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Fantasy Pairing Defender Sets (Primary/Primary)


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Defenders do OK damage-wise solo thanks to vigilance, however, things are always better in teams for everyone.  Therefore, assuming we're in a nice big team, meat-shield, pew-pew, etc. and as a defender we do not need a blast/attack secondary...


If we could pair defender primaries, what would you pair and why?


For me, it would be Trick Arrow and Dark Miasma.  How much would you bring to the team with THAT?  Basically TA and anything else.


Runners up were:

Storm Summoning / Dark Miasma (double AoE stealth, defense, complimentary resist toggle!) - but the endurance consumption would be FRIGHTENING!

Traps / Trick Arrow or Poison / Trick arrow - because mobs don't need to do damage, hit, regen, recover, or anything really.  Just stand there and die. (or get arrested)

Storm Summoning / Trick Arrow - because I *truly* believe I could solo with this.

Trick Arrow / Thermal - If I can't shoot you with a healing arrow, the least I could do is set you on fire to heal you up!


Probably more helpful would be:

Sonic/Nature or Thermal/Time for some all-around buff/debuff.


OK, there are far too many to imagine...


Oddly, I can't think of another AT that I would want to pair primaries... maybe control/dom but everything else would be mostly unplayable.  Corrupter/Blaster would be total pew-pew, but without a secondary, they'd be not just a glass cannon, but an empty glass cannon requiring constant attention from buffing teammates.  Similar with Scrapper/Brute/Stalker (pow-pow only) or a Taunt-Bot Meat Shield tank (but an SR/REGEN tank would be interesting, or Dark Armor/Regen!)

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1 hour ago, Knottewe said:

Mastermind, double ninjas. Constantly summoning an infinite swarm of Ninjas for the win.

Well, I didn't say it, but I was assuming one wouldn't double-up on a primary (e.g. Storm/Storm); but a Ninja/Thugs would be nice.  Or a Bots/Demon...

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Mind control/illusion control


Mind control/mercs (these soldiers were sent to arrest me.. now they fight for me!)


Storm/Empathy might be fun. Although you’d be killing things with gale, lol.

Retired, October 2022.

Fallout Engineer Rad/AR Defender || Peacemoon Empathy/Psi Defender || Svarteir Dark/Dark Controller

Everlasting || UK Timezone

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On 8/13/2020 at 1:57 PM, Xandyr said:

I'd have to go with Dark, Rad, or Cold.


Then DARE anyone to hit me or my team.

When the Triumphant Defenders roamed the triumph server back in the day, the theme song that ran in my head, when the forcefield bubbler, the doubly dark defender, and the stormy grouped, was MC Hammer's Can't Touch This. (Does the constipation dance side to side in my imagination)

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