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Weekly Discussion 72: Suggestions for Pool Powers

GM Miss

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This information was way too much for one spoiler in our thread, so just like our build your own powerset post and build your Epic Pool Powers - I'm posting our weekly findings here and will link it to the suggestion thread that is pinned. 


*Note most of these were copied directly from players - so please excuse the spelling errors. 😄


Here is a link to the forum thread for the weekly discussion


Popular Ideas:

  • Weapons, weapons, weapons!
  • Elements 
  • Pets


Suggestions by @Megawatt



T1: Single Shot
T2: Double Tap
T3: Ballistic Vest: +Res Vs All
T4: Trauma Plate: +Def Vs 
T5: Sweep: Cone limited AOE




T1: Light Burst
T2: Heavy Burst
T3: Ballistic Vest: +Res Vs All
T4: Free Runing
T5: Spray and Pray


Ring Blade


T1: Throw
T2: Slash Melee
T3: Weaveing Dance: Def Vs All
T4: Shock Blade: Light Damage, shurt duration stun
T5: Blade Swarm: What do you call a self originating AOE ? because one of those where you spin and throw blades a short radius




Tier 1:  VTOL: you can hover at slow speed
Tier 2: Rocket Backwash: PBAoe fire damage and knockback
Tier 3: Up up and Away: High speed flight with your rocket pack!
Tier 4: Micro Rockets: Cone based mini-rocket attack
Tier 5: Kick in the Turbos: as Afterburner


Wrist Blasters 


T1: Single shot
T2: Double Pulse 
T3: Reactive field: +Res Vs All
T4: NanoMed Beam: single target light heal
T5: Pulse Burst: AOE Cone from the wrists


Magic Wand/Staff 


T1: Chaos Bolt: Random elemental energy bolt
T2: Binding of MAGICALNAMEHERE: Ranged stun or hold
T3: Armor Ward (similar to my other listed T3's)
T4: Mists of Croatoa: Short range group Stealth or enemy -Acc
T5:  Guiding Light of Atlas: Short range group +acc and Defense


Combat Knife


T1: Stab: Melee attack, Light damage, possibly a chance to cause a dot (are bleed effects possible ?)
T2: Slice: Melee attack, Medium Damage, same dot chance 
T3: Free Running (you may note a lot of my suggestions will come with a travel power because it would be good to have some more 'natural' travel powers)
T4: Throw: Ranged attack, Light damage, rapid recharge 
T5: Dice: Melee, Rapid strikes in a small cone infront of you, it's a desperation move with the same chance to cause a dot

Tactical Rifle


T1: Burst: Ranged, Moderate Damage(Lethal), Foe -Defense 
T2: Single Shot: Ranged, High Damage(Lethal), Foe -Defense 
T3: Ballistic Vest: +Res Vs All
T4: M30 Grenade: Ranged(Targeted Area of Effect), Moderate Damage(Lethal/Smash), Knockback 
T5: Surpressing Fire:  Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect), Light Damage, AoE Fear or Hold


Pulse Rifle


T1: Pulse Rifle Blast: Ranged, Moderate Damage (Energy/Smashing) 
T2: Pulse Rifle Burst: Ranged, High Damage (Energy/Smashing), Foe Knockback 
T3: Reactive Armor/Shield Bubble: +Res Vs All, additonal Res vs energy ?
T4: Photon Grenade: Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect), Moderate Damage (Energy/Smash), Disorient
T5: Plasma Grenade: Ranged (Targeted AoE), Location (PBAoE), Moderate DoT(Fire)




T1: Snap Shot: Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal) 
T2: Aimed Shot: Ranged, Moderate Damage (Lethal)
T3: Elusive Target: +Def
T4: Multi Shot:  Ranged (Cone), Moderate Damage (Lethal)
T5: Explosive Arrow: Ranged(Targeted Area of Effect), Moderate Damage(Lethal/Smash), Knockback 


Flaming Whip


T1: Whip Crack: Ranged, Minor DMG(Fire), Foe DoT(Fire), -Res 
T2: Lash:      Close, High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, Minor DoT(Fire) 
T3: Elusive Target: +Def
T4: Lash out: Short Ranged (Cone), High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, DoT(Fire)
T5: Trip attack: Short Ranged, Minor Dmg (Fire), Knockdown


Suggestions by @take one



T1: Revolver. Looks and functions much like the temporary power, but can of course be slotted for enhancements.
T2: Baseball Bat. Looks and functions much like the temporary power, but can of course be slotted for enhancements.
T3: Smoke Bomb. Looks and functions much like the temporary power, but can of course be slotted for enhancements.
T4: Shotgun. Looks and functions much like the temporary power, but can be slotted for enhancements.
T5: Backup Radio. Looks and functions much like the temporary power, but can be slotted for enhancements. The enhancements could either just affect the recharge/endurance cost of the power, or actually boost the summoned entities.


Chemistry! You mix together various things to create clouds of chemicals with different effects, which function pretty much like the Devouring Earth emanators.


T1: metabolic boost. targets allies. +regen, absorption tick
T2: mental boost. targets allies. +tohit, +perception, -confuse
T3: adrenaline boost. targets allies. +damage, -taunt
T4: befuddlement. targets enemies. -defense, -movement
T5: corrosion. targets enemies. -resistance, -recharge 




T1: Training. This power has one enhancement slot and can't gain any more. This power can hold any TO enhancement. The bonus for this enhancement is added to any power that can use it. Diminished Returns still apply.
T2: Training 2. This power has one enhancement slot and can't gain any more. This power can hold any TO or DO enhancement. The bonus for this enhancement is added to any power that can use it. Diminished Returns still apply.
T3: Resistant. You get ~5% unenhanceable resistance to all. This power cannot be enhanced and is always active. The power's single enhancement slot can hold Resistance set IOs, for example an Impervium Armor (Psionic Resistance) or similar, but they only grant their special effect.
T4: Defensive. You get ~3% unenhanceable defense to all. Otherwise functions like Resistant, but can hold Defense set IOs.
T5: Training 3: This power has one enhancement slot and can't gain any more. This power can hold any SO enhancement. The bonus for this enhancement is added to any power that can use it. Diminished Returns still apply.




T1: Pitfall. The ground opens up under an enemy and swallows them up for a moment. Immobilize, minor damage, chance to hold.
T2: Crumble. You cause the ground around you to break up and shift. PBAOE slow.
T3: Tunnel. You dig into the ground (use the spinning animation from Whirlwind perhaps) and disappear, moving underground at a decent pace. (Not quite superspeed but close.) You cannot be targeted or attack while using this travel power, but enemies will notice you. You can only use this power for 2X seconds at a time, then it will be on cooldown for 3X seconds.
T4: Hurl Rock. You grab a piece of the ground and throw at your enemy. Single Target, Knockback, decent damage.
T5: Burst. You dig into the ground and burst up from underneath, burying your targets. PBAOE, decent damage, immobilize.




T1: Boomerang Smack. You strike someone with your boomerang in melee. Medium damage and a chance to confuse the target.
T2: Boomerang Throw. You throw your boomerang at someone, possibly pinning them to the floor or a wall. Medium damage and range, and immobilize.
T3: Kaboomerang. You throw an exploding boomerang at someone. Medium damage, targeted AoE, knockdown.
T4: Bloomerang. You cause several boomerangs to circle around you in a spiral pattern. PBAoE, tohit debuff, chance to disorient. Toggle.
T5: Boomerang Drones. You set a pair of boomerangs flying around you. When they detect enemies, they swoop out to attack them, before returning to their circling pattern. Summons two invulnerable boomerang pets which attack by flying at enemies for medium smashing damage. The drones last for 60 seconds and have a recharge of 5 minutes. If you use a boomerang smack or boomerang throw attack, the drones will focus their attacks on your target.


Suggestions by @Darkneblade

Arcane Pool


T1 : Arcane Blast : Ranged ST. Energy/Smash Moderate Damage. Self +Arcane Insight (+To hit but fancy version)
T2 : Arcane Siphon :  Ranged TAoE Energy Minor Damage. Foe -End. Self +End
T3 : Arcane Barrier : PBAOE Team +Absorb +Res to all but toxic.
T4 : Eldritch Portal : Ranged TAoE Foe Teleport. Teleported foes are disoriented. And -Res to all. // (2 versions) Ranged TAoE : Ally Teleport. Teleported allies are increased protection against status effects. Also they will have their damage resistances increased except toxic for short time.
T5: Arcane Entity : You summon arcane version of yourself. When you take damage, instead Arcane Clone is takes damage.


Dirty Fighting Pool


T1: Slash : Melee ST Minor Lethal damage +minor lethal dot. -Def
T2: Throw Knives: Ranged ST Moderate Lethal damage +minor lethal dot. knockback.
T3: Throw Sand : Cone -Perception -To hit Chance to Stun.
T4: Knee in the face : ST Moderate Smash Damage Chance to stun
T5: Headbutt : ST High Smash Damage Chance to stun. -Recharge




T1 : Jump Kick : Ranged : ST Minor Smash Damage. / Knockdown Teleport. 
T2 : Quick Fingers :Minor Smash DoT. Foe Hold.
T3 : Acrobatics : Toggle Self +Jump. +Speed. +Res to Hold,Slow,KB. +Def
T4 : Grappling Hook : Self Teleport. +Recharge. (It is obvious)
T5 : Hook and Bait : Ranged ST Minor Lethal Damage. Foe Teleport. Foes have reduced defense. (Think of scorpion's favorite hook attack from MK)




T1 : Advise Ally : Ally +Absorb +Recharge
T2 : Training Field : Location Aoe : Ally +Speed +Damage. Foe -Speed -Res
T3 : Mentoring : Give t1,t2 power from your primary and t1,t2 power from your secondary to selected ally as temp power.
T4 : Encouragement : Click : Give encouragement to selected Ally. Gives inspiration and recharge bonus.
T5 : Greator Mentor : Gives selected ally your t3,t4,t5 from your primary and t3,t4,t5 from your secondary as temp powers and renew them if they already have it.


Survival Kit


T1: Bandage : Ally +Regen +Resist to toxic,lethal.
T2: Gasmask : Toggle : Self +Res to Toxic, Hold, Disorient, -To hit.
T3: Medikit : Click Self Heal. +Res to Toxic. and resistance to healing for 10 seconds.
T4: Infrared Goggles: Toggle : Self +To hit. +Perception. (you can see enemies through walls as red dot.)
T5: Environmental Suit : Auto +Res to Fire, Cold, Toxic, Knockback.





T1: Homebrew Bomb : Plant homebrew bomb to cause one enemy to fly into air. Moderate Smash Damage Knockup

T2: C4 : Plant C4 on on target. Foes get High Smash Damage and Knockback when you trigger Detonate temp power. If you plant this to ally, foes near ally gets afraid instead.

T3 : Claymore Mine: Plant this claymore mine. When enemy steps through they get moderate smash damage and lethal dot. And knockback.

T4 : Dynamite : Plant this to area near enemies. When it gets damaged it will explode damaging nearby enemies. Any surviving enemies get fire damage overtime.

T5: Mad Bomber : Same power as Self Destruction but you can move. There is 10 second countdown. Interruptable only by mez.



Lergedermain Suggestion by @Big leo the lion


T1: Fast Talk: Single Target Placate -Perception 
T2: Cheap Shot: Single Target Melee Attack (Minor Smash Damage)  +Extra Damage and -Recharge if on Placated foe.
T3: Jape and Jeer: Single Target Taunt. Becomes a Confuse if used on Placated Opponents.
T4: Low Blow: Single Target Melee Attack (Moderate Smash Damage) +Extra Damage, Stun, Knockdown, and -Perception if on Placated foe.
T5: Diversion: AoE Placate and -Perception with Self Short Duration Invisibility


Parkour Suggestion by @Tahquitz


T1: Tumble.  Toggle. When approaching an object up to 1.5x the height of your character, your character will tumble over it without losing forward momentum.  If the object is too tall, the tumble will instead change your direction while running, or if dead-on, cause your character to reverse direction.  This power only works alone or in combination with other running travel powers.
T2: Wall Kick.  Toggle. Allows a character to kick off a wall mid jump to change trajectory.  A successive kick can either increase jump height to scale a tall object, or jump length to cross a significant chasm.  If combined it can do both at once with less efficacy. Can be repeated up to three times in 5 seconds before cool down as trajectory cannot be kept up indefinitely.  Can be improved with Leaping enhancements.
T3: Absorb Fall.  Auto: Up to three times per 5 minutes, when landing where fall damage would be present, your character instead tumbles and receives up to a 50% discount in HP loss from the fall, decreasing on repeated use before cooldown. This power is always on, only uses endurance when HP loss is present, and does not work when any other non-Parkour travel power is activated.
T4: Flawless Escape. Auto: When taking damage, if fleeing enemy aggro, you can phase through enemy mobs as if they weren't there.  You are not invincible or invisible, and additional mobs can aggro and damage you, but you can still run past them by dodging them perfectly.  This effect only lasts for a short time, wearing off after 15 seconds, and is cancelled if you attack any mob for at least 30 seconds.  This power is always on.
T5: Unassailable. Self: When triggered, your damage resistance, end recovery and running speed are greatly enhanced.  Unlike Elude, your jumping height is unchanged, the duration is 30 seconds, and a long cooldown.


Suggestions by @xColdxFusionx

Grapple Wire 


T1: Tripwire - ST Knockdown + Teleport Foe.
T2: Wire Bind - ST Hold. Low magnitude, but long duration and low END cost.
T3: Grappling Hook - Teleport, but must be targeted near a surface. Very low cooldown and endurance cost. You gain a brief movement speed buff after use.
T4: String Together - MT Hold. Low magnitude, but long duration and low END cost.
T5: Zip Line - Cone, Smashing Damage + High Chance to Knock Back. Very narrow arc. Range/damage/KB power is based on the distance between you and your target, up to a cap. Teleports you to your target's position as if they hit you with a Teleport Foe effect.




T1: Piano - PBAoE -ToHit, -Dmg
T2: Forte - PBAoE +ToHit, +Dmg
- Requires 1
T3: Allegro - PBAoE +Movement Speed, +Global Recharge
T4: Legato - PBAoE -Movement Speed, -Global Recharge
- Requires 2
T5: Finale - Targeted AoE Damage (as Sonic); damage increased based on target's missing health.


Good Fortune


T1: Lucky Shot - Small chance to gain a short Build Up from using any power.
T2: Opportunity Knocks - Small chance to apply -Res on hit with any power.
- Requires 1
T3: Close Call - Minor +Def (All); mutually exclusive with Weave.
T4: Knocked Aside: Upon taking damage, chance to gain a short +Def buff.
- Requires 2
T5: Lucky Charm - Grants nearby allies a small +ToHit and +DEF (All) bonus




T1: Brand Name - PBAoE Taunt. May cause a very brief Terrorize for low-level enemies.
T2: Autograph - ST Hold. Short range, but incredibly low END cost and long duration. Activates instantly, but has a lengthy "cooldown" animation, effectively trapping both you and the target. (I believe there's a clipboard emote you can use for this, even.)
- Requires 1
T3: Disarming Appeal - Small +Def and +Res (All)
T4: People's Champion - Scaling +ToHit, +Damage, +DEF(All) based on nearby allies.
- Requires 2
T5: Inspiring Rally. PBAoE Terrorize. Allies in the radius gain +ToHit and +Damage briefly.


Riot training pool (Mutually exclusive to Fighting) Suggestion by @GM Kal


Pistol training - three shot semi-auto burst pop-pop-pop
Shotgun - Cone, KD chance.
-   (must take one of the above first)
Kevlar vest - exactly the same stats as Tough
Drill training - exactly the same stats as Weave
-   (must take two of the above first)
Flashbang - Same stats as Illusion controller Blind, (hold, AoE sleep) with longer recharge.


Discipline Suggestion by @vemon



T1: Breath Control: Reduces the end cost of all your powers by a minor amount, and gives you a small amount of resistance against Endurance drain.

T2: Body Flow: Melee Attack. This attack causes minor smashing damage, has a mag 2 knockback, and increases all defenses for a minor amount for 10 seconds after using it.

T3: Clarity: Click. Boosts ToHit and ToHitDebuff resistance, as well as resistance to Fear and Confusion for a short time. Cooldown long.

T4: Refocus. You heal a moderate amount of damage and become resistant to disorient for 12 seconds. Cooldown: long.

T5: Superior Balance: Toggle: Decreases the inertia of jumping and flying movement powers, adds a bit of flight, running, and jump speed, and turns knockback into knockdown for all powers while this toggle is on.



Phiction Fysics Suggestion by @EmperorSteele


T1: Giant Mallet - You pull a large, cartoony mallet out of nowhere and WHAM it on top of a foe, dealing smashing damage and knocking him, plus any nearby foes, down. Melee ST attack with a light AoE KD component, small chance to stun.
T2: Portable Hole - You can use portable holes in a variety of ways. If no target is selected when you click this power, you get to select where the other end of the hole is. Once placed, you automatically drop another hole at your feet and jump in, appearing on the other side. These holes will remain for a few moments if an ally wishes to follow, or if you wish to go back the way you came. If you are targeting a foe when using this power, you instead throw the portable hole at their feet, and automatically drop another hole 5 feet in front of yourself, causing the foe to fall in and appear in front of you.
T3: Bag o' tricks - When you absolutely, positively have to hit someone, but they're all the way over THERE, you pull a random object out of your hammerspace bag and throw it at them. Pulls from the same objects as a low-level Propel. ST ranged damage + AoE KB.
T4: Plot Armor - This power has two components: a small, passive defense and resistance increase, and an activatable click-power. When activated, you are imbued with one of every Large Inspiration, including Awaken, allowing you to use this power as a self rez as well as a power-up. Has an unenhanceable 22 minute cooldown (so you can only use it once an episode ;-P)
T5:  Turn Tables - Who just did that? Is it rabbit season, or duck season? Why I oughta... Many fictional characters have the uncanny ability to deflect their misdeeds onto others, causing their opponents to turn on one another. When activated, you emit a 12-foot PBAoE Confuse that lasts for 12 seconds.


Suggestions by @WhiteDwarf




-Bribery: Target is placated and returns to its original position. Will not attack unless damaged. Doesn’t expire. Click. Range: 30 ft. Duration: special. Recharge 1 minute.

-Payoff: Target attacks allies. Will not attack unless damaged. Will turn on hero/villain once all allies in immediate vicinity are defeated. Range: 30 ft. Click. Duration: special. Recharge 3 minutes.

-Call in a Favor: Summons a policeman (hero) or thug (villain) who will fight as an ally for 3 minutes. Range: 60 ft. Click. Duration: 3 minutes. Recharge: 6 minutes.

-Buy Prototype Armor: Gives hero/villain an armored vest that will take a percent of damage dealt to them from each attack. Vest is destroyed after taking x damage (scales with level) or going 3 minutes without taking damage. Click. Range: self. Duration: special or 3 minutes. Recharge: 1 minute.

-Buy Prototype Weapon: Gives hero/villain high tech rifle (or handgun). Does high damage for a limited time before it breaks. Click. Range: self. Duration: 3 minutes. Recharge: 2 minutes.






-Calculated Defense:  +Def vs targeted foe until foe is down. Ends when hero takes damage. Click. Duration: special. Recharge: 1 minute.

-Find Weakness: Significant increase in damage for next attack. Click. Duration: next attack. Recharge: 45 seconds. Doesn’t begin recharge cycle until next attack is completed.

-Predict Movement: Extend range (a percentage of each power’s normal range) and small +AC for short time. Click. Duration: 10 seconds. Recharge: 45 seconds.

-Calculate Disbursement: Hero/villain can calculate where enemies will be stationed. Target selection is not blocked by walls for a short distance. Click. Range: 150 ft. Duration: 2 minutes. Recharge: 30 seconds.



Pants Suggestion by @Vanden


Summer Shorts: This light garment offers unrestricted freedom of movement, allowing you to run faster and jump higher than more constraining articles of clothing. (Run Speed, Jump Height, and Jump Speed boost)
Corduroy Slacks: The unique texture and material of these pants produces an annoying sound as you walk, causing enemies to not want to be near you. (PBAoE Fear Aura)
Denim Jeans: These pants, are tough, rugged, and a good insulator. Perfect for outdoor activities. You must be level 14 and own at least one other pair of pants to purchase these pants. (+Resistance to Smashing, Lethal, Cold, and Fire damage)
Throw Pants: Demonstrating complete mastery of the pants, you utilize the darkest pants technique known to man: you remove your pants and throw them at the enemy. With their vision blocked by your abandoned clothing, they will suffer reduced Perception and Accuracy and be Confused, attacking their allies by mistake. Meanwhile, your pantsless form will reduce your Threat Level, as enemies will not want to look at you right now. (Huge characters will have this latter effect doubled; also, there is a chance enemies will in fact like what they see and your Threat Level will increase instead.) You must be level 20 and own at least two pairs of pants to select this power.
No-Pants Nightmare: With a flourish of your hand and and dramatic announcement, you reveal to your enemy their greatest nightmare has come true: they showed up to the big fight with the superheroes with no pants on! The enemy will be unable to act in embarrassment, and your allies will gain a Regeneration and ToHit morale buff from laughing at the enemy's misfortune. (Foe Hold, Ally +Regeneration and +ToHit) You must be level 20 and own at least two pairs of pants to select this power.


Elements: Cold, Energy, Fire, Lethal, Negative, Psionic, Smashing, & Toxic. Suggestion by @Zepp



Paragon City's Pastime - Smashing

T1: Blunt Attitude - Team Toggle +Res (Sm/Le (7.5-ish), immobilize, Stun, Sleep)

T1: Batter Up - Melee attack similar to St. Louis Slammer

T1: Nimble - Not compatible with Combat Jump or Quickfooted - +Def Melee, +Res Sm/Le

T2: Pumpkin Smasher - Uses a baseball bat with Whirling mace-ish animation (around 2s)

T3: Crack - Smash the bat in the ground AoE Stun


Put a Ring on it - Lethal

T1: Jackrock - Similar to Caltrops

T1: Ring Toss - Energy Rings Animation, Lethal only

T1: Quickfooted - Not compatible with Combat Jump or Nimble - +Def Ranged, +Res Sm/Le

T2: Exploding Ring - Like the Carnival power

T3: Ringer - Like Golden Rings, but TAoE


Yang - Energy

T1: Life force - Team Heal

T1: Energy Bracer - like EMP glove

T1: Hyperactive - similar to Jaunt - +Def AoE, +Res En/Ne

T2: Energy Grenades - Like Electromagnetic Grenades

T3: White Hole - TAoE -Per, Stun


Yin - Negative

T1: Vampiric Aura - Foe minor Neg Dmg, Self, +Reg (per enemy)

T1: Stolen Essence - Siphon Life animation, foe -ToHit, self +ToHit

T1: Translocation - similar to Jaunt - +Def AoE, +Res En/Ne

T2: Despair - Like Tar Patch but with DoT

T3: Terror Unleashed - Like Spectral Terror


Fire Eating - Fire

T1: Heatstroke - Like Heat Exhaustions

T1: Fire Toss - like Cremate

T1: Firewalking - Does not stack with Ice Sliding - Like Prestige Power Surge - +Def Melee, +Res Fi/Co

T2: Fire Breathing - Like Breath of Fire

T3: Firepit - Like Flashfire


Coldsnap - Cold

T1: Touch of the Flu - Like Infrigidate

T1: Cold Bracers - like Cryoprojection Bracers

T1: Ice Sliding - Does not stack with Firewalking - Like Prestige Power Slide - +Def Ranged, +Res Fi/Co

T2: Blizzard - Similar to sleet, more damage, less debuff

T3: Tundra - Flash Freeze Animation with Static Field type effect


Potions Master - Toxic

T1: Serum - Like Injection

T1: Toxic drones - like Vial of Bees (Single Target) (close range)

T1: Chemtrail - Does not stack with Hover or Airwalking - +Def Melee, +Res To/Psi

T2: Gas pod - Like Arachnoid Gas (Close range)

T3: Neurotoxins - Smoke Flash Animation with AoE Confuse


Mind Games - Psionic

T1: Reflection - Like Drain Psyche

T1: Slip - Like TK blast, but KD

T1: Airwalking - Does not stack with Hover or Chemtrails - +Def Ranged, +Res To/Psi

T2: Blow your Mind - Similar to Nuclear Blast, but Psi damage

T3: Persuasion - Psychic Wail Animation with AoE Confuse



Telekinesis Epic Pool Power For Scrapper/Stalkers Suggestion by @BrandX



Tier 1 - Lift: Same as Gravity Control) as I would with all Epic Single Target Blasts (personally) I'd have the DPA of the attack be on the better end of Tier 1 and 2 attacks, so players can add or replace these attacks into their attack strings.

Tier 2 - Telekinetic Hold: I'd make it like Soul Storm in terms of animations, possibly without the glow, but have the enemy in the air spinning or just lifted up into the air held).

Tier 3 - Shield Ally/Allies: +5% Resist/Defense - Same as Deflection Shield and powers like it.  The only question is, would it target the team or not.

Tier 4 - Propel: I'd turn it into a targetted AOE attack.

Edit: Tier 5 - Telekinetic Body Armor: Toggle (.33/s) +3% Resist/Defense



Hellfire Suggestion by @Player2



T1: Hellfire Aura:  Ally +Mez protection or Enemy -Regen and -ToHit - uses animation and effects for Sorcery -> Enflame

T1: Flaming Whip:  Ranged Moderate DMG(Fire) + Minor DoT(Negative) - uses animation for Mastermind -> Demon Summoning -> Corruption

T2: Infernal Bargain:  A copy of Boost Power (Blaster secondary set, Energy Manipulation) which briefly boosts secondary effects of your powers.  - same animation but instead of rainbow effect, use Sorcery pool's Rune of Protection effect.

T3: Soul Strike:  Close AoE Moderate DMG(Fire) + Disorient - uses animation for Mastermind -> Demon Summoning -> Crack Whip

T4: Infernal Guardian:  Summon Pet (special) Short duration indestructible pet that has a strong taunt aura similar to Illusion Control's Phantom Army, but the pet does not attack.  - uses animation for Mastermind -> Demon Summoning -> Summon Demon Prince, pet is a larger version of the Demon vanity pet.



Origin Pools 2 Suggestion by @Tyrannical

Generic Pools Suggestion by @Tyrannical


Here it comes, the Impromptu Teammates! [for maximum fun make each summoned model just a generic model that hit the Randomize button] Suggestion by @UpandAtom



1. Random Muscle: A melee pugilist joins the fray on your side!  With some mild resistances and hard knuckled punches, he charges heedlessly forward into the danger!

2. Random Blaster: A ranged trigger-happy blaster joins the fray on your side! He stays in the rear, popping off shots with a firearm. That's one office worker who got tired of being taken hostage!

3. Random Defender: An enthusiastic healer joins the fray on your side! He's getting experience handling his shiny medical tricorder, providing assorted injections & serums!

4. Random Controller: A smug controller joins the fray on your side! He vaguely annoys people by holding enemies in place, irregardless of positioning considerations!

5. the ULTIMATE, the AMAZING, the TRAVEL POWER we almost forgot! You bought a van to haul your impromptu teammates around! [literally transform the player into a van and move at superspeed]



Valmorphanization Suggestion by @GM ColdSpark



T1: Cruel to be(ing) Kind - With the toggle active, you redirect some of your energy that would go into damaging your opponent into healing yourself. -20% Damage output but heal for 10% of total health per attack

T2: Throw the kitchen sink at them - Inverting the above approach, each attack damages you for 10% of your total HP but boosts the damage output by 20% (use with care!)

T3: With my last breath - sometimes you need more blue... a lot more blue... with each attack, you damage yourself for 10% of your total HP but the endurance cost of your powers is dropped by 50%

T4: Suppressing fire!! (anyone watched Archer?) - whilst active this toggle improves your recharge by 20% (ideally and cast time by 50% for fun too!) but you suffer a 10% to-hit penalty

T5: Giving her all she's got Captain - Clicky on a long unenhancable recharge - allows you to halve the negative impacts of any of the other toggles whilst doubling the benefits



Tools of the Trade Suggestion by @LiquidBandage



T1 - Marker Smoke: (Ranged Location AoE) It drops a little canister that emits a fountain/column of smoke (or a light/laser) to mark a position. If you have ever wanted to tell a team "I am going to pull to here", this is the power for you. This is truely a utility power, so the recharge should be Fast.

T2 - Put on the Bracelets: (Melee) High Magnitude Slow with -Fly, -Jump -Teleport that gets applied to both you and your target. It should also apply -DEF (Melee) to both you and your target, but can be enhanced to skew the debuff (defense debuff to negatively impact your target or defense buff to reduce the impact on yourself). The recharge should be somewhere in the Slow to Long range.

T3 - Mental Focus: Toggle - Provides a small unenhanceable +Recharge. Provide some Terrorize Protection (mag 4). Predominantly, this power needs to shut down -perception powers, so provide +75% resistance to Perception.

T4 - Identify Friend or Foe: Toggle - Provides a small unenhanceable +ACC and +ToHit. Provide Confuse Protection (mag 4) and some Confuse resistance (-30%). 

T5 - Mimic: Ranged - PBAoE Placate (+300%) that lasts 60 sec at a radius of 80ft. It also changes your appearance to look like whatever enemy you had targeted when you fired the power. The recharge should be in the Long to Very Long range.


Power Pool: Armor Suggestion by @Purrfekshawn

Quantum Physics Suggestion by @Purrfekshawn


**Time Splicer** (With Travel power) Works like Sorcery. You can only pick one of these power pools. Suggestion by @Hops



T1: Timeless Meditation  “toggle” - You clear your mind in battle. For each enemies around they get -dmg to all there attacks. 

T2: Tearing time “single target”: you punch through time that leaves the enemy with -dmg with a chance to for -recharge 

T3: Battle Speed “Teleport”  After you performing the teleport you are granted with a speed buff that gives you +run speed, +jump speed, + recharge for 10 seconds. 

T4: Echoing punch “PBOE” - the sounds of the punch has a chance to hold surrounding enemies. Also adds -dmg to who is effected by the echo's. 

T5: Time Splitter “click” - You splice time around you for 30 seconds that gives you a very high chance to absorb all incoming attacks that heal you through absorb health that add to your HP bar. At the end of the duration Any extra absorb left will turn into a PBOE that will do dmg 






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Contact me on Discord (Miss#1337) for a faster response!


Want more information on lore pets?


Want to get involved in our weekly discussions on discord or the forums?

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