.
  10. I am interested in unlocking Viridian as a contact. Wiki says I need the Tracer badge, Infiltrator badge, Tank Buster badge, Defeat 200 Crey and 200 Council. Does the Paragon Protectors needed for the Infiltrator badge count toward the 200 Crey ?
  11. I have a pure fire farmer Rad/Fire brute that never leaves the AE so it can handle 4x8 no problem, but I like to dual with my Fire/Rad tank on follow. I can pull crazy amount of aggro. Get the extra Contamination , have 2 lores and 2 judgements. This combo is fun on the Tunnel map, because the mobs are so close you can position your self between 3 or 4 and just kill as they come running. good times ,lol
  12. Glad this is getting looked at. So, someone needs to arrange a Hami Raid on Brainstorm. I am available most afternoons. Just say when ya'll want to do it.
  13. Good crunch, War Mace Crowd Control, I love everything about it.
  14. Wasn't sure where to put this, I have noticed the export will not give the Artillery Set from Ranged AoE Damage. Just thought I would mention it
  15. Excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by Unresistable? And where do you see that for Tsoo lore pet ? And why would you resist a buff ? I don't understand any of this...
  16. And how is this different than auto 50 that is on Beta..it would simply make slotting faster.... ....And I don't appreciate the implication I want it on Live...I have stated many times it for beta testing. I have never been so frustrated with community before
  17. Ok, thank you . that makes sense. I am just used to the build/spend mechanic from other ATs.
  18. Well I made through 3 & 4 it's finally starting to come together and it is interesting . While it answered some questions it made you ask a lot more. I still think 1,2 and 3 could have been condensed into 1 episode.
  19. So pretty sure I am overlooking something obvious, but looking at Mid's Corr /nature affinity and I see lot of powers the give stacks of Bloom. But I am not seeing what uses the stack of Bloom.
  20. If your want to turn on UI to your screenshot the slash command is /Screenshotui 0 or 1 where 1 is show ui and 0 is don't. There might be a way to do it in the options as well but I can't remember
  21. Impervious Skin : Status Resistance...is a great Unique and actually gives more regen that a Numina on top of the status resistance
  22. eh, we need a new incarnate that gives across the board KB to KD
  23. /bind b target_ custom_ next Mitochondria Electrolytes or /bind b target_name Mitochondria Electrolytes
  24. Hmm, reading these post may actually give me reason to watch 3 and 4. I gave up after suffering through 1 and 2.
  25. So I use this : /bind W "+forward$$powexec_tray 9 9" Now whatever power I slot into tray 9 slot 9 will fire when I use W key as forward.
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