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  1. I like the idea. I'm not sure how to make it work mechanically unless you can convert it to a damage type, of which you take extra damage. Which might work, even for "hubris" (Psychic Damage). Perhaps it could tie in with an Arch_Enemy/nemesis system?
  2. I didn't know anything to do with content that was added late in the game but I asked help chat and was given the following advice: If the prices are the same (I've noticed that they are not), then attuned are certainly the way to go because set bonuses will then be available at any level unlike regular invented sets.
  3. How about this for an idea .. remove origin and replace it with... WEAKNESS Every superhero has one - now how do we make THAT a thing in the game without falling into the two traps that we have with Origins; 1. Limiting creativity too much _ note that super heroes have weaknesses varying from the colour yellow, to kryptonite to "hubris". 2. Irrelevant content - hello origin enhancements.
  4. I'm just wondering about regular events... Just regular in game stuff like, for example, a weekly Mothership Raid might be a reasonable start... What do guys think?
  5. This channel is doing great! We need to keep getting the word out for people, though. 8-)
  6. The. counter to special origins content seems to be that; 1. More freedom is always good, and, 2. By making a character's CHOICE of origin funnel them into exclusive content, the player will miss out on the other origins'' content. But More freedom is NOT always better. Consider the idea that all Archetypes had freedom to pick all powers. It makes Archetypes redundant. Special, exclusive, content determined by prior decisions is fun because of it's exclusivity. It makes a particular character feel special, with some element that many other characters can't be/do. It makes chara
  7. While I appreciate the notion of being able the play however one likes, I think it would be wise to consider the effect that farming has on both recipe AND inf supply. I wonder what the net outcome from all of this activity is?
  8. Yes on well I'll find a file there on my Dropbox that silences all the demon sounds I could find. If you discover which sounds are which, you might share with us what the most annoying ones are called.
  9. I love the idea of playing stories by other players. But I am dismayed at the amount of AE farming. Perhaps there should be reward ONLY for completing arcs based on how long the player spends inside them?
  10. I like the idea of a branching story arc tht allows players to focus down on their personal backstory. This is all very well for characters that fit into the CoH lore, but many don't, and there is beautiful y in that creativity.
  11. That's always been the issue, there are many sounds used by PCs that are not obvious when it comes to names, especially if it uses multiple file sounds. Makes it a royal pain. Thanks PK! I'm sure people will find that helpful. :) No. I thought that might be the case, but then I looked at some of the other files and they aren't there - I haven't extracted them from the sound archives... they seem to be... missing... Now they *could* be in texture archive or something, I didn't extract everything, but so far no luck.
  12. There are multiple folders, maybe? I know that Tequila/Homecoming folders both contain a sound.pigg file with psionic melee sounds in it (among others) - I don't know why. Ignore both of those and look at your DATA folder instead. Put a sound folder inside it and an ogg folder inside that. Then you put your demonsummoning, enemies, powers, v_powers, weapons etc inside that one. Changing subject, there are a LOT of sound effects on the list that I can't find in the PIGGS folder. Where are they?! I can overwrite them using the data/sounds/ogg folder, but I can't find the originals -
  13. ... or... just MOSTLY trash? I took it for thematic reasons and although it seems to be utter crap, I do enjoy sneaking around with my blaster. I can't help but think that I would have been better off with another secondary and stealth pool powers instead, however.
  14. It's my dream to see games with TTS in them instead of costly (albeit many times better and, at the moment, much more realistic) voice actors.
  15. When The Blue Lantern met Buzz Light Bulb.... such a romantic moment. You wore green...
  16. Here are silent Demon Summoning Demons: https://www.dropbox.com/s/khyaubazohddqdi/DemonSummoning.zip?dl=0
  17. I'm copy-pasting the TL;DR mission text into a Text-To-Speech reader and it's 10x better than reading it myself and gives me; 1. time to play the game instead of reading text, and, 2. actually know what's going on in the missions, 3. it also gives a bit of immersion because it's another voice. I wonder if there would be an easy way to hook these things together, like a macro button or something? Does anybody have experience of this?
  18. Thank you very much for this guide. I think it's worth mentioning that lots of these work well in their set, so for example, if you want to Frankenslot for 12% regen, slot another numina as well as the unique.
  19. Forgive me if this doesn't work, I've barely used Dropbox, but here are the teleport files I changed. I think it's a more fun sound: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8jqdzersymkcv8/Powers.zip?dl=0
  20. Just for the record, I'm not doing any repackaging, I just extract them, then alter the original and put the new file in the city of heroes/data/sounds/ogg/whatever folder. ALSO: Teleport power sounds are as follows; teletrans4 happens at the place you start from, so you miss the end of it because you have teleported by then. teletrans3 happens at your location AFTER you have teleported. The whole sound triggers when you arrive. teletrans2 ... don't know what that is, but it's not in the "Teleport" power... maybe it's a different power - could be TP team or LRT or Recall Fr
  21. I can't find any incarnates yet. I guess people are still levelling multiple toons instead.
  22. If you want to find the Ogg files yourself, you can use this python program to extract the pigg files: https://github.com/ovekaaven/cohtools You will need Python. Enter the pigg folder with c: cd games\city of heroes\piggs (put the readpigg file in this folder, for now). Run it like this; c:\python\python.exe readpigg.py sound.pigg That will create a new folder in your pigg folder with the original file structure in it. Replace "sound.pigg" with whatever file you want to extract. (obviously, the location of your programs may be different than the above).
  23. Just an idea... We could share a zip of audio on discord ...
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