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Disable common Recipes


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I have picky eater and almost food critic (at34). Was hoping to knock these out before 50. There is a ton of cash in 1000 recipes at 50 lol. 100 mil or so.  I should knock 15 mil off the reward cost by the time i get there at leat with maybe 150-200 done

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There are also some recipe-rejection badge placeholders that show up via the /settitle command, but aren't currently 'live' badges. They are:


Reject Common Recipes
Reject Uncommon Recipes
Reject Rare Recipes


I have no idea how many rejected recipes it takes to earn each of these, and more importantly I have no idea if these will ever become anything more than placeholders. But, the game currently does keep track of the number of each recipe rejected by rarity. The /settitle IDs for these are 2310, 2311, and 2313, respectively.

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I love the kind of in depth knowledge you get here. Some of you geeks have seriously long fangs.


For now my ‘Badger’ which is nothing compared to most hardcore badgehounds will concentrate on the badges that exist. Placeholders will have to wait lol

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