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  1. Now you can just run right through all those CoT demons in those caves!
  2. Does something very similar in water. Trying to run through shallow pools , fountain basins, it stops you then snaps you forward or backward
  3. May have been mentioned already but I didn't see it, Stealth is not changing it's defense numbers according to combat attributes whether you're in combat or not. The number never changes.
  4. The defense soft caps are without Incarnates...the perma hasten requires you to keep Metabolic Acceleration toggle on, but also no Incarnates.
  5. Since it's been a day and no one else has replied I will share my "proposed" build with you. Maybe it will give you some slotting ideas. This is a build I may or may not make. I can't decide if I want another blaster yet. So I have not made this toon ingame only in Mid's Soft capped Energy/Negative/Ranged...perma Hasten
  6. I have multiple /rad toons and it is so annoying. I asked once somewhere if it couldn't be changed. The answers were not promising
  7. Hmm, are we sure about that time limit ? I was thinking it stays until you zone.
  8. That seems like different discussion all together. This reminds me of that meme from the office: "they are the same picture" OP said he wanted characters to keep leveling and to increase there HP, End and Damage...that would make that character a more powerful version. My thing is why do that if you don't have something to challenge that more powerful character. It just seems pointless to me. But that just my simple opinion.
  9. Wouldn't a more powerful character need more challenging content ? or what's the point of it all. IMO Content is needed above all else
  10. Who will die ....pt 7 that has Infernia as contact needs the end boss to be Arch Villain status. It seems to be set to only have him as an Elite Boss. That is just disappointing , hell in the first mission you fight Ghost Widow and she is an AV. The end guy should be alot harder.
  11. Just so happens I been working on a Willpower build for a brute myself. Here is my take on it, very similar in idea going for typed defenses. While I have not played Street Justice yet I am not sure about a couple of your picks...why no Combat Readiness? Also wouldn't Shin Breaker be better than Rib Cracker? And do you have any problem remembering to switch from Combat Jumping to Super Jumping since it will effect your defenses? I can never remember to do switch them Brute - Street Justice - Willpower.mxd
  12. That explains it, thank you
  13. Notice I will sometimes get a power Deflected when I attack, seem to notice it more on my melee toons. And I know I don't have Tactics or somesuch power on these guys. Which made me wonder if a higher To-Hit bonus would cut through the Deflection ?? Is there a correlation between To-Hit and Deflection ?? or even Accuracy ??
  14. Saw a great headline in my news feed this morning: "‘WandaVision’ Failed to Deliver Things That Were Never Promised to Me"
  15. Karma: knockback Protection is available level 10 and in the defense sets Blessing of the Zephyr : Knockback Protection is also available lvl 10 and is in the Universal travel power sets Steadfast Protection : Knockback Protection is available lvl 10 and is in the Resist damage sets Edit to add: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Set_Bonus_Comparison_Tables Scroll down to the bottom is a list of IO sets that improve Knockback Protection. Also the SG base empowerment station will give a 1 hour buff to knockback protection
  16. Just wanted to say thanx to you guys I kept watching and I am very glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Interesting to me the number of people who seemed to not care for the finale I thought it was great. One thing that tickled me was through most of the final fight Wanda was wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers. I am easily amused 😛
  17. Hmm, haven't watched a fan edit movie in a long time. This may be a good candidate
  18. Hmm, that might explain it. I have seen a tank do this recently. He would jump into a group then nothing...just stand there. The team would kill everything and he would run to next group.
  19. Just finished early bird Hami run on Torch, it didn't seem to be as many bud crashes but their was still a few. Looked like 2 for sure after first run but 4 or 5 after the second. Hard to tell after third since alot of folks leave/alt
  20. Personally I play my stalkers as an assassin. Stealth to the end kill boss . Now sometimes you get stuck with kill all maps, which I agree sucks. I will use whatever temp summon powers I have to help speed things up a bit.
  21. I have a TW/Dark Brute that turned out to be a very fun and extremely durable.
  22. Reading this thread got me curious Just did this, I believe it was a with a stack of 4 blood: I have my Hemorrhage slotted with 3 Hectacombs + 3 Damage procs. If you add all that up it is just over 700 damage. And friends 700 damage ain't nothing to sneeze at. Anyways just found it interesting
  23. @Jacktar Try this and see is it works: /macro OilFire "powexecname Blazing Arrow$$target_name Oil Slick"
  24. That's interesting you can taunt her out of the blue, I have done it on a brute and a tank.
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