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Bring back the mythical Recall insp


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When city of heroes first came out, me and my dad would play together on Guardian server.  We both remember getting Recall inspirations several timed.  However everyone i speak to claims they were never implimented.  I’m certain they were accessible to players. I always thought the recall insp was great and super fun and was sad that that i never saw them again after maybe a few days at most.  D42F670D-A428-4DD6-9CF6-A0BA009CAF56.png  

theres the rare icon for it that used to be on paragonwiki page but was removed from some unknown reason.


could this be a mandala effect? I know i used this insp, and my dad says he remembers deleting them cuz he never used them.  Everyone i’ve talked to in game says they were NEVER available.  People that have played since beta say it was never implemented.  I swear, it was implemented.  Briefly.  

I would like to see Homecoming bring back the Recall insp.  It deserves to live!


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Having played since Beta, and often being on the test server for PvP I never saw a recall inspiration. There was however one that caused you to stealth yourself for 30 seconds which was removed.


Additionally Break Frees and their more advanced versions used to only break you free from current Mez effects, whereas Discipline inspirations used to give people temporary resistance to Mez effects (the strength of will inspiration middle tier inspiration still exists in Siren's Call as bounty reward).

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Looking an the wiki, it's of four unimplemented inspirations. Recall, Academia Breakthrough, Detective Breakthrough. and Science Breakthrough.

And I don't remember them ever showing up, but maybe they dropped for a bit on the beta server?

It would interesting to get them implemented, though what would they do.

Recall: Single use recall friend

Maybe the Academia & Science breakthroughs would provide shortcuts for memorizing some recipes

Detective Breakthrough could be used to skip over parts of an arc or TF.  Don't want to do a patrol, or say multiple kill alls in a TF?

Wouldn't work for certain missions like end of arcs.


This link is good for current



This one shows the ones that were never implemented


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Guardian was a server on live.

Servers - Paragon Wiki Archive


I do agree there was an inspiration that was at the start of game and discontinued shortly after launch but it was the purple ones on the obsolete list. 


I had some of those inspirations on unused characters from a server I quit playing.  Wentworths was passing them around as vanity items at like 10-20 million.  I never had money so it was a great source.  I also never sold base salvage and never used it but sold that off for  influence/infamy too.



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9 minutes ago, Azari said:

Recall friend

So, it, what granted you a temp power that you could then use, presumably once, to do recall friend?  That seems kinda redundant in today's game of having several P2W teleport options and also just people not being super desperate for recall friend in general.

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On a more serious note, the auction house has a number of entries for deprecated items, like the small and large versions of the Strength of Will inspirations, and some kind of Conceal inspiration, but no entry for the Recall Inspiration. If it had ever been available for players to use as drops, it would've had an entry on the market. But it doesn't, so that leads me to believe they never dropped.

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On 2/20/2021 at 2:28 PM, Shenanigunner said:


Clearly, no one recalls.

See, this is why we need to them!


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8 hours ago, Clave Dark 5 said:

See, this is why we need to them!


Okay, off topic and I ad[pologize]vance...


Two old guys are sitting on a porch. "You know," one of them says, "the doctor gave me some new medicine for my memory, and I think it's working pretty well."


"What's the name?" the other guy asks.


"Um..." the first guy ponders. "Um... what's that flower, opens up real pretty, has thorns?"


"A rose?"


"That's it." The guy turns towards the house. "Rose? Rose, honey? What's the name of that new medicine I'm taking?"


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On 2/21/2021 at 3:19 PM, aethereal said:

So, it, what granted you a temp power that you could then use, presumably once, to do recall friend?  That seems kinda redundant in today's game of having several P2W teleport options and also just people not being super desperate for recall friend in general.

It wasnt a temporary power.  You targeted a teammate from team menu, clicked on inspiration, then your mouse pointer showed a grey target thing like any other teleport power, then you would click the ground and teammate would TP’d there.  You just click the recall insp and it’s like clicking recall friend.

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On 2/20/2021 at 12:59 PM, Vanden said:

I'm afraid this is indeed an example of the Mandela Effect. At no point during the Live days was there ever a server called Guardian.

Well, as the drinking like that come up once again. Let Us tell Our story.


A very long ago We had a DOS game called "Electro Man", it's actually pretty good platformer which We have saved until now. This's how it looks:




This is starting screen of the first level. And once We can swear We saw the character coming up there from LEFT side right to the initial screen (and fall to this red capsule)! But when We played this game later and later again - We would never find the passage that leads to that position!


After a while We used Cheat Engine in order to instantly bring the character to the position We remembered he entered from (red circle on map). But when We walked to the left - the character fell into black screen. This also happened in couple of places on the level which were navy-blue colored and looked like a passages those should lead somewhere else, but blocked with walls (We use Cheat Engine to pass through walls) - they were connected only to black screen which would constantly make the character fall down and fall down forever.


Also other player who played Electro Man was upset that the game has no Save/Load option, but once We experienced character starting from level 2. We started doubting that this game has no Save/Load and actually has it (despite other player was insisting that start from lvl 2 was a random glitch (not even sure that's right translation of the used term - the other player said something like "improper CPU instruction handling")) - and some time ago We discovered that F2 pressed during a play saves progress and F3 pressed during initial screen loads saved progress. So We were right at that.


But coming from left of the very first screen is game is a Mandela thing sure.


Also in another game "Croc: Legend of the Gobbos" We're kinda sure moving platforms had no momentum field coming upward from that platform initially (so mere jump up could bring Croc away from a platform), and starting from some moment these platfroms got that momentum field that would add platform Velocity to Croc Velocity, preventing his jumps from bringing away from the platforms. When We replayed Croc - momentum field had always been there. That might be another Mandela thing n.n.


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The House of the Dead arcade and Sega saturn games have multiple mandela effects, from max # lives you can carry at a time being much lower now to number of zombies on certain screens being different. 

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