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5v5 event! No team needed! Big prizes! Limit 2 of each AT. 6:30 Est. Sun, July 7

CR Banana Man

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Oi m8. Let's do a 5v5 event. Sunday, July 7th. 6:30 PM EST.


Super fast overview of how this will go:


1. Sign up with this format



Known aliases:

PvP builds you have/if they are IO'd:




Global: @WarmLemur99

Known aliases: Tomato Johnsone

PvP Builds:

-Beam/Martial blaster (fully IO'd)

-rad/ff corruptor (will be IO'd by date of tourney)

-peacebringer (Not IOd)


2. On the date of the tournament, teams will be drafted, kickball style (with a catch).


Right before the tournament, team captains will volunteer (number of captains to be decided based on number of sign-ups), then they will pick teams from the rest of the sign-ups, player by player.


Here's the "catch": Team captains will volunteer in pairs! If you're a captain, you get to pair up with a homie (must also be in the draft pool, must be a consensual pairing) and co-captain/draft your team together.


3. Play a bracket tournament with your teams


4. Prizes will be at least as big as during the lethal lottery tournament (600 merits to each person on the winning team, half that for second place)


Bigger if we get more than four teams. There also be two raffle prizes that will go to players who are not on either of the top two teams.



Archetype Limit: 2 of each

Incarnates: Alpha only

Banned Powers: Telekinesis, Dark Grasp (the dark control hold - it's bugged and doing almost double duration).

Ties: Replay the same lineups with the same map. First kill wins.


Server: Indomitable for now*

*if they make indomitable the copy server for Justin (ie, you have all of your characters from live on the training server), I will consider doing it there.

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Global: @Jiyo, @Nojiyo

Aliases: Nojiyo, Jiyo, Gelato

PvP Builds (All Fully IO'd):

-Ice/Plant Blaster

-Dark/TA Blaster

-Psy/Plant Blaster

-Spines/Regen Scrapper

-Poison/Dark Defender

-Ice/Nature Corruptor

-Ice/EA Stalker

-Psy/Rad Stalker

-(More coming soon, will edit)


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Global: @mjb

Known aliases: mjb, some breh, some lady, some vegetable, some gymnast, some healer, some plant, some weapons guy

PvP Builds: (fully io'd)

-fire/em blaster

-beam/ta blaster

-earth/fire dom

-nature/ice def

-psi/regen sent

-emp/water def


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Globals: @macskull/@Not Mac

Alias: mac, Not Mac


BS/Energy Scrapper (IO'd, acco'd)

Rad/Dark Defender (IO'd, acco'd)

Ice/Nature Corruptor (IO'd, acco'd)

Emp/Energy Defender (IO'd, acco'd)


This list should be final for Sunday.

@macskull/@Not Mac

Proc information and chance calculator spreadsheet (last updated 28JAN22)

Player numbers graph (updated every 15 minutes) Graph readme

Twitch | Youtube

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@Shogun Alpha

Alias:Bio Toxin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

(All Fully Ioed)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Rad/Plant Blaster

Ice/Bio Sent

Katana/Regen Scrapper

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Globals: @barriah / @recalx

Known Aliases: Black Barrier, Envelope Follower, Warps, Branches, Frames, Stages, Ornament and Crime

PVP Builds:

ice/temp blaster

dark/plant blaster

psi/plant blaster

nrg/emp corruptor

rad/nature corruptor

ice/therm corruptor

dark/fire dominator - only if they fix the stupid hold by july 7



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Globals: @hp @king

Known aliases: JC Pose, Golden Arms, your grandpappy, real big dawg, sactownz finest, RONCO, babygurl303, feedioughta, slickadelaphante, premium cabbage, thicknass, breezy


Blaster Psy/Em fully loaded

Defender Emp/Dark fully loaded



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This is early in the Morning for me. I'll try and get out of bed for this as it looks like fun.  ;D

But if I don't make it i didn't get out of bed because I had to much to drink the night before... obviously.


Global: @ Lucious


        Lucious Psi: Psi/EA Stalker

        Lucious The Eternal: EM/EA Brute

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Global: @Not Deadly Spike/@Deadly Spike2


Aliases: Bloop, Howard, Corticotroph Adenoma, Deciduous, Psych


PvP Builds (fully IO'd and accoladed):

Emp/Ice Defender

Ice/Nature Corr

Earth/Fire Dom

Psi/Plant Blaster

Bio/SS Tanker

Psi/EA Stalker

Rad/Ice Defender

Dark/Psn Defender

Ice/Regen Sentinel

Ice/Bio Sentinel

Grav/TA Controller

Mind/FF Controller

Bot/Therm MM

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Global: @Wanderlust


Aliases: Blue Dragoon, Redeemer, Heartache, Hardship


PvP Builds (Fully IO'd and mostly accoladed):

Ice/TA Blaster

Psi/Regen Scrapper

StJ/Bio Stalker

-ResStacking/Anti-Stalker Spider (lol, mostly for zone meme)


But as others said, I'm EU so I will probably almost never be able to attend these 1am sessions. I'll try stay up for it.

"Sally was actually a virtual construct of code and graphics. Simply put, she was a computer graphic running via a computer simulation. As was Croatoa. And Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. The entire game of City of Heroes actually. None of it was real. ~ Matt Miller (Positron)"

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