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Alt-aholics! List of all your Excelsior characters


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Infinitum - Invul/SS Tank Vlvl 7

Superman type.


Captain Infinitum - Shield/SJ Tank Vlvl 66

If Superman had a shield and no weaknesses.


Nova Infinitum - EnM/Elec Brute Vlvl 13

If Superman had glowing fists


Turbo Infinitum - Fire/Fire Tank Vlvl 5

If Superman attacked with fire


Shadowstryke - Rad/Elec Brute Vlvl 81

Like a dark super sayan with armor without funky hair.


Arclyte - Psi/Elec Brute Vlvl 62

Like a regular super sayan without funky hair and with energy swords


Shadowflux - Elec/Shield Stalker Vlvl 9

Like a super soldier lightning rider with a suit of powered armor.


Master Sergeant 017 - BR/Nin Sent lvl 50

When Halo meets Robocop and a touch of starship troopers.


Endri Lightstar - Kat/Nin Scrapper lvl 50



Hyperflux - Fire/Atomic Blaster Vlvl 2

Ironman human torch mashup.


Chronoshift - Grav/Time Troller lvl 50

Fantastic 4 influenced look with magneto type powers.


Barachiel - TW/Elec Brute lvl 50

Guardian Angel inspired look and powers


Proton Blast - Atomic/kin Cor lvl 50

I guess x-men inspired jumpsuit.


Ryder Hood - Archery/Time Cor lvl 50

If robin Hood was a time traveling super hero.


Arcshadow - Psi/SR Stalker lvl 50

Rogue Xman look kinda like Morph


Arcstryke - Psi/SR Scrapper lvl 50

Valkyrie with energy swords


Granjero - Rad/Fire Brute Vlvl 95

Spanish for Farmer, that's what he does. Has only left AP once to go to the rogue isles to get the patrons unlocked.  Looks like crazy beard Mel Gibson.


Radianite - Rad/Rad Brute lvl 17

Powered Armor radiation puncher.


High Guard Captain - Axe/Shield Scrapper lvl 28

Nutcracker themed winter toon


John Lawson - Mace-baton/Shield Scrapper lvl 24

Judge Dredd/John Spartan (Demolition Man) influenced police officer.


Gaiacaine - Plant/Time Troller lvl 27

If Dr Strange were green and used plants instead of magic.


Revenone - Ill/Time Troller - Lvl 9

Mysterio influenced


Phantomic - Ill/Rad Troller lvl15

Not sure where this one came from.


H.Smith - Merc/Time MM lvl 31 I think

A -Team themed toon.

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Off the top of my head:


Martial Artemis - Widow 50 (My main and badger)

Time travelling teenaged girl from a post-apocalyptic future who was trained by Ghost Widow and the Knives of Artemis in the future because in the end humans had to stand together or die apart.


Steele Magnolia - Energy Beam/Energy Aura Sentinel 50 (First character from live remade from AR/Dev blaster on Pinnacle.)

Inventor by day, hero by night.


Sgt Pandora - Rad/Rad Def 50 (My main from live on Liberty, remade her in all her glory)

Afghanistan war veteran who discovered she had the power to heal when she needed it the most.


Nimue - Emp/Energy Def 50 (Remade from live, the name Cornucopia was already taken)

Baltimore police officer who inherited a magic artifact and now shares her body with the Lady of the Lake.


American Dreaming - Invuln/Energy Tank 50 (From live as well)

She wants to be a hero just like her mom and dad. It's hard to live up to legends.


Simon Says - Mind/Dark Controller 50 (From live as well)

When the voices in your head are real how sane can you really be? Take a walk with me. If you dare.


Gunpowder and Lead - Dual Pistols/Force Field Corrupter 50

Texas Ranger on loan to the PPD as part of an interagency task force.


Belle Bluebonnet - Nature/Assault Rifle Corrupter 50

Another Texas gal. Bluebonnets and big guns, what's not to love about that?


Hell To Pay - Fire/Ice Blaster 42

Enough said.


Callie Penrose - Psychic Melee/Regen Scrapper 41

An homage character inspired from the Feathers and Fire series written by Shayne Silvers


Alice in Wonderland - Illusion/Time Controller 41

What if her novel history were a delusion and she's really a mutant in City of Heroes?


Hurricane Claire - Storm/Water Corrupter 32

She has the temperament of a storm and it shows.


Vigilant Callista - Dual Blades/Willpower Brute 30

My Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 character. She's a Ranger/Rogue Vigilant of Vesh from the Scarred Lands campaign.


Tanzanite Titan - Fire/Spines Brute 23

I might as well try farming too.


I Am The Storm - Storm/Cold Defender 23

Her anger runs cold.


Kill It With Fire - Fire/WP Brute 23

Her anger runs hot.


Born To Be Wild - Nature/Beasts Mastermind 23

This song is stuck in my head now.


Freedom Pirate - Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster 23

Mr All American with an eyepatch.


Fortunata Simone - Fortunata 10

An alternate version of Simon Says


And a bunch below level 10 I tried and set aside.



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Temperon - 50 rad/rad def. remake of my original character on Live


Hoodwinker (aka Re Bounder before I remembered the name I used on Live).  50 Ill/Kin Controller


Hydroponic - first exclusive to Homecoming character 50 Water/Plant Blaster


Siren of Time - newest 50 Sonic/Time Corruptor and my first experience with these power sets and AT


Beta Persei - 23 Peacebringer, another remake of a character from Live


Sick Thoughts - 19 Poison/Psychic Defender 


TaToBa - 14 Martial Arts/Regen Scrapper, my first scrapper 


Sutekh the Destroyer -11 Dark/Zombie Mastermind and my final 
Live rebuild.  Started on CoV and will stay red side


Boulder Opal - 11 Super Strength/Inv Tanker - my first tanker


Catch and Release - 18 Beasts/Traps Mastermind, first blue MM for me


Blitz Zen - 9 Electric/Ninjutsu Sentinel, my first of those and first Gold character


Driftwood - 4 Plant/Storm Controller 


Astro Man 11 Beam Rifle /Force Field Corruptor 

There will be more - I love the journey of leveling but discovering incarnates which started after I played regularly on live have kept me interested in playing and developing my 50s

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Troll Recruiter - Tanker Inv/SS


Lost Recruiter - Tanker Rad/Psi


Hellion Recruiter - Tanker fire/fire


Recruiter of Artemis - Tanker WP/DB


Freakshow Recruiter - Tanker elec/TW


Tsoo Recruiter - Tanker SR/KM


Tomb Fisted Kid - Tanker dark/dark


Shackled Soul - Tanker elec/elec


Bon Bone - Controller dark/dark


Spunky Spelunker - Controller earth/dark


Ice Ace - Controller ice/kin


Kelvin of Otherwhen - Controller ice/time


Voice of Ra - Defender rad/sonic


Voice of Anubis - Defender dark/sonic


Aqueous Solution - Corrupter dark/water


Imperial Enginseer - Crab SoA



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Halloween Girl

Level 42 Dark / Storm Corruptor   (vigilante)

Goth girl with dark and stormy night powers.



Level 33 Electric / Dark Brute   (hero)

Just a storm tank... nothing to see here.



Level 33 Street Justice / Bio Armor Stalker   (hero)

Anime school girl with a mean streak.



Level 26 Dark Control / Dark Assault Dominator   (villain)

Evil evil evil... with some evil stacked on top.  He's also a shapeshifter and has a variety of appearances.



Level 25 Titan Weapons / Bio Armor Brute   (hero)

Anime style military-themed warrior.



Level 24 Savage Melee / Electric Armor Brute   (vigilante)

He moves like lightning and his craft is pain.


Crazy Train

Level 24 Super Strength / Invulnerability Brute   (villain)

Big metal man with a smoking head, gonna derail... something, maybe everything.


Glory Hammer

Level 24 War Mace / Bio Armor Scrapper   (hero)

Sci-Fi hammer heroine.



Level 24 Nature Affinity / Psychic Blast Defender   (hero)

Nature goddess type.


Battle Babe

Level 22 Claws / Regeneration Scrapper   (hero)

Sci-Fi gladiator with energy blades.



Level 22 Radiation Blast / Darkness Manipulation Blaster   (hero)

Mutant who glows like a black light.


Destined One

Level 22 Energy Melee / Willpower Brute   (villain)

Just a "cool guy" in a leather jacket, shaping everyone else's destiny with his own.



Level 22 Mercenaries / Force Field Mastermind   (rogue)

Sexy mercenary who (eventually) drops the force field repulsion bomb...


Good Girl

Level 22 Energy Melee / Invulnerability Brute   (hero)

She's a generic super type... and a girl.



Level 21 Stone Armor / Stone Melee Tanker   (villain)

Butch babe smoking a stogie.


The Hotness

Level 21 Fire Blast / Thermal Radiation Corruptor   (hero)

She's hot.  I mean, she's on fire... but also hot.


Level 21 Dark Control / Dark Assault Dominator   (rogue)

Looks like a member of the Family... out for a funeral.



Level 21 Necromancy / Pain Domination Mastermind   (villain)

Dressed like an too-sexy nun with a wicked smile.



Level 13 Beam Rifle / Mental Manipulation Blaster   (rogue)

Floating orb head, robot legs... with a lab coat on his mad scientist upper body.  He's a self-made killing machine, man.


Blood Mage

Level 12 Pain Domination / Water Blast Defender   (villain)

Looks like a Circle of Thorns wizard in red robes.



Level 11 Mind Control / Psionic Assault Dominator   (villain)

Sneakers, slacks, untucked shirt... and a giant brain sticking out of his skull.



Level 10 Gravity Control / Energy Assault Dominator   (villain)

Think... space pirate, but sorta plain-looking.



Level 7 Assault Rifle / Martial Combat Blaster   (vigilante)

Old man mercenary sniper... looks like if Stan Lee were a hitman.



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Mostly on Imdomitable, but I do have a few toons here I like:  

Tactical Burn 

Lv28 Fire/Fire tank - Steampunk Iron man  

Code Lock

Lv24 Bots/FF MM - Futuristic mercenary  

Wynstan Wymore  

Lv24 Fire/Ice blaster - Tattooed, grey bearded, bespectacled Gen-X hipster finally learns magic

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I have a total now of 54 characters.  I brought back the 29 characters I had back when CoH was live and those have biographies.  The other 25 characters I created when Homecoming came about.  Amalgamite and Icebreaker Prime are my two main characters.

Of those original 29 I had on Virtue & Pinnacle servers, 3 of them had to have their names tweaked this time because I was not quick enough to regrab them.

Amalgamite --  Icebreaker Prime (formerly Icebreaker) -- Wild Fury -- Boomer O'Shea (formerly Boomer) -- Traveller Prime (formerly Traveller) -- Soul of Justice -- Supermole -- Ravensword

Crimson Tanager -- Grey Ptarmigan -- Merlyn De Camelot -- Gen. Cyrus McDuff -- Father Thomas -- Gryphon Granite -- Squire Obsidian -- Toper --


These are the original heroes, and the other 13 are the original villains but I'm not posting them here.  Just way too time consuming anyway. 🙂

Amalgamite is my tribute hero to my favorite superhero from DC Comics.

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My Lvl 50s -- Every 50 is full decked out in recipes. Half of them are fully decked out in maxed out Incarnates.


 1. Shield Spider -- Melee Crab -- Vigilante

 2. Darkmire -- Dark/Dark Controller -- Villian

 3. Toiletbreaker -- SS/Regen Brute -- Hero

 4. Josiah Stark -- Beast Mastery/FF MM -- Vigilante

 5. Mechanical Storm -- Robots/Storm MM -- Rogue

 6. Hotdog Cart -- Merc/Cold MM -- Rogue

 7. Lich Lord Markov -- Zombies/Nature MM -- Rogue

 8. Polyphagia -- Savage Melee/Bio Armor Tank -- Rogue

 9. Soundstone -- Earth/Sonic Controller -- Vigilante

10. Huntsman Delirium -- Huntsman Spider -- Rogue


All other Lvls


1. Mockingbow -- Trick Arrow/Archery Defender -- Vigilante. Lvl 34

2. Lucha Libre -- Street Justice/Willpower Scrapper -- Rogue. Lvl 23

3. Paradigm Soldier -- Psi Blaster/Martial Blaster -- Vigilante. Lvl 21

4. Trauma Hound -- Electric Melee/Electric Armor Brute -- Vigilante. Lvl 18

5. Bullygoat -- Super Strenght/Radiation Armor Tank -- (undecided). Lvl 1

6. Dorian Night -- Broadsword/Shield Stalker -- (undecided). Lvl. 1

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I have Sharditis, so I end up with a few on each shard, and I tend to move them around on random whims. Right now on EXCELSIOR I have:


Vervende Vigornia - L39 Plant/Rad Dominator, half wood sylph, half ogre, a tortured soul tossed out of all her homes, now struggling to find a place in the humanx world.


Victoria V 2.7104 - L45 War Mace/Ninjitsu Scrapper, native of "The Shard," a tortured soul of a destroyed universe cast out into the multiverse to find her way.


Vengeance V - L50+ Psionic Melee/Bio Armor Brute, a tortured soul created through a horrible combination of a mutated wombat, a demon, and cybernetics, escaped from the clutches of evil to find her way and seek revenge.

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Time Manipulation/Dual Pistols Defender [50] (was Emp/Energy on live)



Fire Blast/Martial Combat Praetorian Blaster [50] (was Fire/Mental Manip and only stayed on Praetoria on live)


Angel of Fate

Peacebringer (human-only build) [50]



Arachnos Soldier Huntsman Build [50]



Titan Weapons/Radiation Armor Brute [50]


Agent Dove

Dual Pistols/Energy Aura Sentinel [50]



Illusion Control/Time Manipulation Controller [50]



Radiation Armor/Staff Fighting Tanker [50]



Cold Domination/Water Blast Defender [50]


Pilfer Girl

Ninja Blade/Ninjitsu Stalker [50]


Project Spitfire

Kinetics/Fire Blast Defender [50]



Mind Control/Martial Assault Dominator [50]



Illusion Control/Radiation Emission Controller [50]



Dual Pistols/Martial Combat Blaster [50]



Fire Control/Thermal Radiation Controller [50]



Traps/Archery Defender [50]



Water Blast/Atomic Manipulation Blaster [50]



Savage Melee/Willpower Brute [50]



Street Justice/Willpower Scrapper [50]


Blind Justice

Staff Fighting/Willpower Scrapper [45]



Beam Rifle/Energy Manipulation Blaster [50]


a crazy exgirlfriend

War Mace/Dark Armor Scrapper [50]



Sonic Attacks/Sonic Resonance Corruptor [50]



Empathy/Fire Blast Defender [50]


Shadow Jynx

Human Only Form Warshade [50]



Arachnos Widow [50]


(Moved 3 other 50s on different shards)



Edited by Kismette
updated list


@KlSMET - (kLsmet)


@Kismet Angel/@Angel of Fate/@One Kismet - on live

Heroes on Guardian/Villains on Victory

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Names in bold are permanent characters, the rest are not safe from deletion if I grow tired of them (I tend to delete and recycle concepts a lot).
Also, including picture links in the names, because I am a madman.

Tugzug lvl 50 vet 39 Controller, illusion/time
The lizard wizard! Originates from one of my favorite D&D characters, a kobold wizard.


Braindroid lvl 50 vet 21 Scrapper, psionic/shield

My actual first Homecoming character, I just wanted to test psionic melee and ended up loving this character too much.


Nutankhamun lvl 50 Controller, earth/dark

No comment on the name. Pharaohs are cool.


Beauty in Acuity lvl 50 Dominator, mind/martial

The character that made me realize how awesome Dominators could be.


Broken Lamp lvl 44 Blaster, energy/tactical arrow
A cosplay based on friend/fellow Excelsior's main, Lamp. I just wanted ludicrous amounts of recharge from Force Feedback and Tac Arrow, and it's kinda fun.


Dance of Pales lvl 38 Tanker, dark/katana
I like the "beautiful but dangerous" type, and it works well with vampire ladies. Inspired by Kiss-shot from the Monogatari anime, and a bit of Castlevania if the name weren't obvious.


Shimo lvl 31 Scrapper, ice/ninjutsu

People told me that both of these sets were good. They're right!


Project PYR-0 lvl 44 Stalker, fire/bio
Generic backstory--Crey project gone wrong (not that they care). Not a huge fan of stalkers, but I liked him enough to keep him around.


Pulverice lvl 46 Dominator, ice/earth

I love Elementals from D&D, and I like the idea of a bulky, punchy ice creature. Simple design, but appeals to me a lot.


1.21 Gigabot lvl 50 vet 63 Tanker, radiation/fire melee

Yes, I caved and made a farmer, but I wanted to at least avoid the most obvious approach... also gave me an excuse to use that name.


Infinivolt lvl 50 vet 4 Blaster, electric/electric
Conceptually based off one of my favorite toons from the live days (though that one was Fire/NRG). I love electricity as an element, even if electric blast is a bit underwhelming currently (hah!).


Crippling Doubt lvl 22 Sentinel, psychic/dark
Psionic + dark = gotta use a negative emotion as the name. Also a reference to my doubt for Sentinels being fun, but I am open to being wrong, and I think this guy's the one to prove it.


Glow Angrily lvl 23 Blaster, fire/energy

The name and poweset combo are a result of coh.tips randomization, and I already liked that combo anyways. Ok, I get it, I use the Headless costume piece a lot!


Doctor Concocter lvl 30 Controller, electric/poison
This is honestly a miserable combo, but it fits the name too well. And not to brag but c'mon, I can't abandon this name!


Prismatic Pincushion lvl 23 Scrapper, spines/ice

If I'm gonna play Spines, by golly I'm gonna try to make it look pretty.


Verdant Brazier lvl 25 Controller, fire/nature

Kinda phoned it in one this one, just wanted to play this combo. Might edit or recycle if I think of something better.


Sgt. Chiller Icebox lvl 23 Dominator, mind/ice

Name is result of the aforementioned randomizer, and I just love mind control so I had to make a second one...


You Must Die lvl 20 Dominator, dark/psionic

Sometimes, you just need an honest villain. Also, references to CD-i Zelda are fun.


Soothbringer lvl 15 Tanker, rad/dark melee

Sort of an antipaladin/black night. Mostly made him to play with my family, wanted to be the tank, and haven't tried this combo yet.




I have 7 other characters not listed, but they're mostly ideas at this point. Might post them to this thread later if that changes.

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So far I have:


Blue Medusa - Dominator - Mind Control / Energy Assault - Her powers were given to her via cybernetic augmentations through experiments performed by Dr. Sevchenko.

Dr. Sevchenko - Mastermind - Robotics / Radiation Emission - Blue Medusa's arch enemy. His goons kidnapped her at a young age and performed inhumane experiments in cybernetics.

Cassidy Legett - Blaster - Dual Pistols / Energy Manipulation - Steampunk lass, haven't got a back story for her yet.

Twilight Riot - Blaster - Assault Rifle / Fire Manipulation - Rebellious lass from Praetoria, she joined and helped the Resistance. Backstory is a WIP.

Teslahertz - Brute - Electrical Melee / Electric Armour - Like Blue Medusa, Teslahertz was subject to experiments in cybernetic augmentations by Dr. Sevchenko.

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My Oranbegan mains are all over on Everlasting, but I do have a small flight of "bird things" perched on Excelsior.


Iah… Fire/Bio Sent

Anut… Claws/Bio Stalker

Aken… DP/Energy Sent

Sefkhet… DB/WP Scrap

Skyrunner… Peacebringer


... and Snickerdoodles, who is *not* a bird. (She's a Claws/WP Stalker cat-girl. XD)

Taker of screenshots. Player of creepy Oranbegans and Rularuu bird-things.

Kai's Diary: The Scrapbook of a Sorcerer's Apprentice

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I think I'm up to 13 alts now? All on Excelsior:

Bolt of Purity - Elec3  Blaster (50+3)

Time Winder - DP/Time Corr (50+3)

Rod of Iron - Elec/Shield Scrap (50+3)

Kool as Ice - Water/Cold Corr (50+1)

Frozen Redemption - Ice/Regen Scrap (50+1)

Blinded Purity - Staff/Rad Brute (50+1)

StopOver - EM/EA Stalker (43)

Redeemed Purity - WS (42)

Plus a few more...👍

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Sure, why not:

Blightfire - 50+3 Plant/Fire Dominator, my original main back on live.  A mutant who's life and powers were irrevocably altered by a Crey plot to kill her mother during the Rikti War.

First Impressions - 50+3 AR/Traps Corruptor, a sharpshooting mechanical engineer and the project lead on a cancelled Vanguard power armor project.  They let her keep the prototype.

Talavera - 50+3 Fortunata [claws-focused], who eschewed all 4 of the Arachnos patrons and defected for reasons unknown.

Novaclipse - 50+3 Tri-form Warshade.  No special backstory, just a regular Warshade.

Phaseskipper - 50+3 Beam/Temporal Blaster, a time-traveling do-gooder searching throughout time and space for more of the crystals that power her laser and armor.

Misgivings - 50+3 Arachnos Huntsman, a mercenary selling her services to the highest bidder.  Defected from Arachnos when they brought out the Crab arms.

Synthwaves - 50+3 Kinetic/Energy Stalker, borne of a bizarre accident involving cybernetic implants, a coma patient, and a 10-hour Youtube music video. 

Synthblades - 50+3 Dual Blades/Energy Stalker.  Alternate power set for Synthwaves.

Crusader's Heart - 50+3 Titan/Bio Scrapper, an avatar of the thrill of combat.  Curiously fond of the mundane world and a big fan of Meat Loaf.

Neutron Drive - 50+3 Street Justice/Rad Stalker, former Terra Volta technician nearly killed in a Freakshow attack.  Copper skin.  Radioactive.

Sylvan Sentinel - 50+3 Dual Blades/Ninjutsu Stalker.  Literally a D&D character come to life, and a tireless guardian of the wood.

Mydknyght - 50+3 Broad Sword/Shield Stalker.  An archaeology student who's ancestor forged an enchanted sword and shield.  Best MAGI research collaboration ever.


I need more support characters and fewer stalkers. 😅

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A good half of my alts are reconstructed from live, but half are all-new.


Mr. Notorious - Energy blast.  On live he was Mr. Notorion cuz I thought it sounded cool and retro-futuristic which is his look.  He was my first COH character ever and my first lvl 50.  Renamed him for HC because people kept reading it as Notorious anyway.


Cerebrawl - Psychic blast.  A scientist whose big experiment blew up and now he looks for clues why/how.  Costume is a full, skin-tight with bright, blended colors.  Looks like he's wanting to suggest a pride flag but I just wanted a colorful costume.


Jest Pattern - Electrical blast.  Black/white jester costume with panels pattern.  Looks like his name suggests - a living jester test pattern.  But his attitude is meant to be Joe Pesci in Goodfellas - "Like I'm a clown?  I amuse you?  Funny HOW tough guy...?"


Superette - Sonic defender.  One of my favorite concepts.  Teenager who stopped a robbery at the store (Superette foods) where she worked as a checker and discovered her powers that way screaming at the bad guys.  She wears her high school band uniform.


Fight Knight - Street Justice scrapper.  In a dust-covered box in a forgotten warehouse an armored knight was discovered in a stone crypt someone had stored there.  He had been captured and entombed by a sorcerer.  To earn money he's a boxer, but he spends his spare time fighting crime.


Badge - Dual Pistols blast.  Standard PCPD cop uniform.  Tends to hang out at Atlas Plaza keeping order and eating donuts.


Mighty Casey - Will/mace tank.  Struck out in Mudville and now strikes out villains.


Dr. Starkraven ND - radiation defender.  A serious nutcase.  He's actually a doctor but has been affected by some kind of radiation that both gives him his healing powers and reveals an energetic and loony alternative personality.  Concept came about from his costume when I decided I wanted something where none of the costume pieces matched in color or pattern, etc.


Flicker Nik - fire blast.  A small, green, winged pixie type of guy obsessed with fire.  He was born on live under the statue of atlas where everyone used to hang out spamming all their spammable powers.  They eventually combined to affect a weed starting to grow in the cracks and up sprouted Nik.


Captain Freem - Beam Rifle/time blast.  Golden Era style Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon type of hero from another time.


KBFE-8096 - Savage Melee/regen scrapper.  An escaped victim of experimentation (his ID is a barcode on his forehead).  He lives on the streets and constantly wrestles with his beast-like tendencies.  Has a wild, somewhat werewolf-ish look with some torn clothes.  Tends to get reported as a werewolf.


Medical Bill - Empathy defender.  Looks a bit like a futuristic EMT - which he pretty much is.  Gets his powers from his armored uniform.


Screaming Flea - Martial Arts/regen scrapper.  Smallest possible toon in a martial arts ghi and coolie hat.   Trained on a mountaintop far away and has traveled to thoroughly distant culture in Paragon City - like Cain in Kung Fu.


Pixie Stick - Staff fighting scrapper.  She's a pixie with a stick.  It was so obvious I couldn't believe nobody had taken the name and concept.


Tom Atomic - Radiation blaster.  Just a scientist character I came up with to play around more with the radiation powerset.


Very Mysterious - Mind Control controller.  A Dr. Strange-ish character I made to play around with the mind control powerset and was my first-ever controller character.


Boiler (a.k.a. Burt Boilerman) - Katana scrapper.  I'm actually pretty proud of this concept too recreated from live.  I saw the rusty katana sword while messing around in character creation and built a suit of rusted armor around him.  He's a mechanic whose family and business were destroyed so he spent all his money making the armor out of an actual boiler in the basement of his ruined shop, hammered out a crude katana and went out busting skulls of bad guys looking for justice/venegeance.  He was originally named just Boiler but someone stole that name on HC before I could, so I had to rename him Burt Boilerman which seriously lacks the same panache.


Dead Duane Dunderson - Willpower/radiation tanker.  Green glowing skeleton dude.  Just for fun.


Sinkronicity - Water blaster.  Your basic weird fish-man, creature from the black lagoon type to play around with the water powerset.


Kate Bloomer - Plant Control controller.  Green pixie girl created to mess around with plant control and further explore being a controller in general.


Q-147 - Staff Fighting scrapper.  Stole the concept from someone I saw in game because it amused me so much he became (at the time) like the 4th or 5th staff fighting character concept I had going.  He's a robot/android built to play snooker but broke his programming.


Soulkrypt - Dark blaster.  I had wanted a character that used the spectrum pattern all over.  I saw a character in-game that had kind of a star-aura and so combined the two ideas to make a character that looks like you're peering into a hole in the universe out into outer space.


Big Money Man - Savage Melee scrapper.  Another alt just based on a costume idea - I wanted a businessman in a suit with the money aura.  So I repurposed an alt I wasn't playing and changed the costume and name.


Unknown Error - Shield/mace tanker.  Your basic robot gone rogue.  Just wanted to explore the shield powerset.


EMM386 - Robotics controller.  My third controller character I made trying to decide if controller was a playstyle/concept I liked.  (Ultimate verdict is still out but leaning toward not-so-much.)


Flat-Top - Street Justice stalker.  My one and only villain PC.  He's just a street punk looking to climb the underworld ladder of success (and maybe let me explore some red-side content that I've NEVER even looked at for more than a hour or two).

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Lightstarr - Empathy/Energy Defender - Vet Lv: 33
Former scientist at Crey Industries turned super heroine through the reverse engineering of a suit of powered armor.


Aphterburner - Fire/Kinetics Controller - Vet Lv: 15
Orphaned mutant who was adopted by the Yakuza boss that killed her parents.


Ryutai - Kinetic Melee/Energy Aura Scrapper - Vet Lv: 21
19 year old Master of Xinyi Liuhe: Heart  & Mind 6 Harmonies fighting style and avid fighting game character cosplayer. (What if the bad guy from Tenjho Tenge had a younger sister)


Ms. Brimstone - Fiery Melee/Fiery Aura Brute - Vet Lv: 41
Middle school teacher who died in a school shooting and was experimented on, then resurrected by Crey Industries to join the Paragon Protectors Elite only to be rescued by Manticore.


Volcanic Viper - Fire Blast/Fiery Aura Sentinel - Vet Lv: 6
Mutant who nearly burned down her high school when the X-gene awoke in her. Was rescued and taken to a school where she learned to control and harness her power for good.


Munnie Penny - Dual Pistol/Martial Combat Blaster - Vet Lv: 7
An average NYPD detective (2nd class) who transferred to PPD. (What if Elisa Maza from Gargoyles had a twin sister)


Eiko - Force Field/Archery Defender - Vet Lv: 1
Magical half-human, half-kitsune Shinto shrine maiden who forms her magic into shields of spirit energy and wields her ancient artifact longbow to exorcise evil.


Starr Guardian - Invulnerability/Energy Melee Tanker - Vet Lv: 3
Former PPD officer turned hero when she volunteered after being approached by Statesman and a group of D.A.T.A. scientist with an experimental, technologically advanced suit of powered armor.


Kozue - Ninja Blade/Ninjutsu Stalker - Vet Lv: 8
European child orphaned in Japan, raised by ninjas, taught how to be a kunoichi. Traveled to America and was recruited by G.I. Joe to serve under Snake Eyes.


Kynetika - Kinetics/Dark Blast Defender - Lv: 50
Adrenaline junkie killed by a drunk driver who sold her soul to a rookie demon for a second chance at life. Demon gave her immense dark magical power on resurrection by accident. She makes a new deal to keep the magic and her soul by stealing kinetic energy for the demon.


Shauna Diamond - Ice Blast/Martial Combat Blaster - Lv: 44
What if Kula Diamond (King of Fighters) had been cloned and taught to be a hero.


Ovrload - Electrical Blast/Electrical Affinity Corruptor - Lv: 41
What if The Flash was female and had precise control of electricity in conjunction with super speed.


Slash-Beast Leia - Claws/Regeneration Scrapper - Lv: 34
Homage to the mutant Laura Kinney aka X-23, name being a homage to the Japanese name of the lion-based Reploid in Mega Man X4. (What if one of X-24 through X-50 had survived the destruction of The Facility)


Foxx Arcadia Steele - Mercenaries/Kinetics Mastermind - Lv: 33
A merc Captain and her unlikely, but loyal crew of misfits. (Based on a character I created in Starfinder)


Tyris Flare - Broad Sword/Willpower Scrapper - Lv: 22
A 1 for 1 recreation of the character by the same name from the Golden Axe franchise.


Lady Aria Aldurran - Titan Weapons/Willpower Scrapper - Lv: 20
Recreation of the daughter of 2 D&D characters I and a friend created in a Pathfinder campaign spanning 4yrs now.


Starr Blaze - Fire Blast/Energy Manipulation Blaster - Lv: 15
Homage to Princess Koriand'r from Teen Titans.


Shock Trooper Milky - Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster - Lv: 15
A 1 for 1 recreation of the character by the same name from the Neo-Geo arcade classic run & gun shooter, Shock Troopers.


Proximity Aggro - Invulnerability/Martial Arts Tanker - Lv: 15
Ms. Liberty clone.


Dr. Kimochi -Earth Control/Empathy Controller - Lv: 13
A pediatrician who was accidentally exposed to gamma radiation.


Kold Snap - Ice Control/Cold Domination Controller - Lv: 2
Rule 63 Dr. Victor Fries from DC's Batman: The Animated Series.

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