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  1. Since a fire farm is easy to keep Fury near max,I vote Brute.
  2. In columns N to T what does H stand for?
  3. Sounds like a cheap version of a knight..Can't afford a real Knight to go campaigning with? Come on down to McMercenaries and get yourself a McKnight!
  4. What I find interesting is original post was July 26.... So server was online what 3 months and already had toons well over vet level 99. That says something about how much people love playing this game.
  5. Just tried 17699 another fire farm. It is a 5 mission AETF ,I only run the first mission tho. I really liked it. Mobs are nice and close together and you can trigger multiple ambushes. Lots of EBs.
  6. Check this Wiki page, as always with Wiki can not be 100% certain all the info is correct for Homecoming. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Archvillain_Resistance
  7. Procs are hard,lol....thanks I did not know that.
  8. Same for me,Kalisti is almost guaranteed to crash me out. Altho if I know I am going there,for TF or whatever, and I completely close game and relaunch I have no problems. Should also add I am on an older pc.
  9. Just out of curiosity, why would you not want a buff? So Savage Melee Blood Frenzy never gave a damage buff? Nice
  10. Have you tried Superior Entomb Rech/Chance for +Absorb ? I think it adds some nice survivability. I put it into Time Stop altho someone else may know a better power to put it in.
  11. So I have been trying to find a mission that was a pretty popular farm before AE became a thing. I am pretty sure it was a villain contact. I want to say it was referred to as the platform mission. If my memory is right,it was in the shadow shard,there was a bunch of Nemesis on a platform. They were in squads on the platform. So you could pull however many squads you felt comfortable dealing with. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Do you remember the contact's name? Just got a nostalgic urge to run this again. Any help appreciated.
  12. Catalyst do not just attune, on Archetype Enhancements and Winter Sets they make them "Superior" Which is versions with higher enhancement values, bigger set bonuses, and a better special enhancement bonus. This also can not be done till you are level 50. Example: Normal Blaster' Wrath set values: Two enhancements improves the Accuracy of all your powers by 7%. Three enhancements improves the Range of all your powers by 7.5%. Four enhancements improves the Damage of all your powers by 3%. Five enhancements improves the Recharge of all your powers by 8.75%
  13. Manufacturer: AMD Model: Radeon 5770 Operating System and version: Windows 8.1 Driver Version: 15.200.1062.1004 Monitor Resolution: 1980 x 1050 Game loads fine,can run 2 instances of the game (altho I rarely do this). Crashes frequently,especially when zoning into AP or Kallista.
  14. This did the trick,altho it took me forever to do.But thank you very much.
  15. @tripthicket Thanks for the reply,looking in registry on my pc it seems I only have .Net Framework version 4.0.....hmm,I wonder if I can try getting the versions one at a time till I get to 4.7 Edit: I was wrong I had version 4.5.1 installed. I was able to update it to 4.6.2 but when I went to install 4.7.1 I get the error ".Net Framework 4.7 is not supported on this operating system"
  16. If you don't mind me asking what version of Mid's are you using and if it is how did you get .Net Framework 4.7.2 installed on a windows 8? Nothing I have tried has worked
  17. I have always thought we should have a Farming section too. I mean if we are going by how many do a thing to have a section.Surely there is atleast as many farmers as pvpers,base builders,RPers,etc.
  18. About a month(?) ago there was roughly 13 or so Kronos spawned in Talos. They showed up 1 or 2,sometimes 3 at a time. Not sure who did it or why but it sure was fun.
  19. Great write up. 1 other thing I always liked about choke points vs door sitters is you stand a much greater chance of being confused at the door.I am not sure what mechanic causes this. But if you are spending half the fight confused you are not helping. Surprised about the middle of the tennis court part for AVs, all the ones I been on are against the wall of the north build, I had always heard this was to stay out of sight of the guard towers.
  20. I do believe that is because you do not have the right version of .Net Framework installed. It's why I cant use program. MissingMethodException Method not found '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'. edit:damn quote boxes not where I wanted them,cant figure out to move or remove .
  21. Can't answer your MM question, just wanted to mention you can do dual builds on your widow(or any toon for that matter). I have a pure melee widow build and a ranged fortunate build on mine.
  22. I was wondering what people are using for there attack chain with Katana, I am currently using: Sting of the Wasp > Soaring Dragon > Golden Dragonfly.....I tried starting with Divine Avalanche but IMO the animation for that power is terrible and just unusable. I have the Critical Strike set slotted in Sting and the Scrapper Strike set slotted in Soaring. It just seems like I should be getting criticals more than I am. It has got to be either my attack chain or where I have slotted the ATOs procs. Or both I guess. Any help/advice appreciated.
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