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  1. This is misspelled should be powexeclocation
  2. I get the Ouroborus portal by simply joining Midnighters club and traveling to Cimerora. You will get the portal as soon as you zone into Cimerora. Edit to add the portal doesn't vanish when used it stays for 2 minutes.
  3. Awhile back I made a Dark / Rad Dom and I just couldn't get the hang of it. I originally build it for range defense and I am now thinking that was a mistake. I died a lot. So I am wondering if maybe I should prioritize Melee defense. I also want to try the new Energy Transfer but not sure if that's doable with the -hp aspect. Anyways, was wondering if ya'll willing to share some builds or any insights and suggestions. Thank you
  4. I did take Bonfire and yes it does help some. The ones it catches but about half the time half of the run. As for Geyser , yep it does massive knockup, it's actually kind of hilarious, but not helpful for what we are discussing because it is over so fast and tbh most of them time it is the lead off power. But yeah, I'm not liking Hot Feet on a Blaster. Like @Nemusays you better off just killing everything than waiting either for the dots or for them to come back. I will say other than Hot Feet I am really liking this combo, water for sure is more fun than I thoug
  5. So recently made a Water/Fire Blaster and took Hot Feet to try. Now I have Hot Feet on my Controller but that has a mass hold . I find on my blaster Hot Feet tends to make them scatter. Was wondering if anyone has a good way to counter them running away?
  6. *deep breathe* ....just do it.... The real issue the needs to be discussed : .......Tank without taunt..............Why would do this ?? *ducks*
  7. So I figure I would just give some examples of a Tank use at end game. One good example is Ms. Liberty Task Force , tanking Recluse is not an absolutely necessary strategy on some teams. But on a lot of them it is. Another example is, I was on the Minds of Mayhem Trial we had no tank or a brute that could taunt.We could not get a storm to Penny and this ended up a failure. There is absolutely a place for tanks in the end game, as with there is with any AT.
  8. I guess my dislike of the power made me forget it was in the Dark set 🙂 My apologies
  9. Hmm, this got me wondering how close to nightingale armor could you get in City costume creator.
  10. Ingame command is : /buildsave or /buildsave filename.txt Then using Mid's open file , navigate to your Homecoming\USERNAME\Builds\ Mine looks like this: ‪C:\Games\HC\accounts\username\Builds\ But be sure to change the drop down box to txt files :
  11. Soul Drain is not available to Blasters, it is available for Corruptors' tho . Also as someone who has used Soul Drain it is not ever going to a permanent damage boost. You have to be in melee range, it has a 15ft range, you need a max number of mobs and tohit all of them to get max damage boost. I personally think (and a number cruncher will prolly say I am wrong) you would be better off with Power Build or similar power.
  12. The damage auras and with Burn on auto kills everything it just takes a little while
  13. I can say I have used buildsave 3 times now with new Mids update and it worked perfectly.
  14. Just wanted to mention I noticed that the slash command /buildsave is not included on the list of slash commands page.
  15. Be interested if someone does actually come along with the numbers crunched
  16. I mean, it's gotta be TW/Bio scrapper right?
  17. Ok, I am liking the new look and all except for one minor thing which is gonna drive me crazy....I can't resize the "View Totals" window. Ya'll made it to big in my humble opinion and I would like to scale smaller.
  18. Ok, I got this bug when trying to update. I hit continue and it said it would restart. Unfortunately it did not restart and it broke the desktop shortcut. Saying the location of .exe was no longer found. I had to do a repair from the installer to get it to work. and it is working just can't update. That being said, thank you and to everyone involved for your efforts in keeping this much needed part of our game updated.
  19. This implies you are not slotting the whole Critical Strike set in your tier 9..are you slotting for just Acc/Dam and this proc ? I'm working on a rebuild for my scrapper, any opinion on the other ATO Scrapper's Strike proc?
  20. City got my vote but LoTRO would have got second place if that was an option.
  21. And the 2 post above this one points out why you need to decide if your farmer is going to be purely a farmer and never leave the AE building or if it's going to be a hybrid and do some content too. It makes a difference.
  22. It may only be a test but Bacon is the clear winner
  23. Same for me , if you mean the forum login, altho tbh I am not sure what the point of that is anyway.
  24. WST = Weekly Strike Target , it is the task force or strike force that has been selected for that week. It will give double merits as well as a Notice of the well the first time it is run by a character. There is normally 2 or 3 different ones each week. I thought there was a list on the forum of what the current list is but I can't seem to find it.
  25. This looks great and very helpful, thanks for sharing. Btw, I thought Netgraph was either on or off...so what is netgraph 2 ? Edit #2 ...had asked why I couldn't get it working but I figured it out, I put it in the wrong folder...I need to clean up my installation..
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