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  1. Looks good to me, I'd use it. One small little detail, I would move the 3 Shield Wall from Combat Jumping to Stealth. The end reduction in the set will do you more good on Stealth. Since Combat Jump has practically no end cost. And since you have stealth , you might as well use it. I have the same on my farmer. Only comes to about 2.5 % defense or something but 47.5% is better than 45%. And the Shield Wall set will help you reduce the end cost a little bit if you move it. And if you do have endurance issues think about trying Cardiac Alpha instead of Agility
  2. Want to add that I to have been a victim to the "bud crash" Just the amount of the league it crashes seems to indicate a serious issue. I hope we can get this looked at soon. The raids are a daily thing that a lot of people look forward to and enjoy doing.
  3. The RNG gods hate me, at least it was only 16 mill
  4. @crytilis Got an error trying to reinstall , turn out I did not have the necessary .NET Framework. The installer says it needs 4.8 and I was using 4.7 So after updating .Net the install went fine. Wanted to let you maybe this is why the update failed.
  5. So I just hit the update button and now Mid's no longer works. It popped up a error window, some code I didn't catch, then I got a "Update complete Mids will now restart" popup before I could even read the error popup. Mid's closes after that and never restarts. I click desktop shortcut, am told it no longer works. I looked in the folder and notice it no longer has an .exe file...there is a exe.bak...I don't know what all that means. A screenie incase it helps:
  6. After seeing how good this show is, can't wait to see the Ahsoka series. If I read it right Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are in-charge of making it as well.
  7. Hmm, I got my Invuln to over cap S/L/F/C/E/N it's great armor
  8. Gain 3 levels and you can use the Kahn TF
  9. This is a suggestion for the Beta Test Server ONLY to make testing easier. It has NOTHING to do with the main game server......
  10. Vanguard teleport portals color tint able ,pretty please.
  11. So having never played Energy Melee I am wondering what powers would work best with procs slotted in ? Edit: To answer my own question incase any else wanted the answer. After just some observations on the Test Server , Total Focus seemed to work best with procs.
  12. You are correct , I should have mentioned the reason. Simply put respecing is easier than leveling up one level at a time with Ms, Liberty. So the point is only to get past leveling individually to get to 50 for a respec. So what power picks and slot placement doesn't really matter. Apologies , Insomnia posting at it's finest.
  13. Ok, but can they increase the number to 9 ?
  14. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a button to the Freebie Menu that would automatically assign the powers and slots needed for a level 50 ? So you would click the button we have now to make yourself 50 , then click new button to randomly assign all the powers and slots. So you are left with a all leveled up 50.
  15. I just want to say I love the Export to Beta server feature. That is amazing. Thank you to whoever is responsible for that.
  16. Altho I am guilty of repeating the "Don't be in SG base" multiple times. I always respec in the base and respec a fair amount. I did a respec this morning to move one slot on my farmer. I have never had a respec fail. Now I assume it was a "busy" base or something of the sort. I have a very simple base that only I use.
  17. My first thought on this was Dominators as well. But when looking at the powers in Mids it seems most just have 1 ST hold and a AoE hold. Surprised me. And the only secondary is Earth and it's a melee attack that "may" hold. An Ice/Time blaster would have 3 ST holds.
  18. Another thing I was wondering , does Immobilize powers work on the Mending Mitos like a Hold power?
  19. Hey guys, So I was wondering what ya'll think would be the most useful AT and powersets for a Hamidon Raids Mending Mito team ? i.e. the hold team a/k/a the green mito team I mainly play the raids on Torch ( Hi Morna! ) and this is the team that I think could always use an extra useful toon. So what do you think would be the most useful for this?
  20. I been meaning to try Staff but I can not decide between Brute, Scrapper or Stalker. Is there one that really stands out with this set ? *not to derail ops thread
  21. I really like the Tunnel map fire farm, 19823
  22. So I am guessing this was suppose to be a reply to something else? But anyways since we're here, you can slot the Force Feedback Chance for +recharge in Tornado and Lighting Storm. That may help some if inconsistently.
  23. I never really understood this need to raise the aggro cap.
  24. Just as an example, I have 4 LotG global recharge slotted in 4 different defense powers in this build: As a side note, the rule of 5 counts LotG as a separate 7.50.% So I could have put 5 in this build and still got the 7.50% you see from a IO set ( 3rd down on list) but I run out of defense powers 🙂
  25. So after playing on teams a bit I find that playing beside a melee teammate they don't scatter as much. Also I am just getting use to when it works and when it doesn't. Am definitely going to keep the power. And I like the idea of the knockdown proc in Avalanche ,so I am going to steer into it and 6 slot it.
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