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  1. Could you DS the support Nictuses away from Romulus?
  2. I'm playing a grav/kin controller alt, and just got to level 50. I had one back on Live, and it was very good there, but not truly great. I have a few observations to add now, on how it's different in regards to WH and FS, and better. Foremost, we can convert knockback to knockdown. This takes Wormhole and makes it a truly fantastic control power, as well as an enemy positioning power. Combining this with Fulcrum Shift is, as Redlynne said, truly RUDE to the enemy. You can come up to a group, grab most or even all of a second group, stack them on top of the first group with the stu
  3. I will test this -- if it works, this will be great. Otherwise, hopefully they will fix it. Edit: I just tested both commands in-game and they work! Thank you!
  4. I was wondering how hard it would be to add a slash command to control the Teleport Prompt setting. This would allow us to /macro it and have easier control over it for different situations. Recently, a number of people on the server I'm on have been using Incandescence for the Heal and Stun effect, and too bad for the rest of us if the teleport is annoying. Some of them can be reasoned with and are happy to accommodate; but others, well you know us players, we just love to disagree. ("No we don't!") Many of us have had our prompts off, so we instantly auto-accept frien
  5. I'll second this, it's almost impossible to read and if had an option to be scaled 1.5x or even 2x bigger, it would be much easier to use. Mids already has a very busy interface, and on top of that the tiny icons and text are terribly frustrating. I know the whole computer display can be scaled, but that wrecks everything else which was already readable.
  6. ((It would be cool to get together and chat sometime! It might even be a good idea to have semi-regular in-character get togethers of dimensional refugees to commiserate and share stories. ))
  7. An advertisement flier finds its way to Junk Bot, something about a corporate sponsorship opportunity. Of course, it's Junk-Mail. (( I've teamed with you a few times, and LOVE your character! 💖))
  8. Red fortune can give you 74.2% recharge (at 50) and a set bonus of 5% recharge; the LoTG gives 7.5%, so that's a total of 74.2% recharge in the power, and 12.5% global bonus. That's not bad, gets a bit into diminishing returns, but you can do better, even keeping the LoTG in it. You could use just five slots, and then "frankenslot" 4 recharge double Defense+Recharge IOs from various defense sets, and get 26.5 x 4 recharge in the power, which will get into diminishing returns, and then have the LoTG global bonus on top of it, too. This should get you about 20% more recharge in the
  9. Lots of possibilities. It was old; ancient. Its origin lost in the mysts of time. Perhaps it began as an animal skin cape, or a woven grass skirt. Passed from one wearer to another, it had gathered power through the ages. In Cimerora, it had been a segmented Lorica; after the Fall of Rome, it had been a chain hauberk. A conquistador had worn it as a steel breastplate, and gone on to win fame and nobility in New Spain. During the Revolutionary war, it had been a great coat; its wearer had served General Washington, and claimed it stopped bullets. It was lost through the 19th century
  10. (( reserving space -- comments below welcomed ))
  11. (( Character Description for Lady Warspite )) Name: Victoria Crawford Date of Birth: May 24, 1988 Place of Birth: Birmingham, England; Empire of Britain; Dimension Dimension Delta Zeta 17-46 (Restricted Red-5) Origin: Natural latent psy ability When her ability was discovered, Victoria was conscripted into Imperial Meta Command; a force of meta-humans as auxiliaries to conventional combat operations, inspire the commoners of the Empire, and most of all, to go toe-to-toe against the American colony's Super Force. As all MC members, she was assigned a code name from
  12. ((Character description for Major Megaton )) Name: Jeanette Winters Date of Birth: January 1, 1946 Place of Birth: Bismarck, North Dakota; North American Federal Republic; Dimension Delta Zeta 17-46 (Restricted Red-5) Origin: Nuclear Test Accident, May 18, 1980. Jeanette Winters was one of the first women to graduate from the Nuclear Forces Academy. Her career led to an underground nuclear test intended to maintain North American deterrence against the British-European Empire they had fought many devastating wars with over two centuries. The device unexpectedly de
  13. ** SERAPH Refugee Status Determination Report, 23 April 2019 ** ** Subject: Jeanette Winters, AKA: Major Megaton 1. Subject Jeanette Winters, referred by Portal Corps via Unscheduled Remote Dimensional Transfer, case# 1718239, has been examined and interviewed for status determination and disposition. Ms. Winters was cooperative and compliant, despite having undergone severe dimensional transfer and traumatic emotional disturbance. 2. Findings of Fact. (a) Ms. Jeanette Winters, referred from here forward as Subject, is from a Delta-Zeta dimensional timeline cl
  14. --- Portal Corps Official Record, Do Not Destroy --- ** Memorandum for Record 02 May 2019 ** ** Subject: Dimensional Divergence Analysis Report ** ** Dimension Delta Zeta 17-46 ** Following are summary notes of recollected historical events from extended debriefing of Incident 20190419-B3 Subject Two to delineate dimensional divergence within the Delta-Zeta-17 cluster. Reader advised no testimony or rebuttal available from opposing geopolitical side. 1776, Beginning of Revolutionary war in British North America. No deviations identified prior to date, consisten
  15. --- Portal Corps Official Record, Do Not Destroy --- ** Memorandum for Record 29 April 2019 ** ** Subject: Gate Incident 20190419-B3 ** ** Dimension: Dimension Delta Zeta 17-46 ** On 0948 UTC April 19th, 2019, Peregrine Complex Portal Generator Two suffered anomalous activation on axis +3.71,-0.42,+1.22, delta-zeta phase, with synchronization A-35 and amplitude 17.46. Two humanoid subjects passed through, and were immediately intercepted by gate security. Subject one expired within minutes due to dimensional shear stress. Subject two survived transit due to apparent metahu
  16. --- Portal Corps Official Record, Do Not Destroy --- ** Memorandum for Record 29 April 2019 ** ** Subject: Gate Anomaly 2-20190429213405 ** ** Testimony Summary of Senior Gate Tech Robert G. Andersen ** Several groups of heroes had been using Portal Generator Two through the night, and Generator One took primary on schedule early in my shift. At this time I began to conduct routine gate resonance calibration. As I was getting through section 2 of the checklist, axial coherence fluctuated twenty three percent, and I pushed the emergency response. Something had locked onto gate
  17. Spencer Memorial Technology Center Research Bunker Delta-9, one hundred and fifty meters below ground. A voice comes out over the intercom. "Shunting main power to capacitors. Exofluid revolutions up to four point seven megahertz." Technicians gathered around banks of consoles furiously work controls. "Ready countdown; five, four, three, two, one, mark!" a supervisor calls out. The capacitors discharge, and the spinning exotic matter fluid inside a channel on the floor came abruptly to a halt. Brilliant electrical discharges flash up out of the t
  18. ((I needed an origin story for a couple of my characters, and I thought using an alternate dimension could be interesting, especially if dystopian conditions could lead to complicated pasts, unusual attitudes, and even prejudices out of the ordinary from our world. This Dimension Delta Zeta 17-46 represents a world where two nations that have been best of friends for a very long time in reality become mortal enemies and face mutual extinction to a new threat.)) Dimension Delta Zeta 17-46: Spencer Memorial Technology Center, Federal Republic Super Force, 15 Kilometers outside Lawre
  19. I did some experiments of my own, and can say that the Alpha slot recharge buffs do not affect Mind Link. It took the same stopwatch time to come back up with and without a +45% recharge Alpha Boost slotted.
  20. How about letting us self-exemp ourselves down (and only down) to the base level of the zone we're in, without needing a lowbie teammate? Perhaps from a bubble menu or such.
  21. 1. Incarnates are post-level 50 progression. In story-terms, it is The Well of the Furies noticing you and lending you its a bit of its mythical powers. The origin stories for Statesman and Lord Recluse involved their finding the Well of the Furies and gaining their powers from it. This is far beyond what normal metas can do. 2. You want it because it continues your progression, introduces you to new solo and group content, and follows through the story-lines of the game. Incarnate abilities can be used to fix problems in your build, such as having too much endurance consumption, not eno
  22. Purples go all the way down to one, iirc.
  23. I had this problem, and identified that it was the Windows 10 display scaling that was causing the problem. You find this by right-clicking the desktop and pick Display Settings from the pop-up menu. It is the "Scale and layout" listed there. If it's set to anything higher than 100%, you will see this issue in CoH when it's running at the full resolution of your screen. However, changing the display scaling may be worse than the original problem; for example, if you are on a 4K monitor, it will be hard to read for other programs, and inside CoH you will want to enable the window scaling
  24. In most MMO's, you have to have certain elements on your team to be good enough to do content. It's a negative system -- each missing tank/dps/healing element severely reduces your team's ability to play the game. In Cities, it's a positive system -- you start good enough almost no matter what or how many on your team. As you add various elements; buff/debuff/tanking/etc, your team's potential power grows greatly. Given the ways power sets complement each other, there's many ways to build a team that turns out to be awesome - there's no one trinity formula you have to follow. You do
  25. I had the pleasure of interacting with him a few times on live. Outstanding RP'er, very imaginative, and willing to work with other people patiently. It was a terrible loss, not just for us in CoH, but I imagine even moreso for people who knew him in real life.
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