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Pro tip about hunting the Halloween giant monsters


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Last night while on patrol I saw at one of the locations the pumpkins on the ground and after noting the could be moved around and smashed that the GM was elsewhere.


Patrolled the zone twice, no sign of either Jack or Eochai.  I went back to where the smashed pumpkins were and saw they were still on the ground.....and nearby was a stray UNSEELIE ghost that had not been taken down with the rest.  After taking it out, the next GM spawn occurred.


So pro tip: make sure all UNSEELIE ghosts are eliminated or the GM respawn doesn't happen.

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On 10/25/2019 at 9:38 PM, ishmael said:

Are there set spawn points or are they fairly random?  I am short a couple of Unseelie for the badge and I am hoping to get to them before the event ends, but I never seem to be able to find the GMs when I am looking for them.

Try this link, there are maps with the GM spawn points on the lower half of the page.

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Another tip if you're having issues getting the defeat 20 UNSEELIE badge. This happened on one of my chars because the other teams in the league were wiping out the UNSEELIE so quickly that I wasn't getting credit.


Hunt Jack or Eochai in another sub 50 zone. Eden is good for this because the spawns are close to the teleport. The UNSEELIE levels will be limited by the zone level. So, it's easy to defeat them and ignore the GM.


Nobody hunts the GMs in the sub 50 zones. So, you aren't causing issues for other players.

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I prefer to hunt them in Crey's or Faultine.  In Crey's the majority of spawn points of the GM's are near where they can be droned.  Same with Faultline, except for one spot I found behind the dam. That GM must be defeated.


So wipe out the Unseelies then get GM to chase you to the drones. Repeat process.

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25 alts with all the badges!

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