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Do You REALLY Want To Find that Glowie???


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I mean REALLY? Like, so badly that you're willing to listen to the most irritating voice in the world in order to find it? Well, if that's the case, then I have a solution for you. Presenting the "Find that freaking glowie before I kill myself" mod. Here's how to do it:

[*]Download this file

[*]Move it into the "data\sound\ogg\FrontEnd" subdirectory of your CoH installation folder. For example, I installed my CoH into C:\CoH, so here's where I put the file:




It's that simple! Now you can be annoyed for the entirety of your CoH gameplay experience! If you don't like it, just delete the file.


Here is the mod in action:


Special thanks to:

This old thread that gave me the knowledge.

The City of Heroes Discord for pointing me to a WORKING Pigg Viewer.

And most importantly Zombie Man who gave me the idea in the first place.




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Dear god I won't be using that lol. ;D Would love a way to make glowy's a bit louder though.


just create a ogg file of your choice with the same name/location as above (Audacity is a free audio app that creates ogg files).

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Any chance you could work up one with



Sure, here you go, pick your poison:


Totally Nuts (the whole thing minus the dead air)

Frantic (just the last part where he goes nuts)


Hey You Guys




Up Here! Up Here! Up Here!

Whoop! Whoop!


Of course, whichever one you choose, you'll need to rename it to "Objective_loop.ogg" when you get it in the right folder. wCyyU1Z.gif

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Maybe I should do this too but make it Carly Rae Jepsen singing "Here's my number... call me maybe" over and over.

See me on Excelsior as Eridanus - Whisperkill - Kid Physics - Ranger Wilde - The Hometown Scrapper - Firewatch - and more!

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Beaten to the punch by Piledriver. los3Hmo.gif


BAH! Look at the file dates, I beat HIM to the punch by 23 days! So there!


Actually I had used this waaaaaaaaaay back during live, but since I lost those files years ago after god only knows how many hard drive reinstalls, I had to remake it once I found out about homecoming. So technically I may (or may not) have beaten him to it by a decade.


I also customized most of my boombox emotes, half of them play queen songs now. The others are a random mix of songs, like Moskau and tunak tunak tun. It sort of makes me feel bad when I come across a Freak dancing to "Hammer to Fall" and I have to kill him.


I also customized one of the car sounds to be Nyancat, when I'm REALLY bored I find the car with the Nyancat sound and follow it around the city.

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After seeing how hilariously annoying my glowie sound ended up being, I kinda want to make a mod that replaces ALL of the common in game sounds with sounds using the same voice and commenting "Jerry Lewis" style.


Level Up noise: nasally "Oy! What's happening here? I feel dis surge of juices FLOWING!"


Rage used: "Ow! Mein leiben!"


Trying to use a power while you have no endurance, instead of that dinging "thunk" noise, you'd get "I'm spent"


The possibilities are ENDLESS.


Healing received: "Ah! Nice lady, like DE healz!"



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