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Is it possible to perma Elude?


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Hi y'all. I've got a Psi/SR/Body that I'm having a lot of fun with, and while messing around in Mids trying to come up with a build I like, I got to thinking: is it possible to create a perma-Elude build? And if so, would it negate the Elude crash, or would you still need something else for that, and if you can negate the crash somehow what's the going recommendation on how to do that? So far I've got a haste bonus at 200% with Hasten on perma, but I can't seem to get much further than that. It seems like the vast majority of recharge set bonuses don't come in until you're five- or six-slotted, and of course you can only cram in five LotGs. How much recharge can you cram into one Stalker build? Any advice?

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It is not. The recharge rate cap is 500% - and that's really pushing it. 300% is an impressive number.


That drops the recharge for elude from 1000s to 200s. The uptime for the power is 180s. Even if you manage to hit that cap, there's 20s downtime.



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46 minutes ago, kyothinks said:

. How much recharge can you cram into one Stalker build? Any advice?

How much do you need?

You should strive for enough recharge to run the attack chain you want and to have other pool powers/epics up as often as needed. there is no point in having Assassin strike recharged while you are in the middle of GPB.

More recharge than that is of little value other than to protect against debuffs( but /sr with a few winter pieces can be immune to slows) and will be outperformed by other bonuses such as +dam, procs, hp, etc. 


No you can not perma elude. 

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It was possible in the game's ancient history (for Scrappers, of course).  I was hoping someone from the pre-ED days would chime in to talk about this. 

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Not only can you not perma-Elude, there is little point in using it at all on a Super Reflexes character in the world of IO sets.  Long ago you didn't have nearly the opportunities for hitting 45% through enhancements making the big final buff powers more of a necessity.  During the pre-ED days you'd need to perma-Elude but it was pretty broken.  Having things like 6 slotted recharge modifications SOs in things like Unstoppable made god mode characters.  

I remember the days of having 6 recharges in Hasten, running Soul Drain as my only source of accuracy modification and then pumping 6 SO's of damage into my attacks.  Unfortunately, I couldn't run all my resistance toggles and had to supplement with Tough as the only means of having Smash/Lethal resistance while running anything else.  

Anyway, these days you can not only hit 45% defense but shoot past it to 50% or more.  There does come a point where there are some diminishing returns on investment with such a character.  A lot of players run Maneuvers which buffs everyone's defense so for Incarnate level content most teams will help push your defense.  

Elude is still a possible pick for a couple of niche reasons.  

1) It can mule defense sets. 
2) It makes you run faster/jump higher so it can boost your travel speed. 
3) Makes for a means of going beyond 45% defense in some rare case you need it, no other players are assisting with +defense, and you have no defense inspirations at all. 
4) You decided you don't want to play with IOs and want to build purely only SO's requiring some extra defense padding.

Otherwise, Elude isn't worth losing sleep over. 

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PS:  in addition to what everyone is saying (skip Elude) the way I dealt with the Elude crash in pre-IO days was via a blue inspire plus 2 accolades Archmage and Geas of the Kind Ones.  The blue to kick start things followed by Geas (for its recovery boost) and then Archmage (for its defense and resistance).  Just in case you are running it ... 

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It was fun back when perma-Elude was possible. Broken, but so were many things back then. Super Reflexes has changed a great deal since then. The defense cap was much higher than 45%, it had no scaling resistances, and there were no set bonuses to allow it to bolster its pure defense focus. It was hit pretty hard by the global defense nerf and ED. Not as hard as Regen, perhaps, but there's a reason "Nerf Regen" is a meme. Unlike Regen, Super Reflexes was actually fixed by subsequent changes to the power set and the game as a whole. It's not my favorite armor set any more, but at least I can enjoy it if my whimsy decides that today I'm playing something with Super Reflexes.

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