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  1. Finally got around to watching this and while I am glad I did. And can recommend it to anyone that can do a 4 hour movie. I thought it did some plot points better. Removed a lot of cheese. Some better character development. Until the end, I think it just went totally off the rails at the end. There was somethings I liked better and somethings I did not. I always ask myself: is this re-watchable ,to me any really good movie is, and for me the answer is no. Glad I did and never will again.
  2. Another crit question if I may, does Shield Charge crit? With it being a pseudo-pet I was thinking no it wouldn't but I can't find any info one way or the other.
  3. Just want to mention that as stated you can just pop into each mission and grab the exploration badge and move on to the next one. But should be noted you get a temp power for each bank you rob. So 9 temp powers, granted not all of them are great but a few are useful. Also there is a badge for breaking into 10 banks. I run these occasionally depending on AT and powers, put it on a low difficulty setting, recruit a team and rob all of them. Normally takes right at an hour.
  4. Thanks for the great replies! It is a learning process , I do a lot of copy/paste but I am getting familiar with it. I never thought to call the contact again....have to look into that. Not sure that will be an option for a tips mission. And 3 more pages added to my bookmarks 🙂
  5. So I am trying to add the missing information to some of the Tips missions. I added the missing villain info to This is how she dies except for the part where it says "Unnecessary Solicitation"...I am unsure what this refers to. Could someone clarify ? My first thought was it was the line "You can hear the echoes of voices from deep within the warehouse. You hear a woman arguing with someone else" which is the popup dialogue when you first enter mission. But following the template of the part that was already done for the Rogue side ,that line goes in the "Mission Object
  6. One of my favorites is because the picture is so apt to the name: Annoyance But what is this thing entry: Red Fortune: And this just tickles me with and without stitches : Harmonized Healing: Regenerative Tissue:
  7. Question it states it -Autolevels you to 50....do you still have to go to a trainer and pick you powers and place slots? I.E, train up 50 times? I suspect the answer is yes, and I in no way mean to belittle this option. However, you can already level to 50 with the jerkhack menu on beta. This will also unlock patrons, travel powers, etc And Mid's Reborn has a feature to export all of your builds enhancements to your toon. It's called Export to Beta. I only mention these thing to show all this can easily be done already without Discord for those of us that don'
  8. About the AE thing, I farm and will occasionally open it up for anyone to join. But I try not to get anyone who is new to the game or just learning. I try to be cryptic in the lfg: "Ffarm, in PD, pst"... My hope is a new player will not understand that and if they send tells asking questions I most likely won't team them.
  9. Just curious but why words like "most" and "some" why not just say 75% ?? Is it 75% ? If so, say so.
  10. So doing Dark Astoria missions tonight and stared with Mu'vorkan and then Max and then Preator Duncan. Get the reward popup window to pick your reward for Muvorkan and Duncan but not for Max. Got badge and he introduced Praetor Duncan but no reward. Was a full team at max difficulty. Not sure what the problem could have been.
  11. Origin doesn't matter..I can make anything work. I'm leaning toward Gravidyne actually.
  12. The fairy lady in Ouroboros named Luna sells the Ultimate inspirations for threads. Only use 1 at a time, and they last 3 minutes.
  13. Well, created a page for it. It's a start anyways.
  14. So yeah, drawing a complete blank try to name a male Gravity/Energy Dom. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.
  15. Yeah I struggled with the broke super hero thing. Seems like it would a fairly simple thing to monetize. No to mention he has to be one of the best connected men on that earth. The Winter Soldier story was more interesting.
  16. @thunderforce I have never done it, is there a tutorial ?
  17. The page for info on the temp power from P2W, Signature Summons page is blank. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Signature_Summon
  18. This is real for me, I struggle with leading a team. I am getting better at it I think but doubt is a lifelong close friend so who knows. For a long time my excuse was my loading times are to long and no one wants to wait for a slow leader. I recently did a minor pc upgrade and have improved that, so lost that excuse. Another thing is not knowing the content well enough, always worried I am going to lead the team the wrong way in a mission. Or do the absolute wrong strategy for any giving situation. One other cause, I broadcast in LFG sometimes and get no re
  19. Soft capped Range/Energy/Negative defense with high Smashing/Lethal resist. Perma hasten. Pure ranged build.
  20. Removing the PBAoE nuke to make it a range attack.....is.....I don't know....shouldn't so powerful an attack have some risk involved ?
  21. That old wiki mentions having to buy them or having a subscription , none of that is needed any more. Just go talk to the right contact and you're good to go. And I strongly recommend playing them, they are really great arcs and fun missions. Also want to mention the Homecoming Wiki has better up to date info
  22. Not sure I understand this....sorry....I have super speed and super jump and combat jumping on my MM (dont judge me) ...and even activating super speed will not pop up the server tray for it's new power. I was thinking Gull did something with the server tray so went to the D to check and did not see an option to change anything
  23. Not seeing this on my MM at all. No server tray , no power Edit: just realized it's the server tray not showing up that's the problem....not sure why it's not
  24. Stealth defense does not seem to be changing whether you are in combat or not. Watching my combat attributes window and my stealth defense numbers never change. No matter if I am in combat or not.
  25. So the missions only drop for the zone your in? i.e. if I'm in Faultline sweeping I only get Faultline tour guide missions? I really wanna know what the text is for the big donut badge.
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