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Teleporter Designs and Zones quicksheet


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Id thought Id share a few teleport ideas and give a list of zones for people who may not have it.


Quick tip: You can sort zones by alphabetical order A-E, F-M, N-R, S-T(z) for easiest use.


List of all zones.



==Paragon City==
Atlas Park
Crey's Folly
Echo: Galaxy City
Founders Falls
Independence Port
Kings Row
Peregrine Island
Perez Park
Skyway City
Steel Canyon
Talos Island
Terra Volta
The Hollows


==Rogue Isles==
Cap au Diable
Mercy Island
Port Oakes
Sharkhead Isle
St. Martial



Dark Astoria
Echo: Dark Aastoria

First Ward

Kallisti Wharf

Night Ward
Pocket D
Rikti war Zone



Base Porter ideas





Would love to see yours.

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Very cool!  More and more I find myself using the Interdimensional shard to combine with other objects to use as transports.  I used rowboats on a lake for the dojo base I built.




I am moving away from using the actual teleport devices.  They are just too huge for my liking.  Right now, I am working on one where the shards are placed in the cockpit of the jet plane vehicles. 

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I don't label mine, since I'm the only one who uses my base. Lets me keep things "simple"

The CoH game is the main Paragon City Maps (Atlas, Kings, Steel, Talos, PI, etc). CoV is the Rogue Isles, the first pinball machine is co-op zones, and the furthest pinball machine is hazard zones.

Also in this picture: the computer can be clicked to let you shop online (aka a vendor) and the treadmill will let you "train" (ie, level up trainer). Both required NPCs are hidden in the wall.

As an aside, your list will have to be updated when the next patch comes out (because they'll include Praetoria and the Shadow Shard)! There's still only 38 zones, so you can still get away with 4 telepads, but I think the letters might have to be tweaked (more zones start with P than any other).



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Well, I was able to compile a new list. It looks like the 4 teleports labeled A-E, F-M, N-R, S-T are still able to be used with only the additional zones to be added. It looks like there are only 38 zones total.


A-E (9 total) F-M (10 total) N-R (9 total) S-T (10 total)
Atlas Park Faultline Nerva Archipelago Sharkhead Isle
Boomtown Firebase Zulu (new) Neutropolis (new) Skyway City
Brickstown First Ward (new) Night Ward Steel Canyon
Cap au Diable Founders' Falls Nova Praetoria (new) St. Martial
Cascade Archipelago (new) Grandville Peregrine Island Striga Isle
Crey's Folly Imperial City (new) Perez Park Talos Island
Croatoa Independence Port Pocket D Terra Volta
Dark Astoria Kallisti Wharf Port Oakes The Chantry (new)
Eden Kings Row Rikti War Zone The Hollows
  Mercy Island   The Storm Palace (new)



Or if you prefer.


Paragon City   Extradimensional The Rogue Isles Praetoria
Atlas Park Kings Row Cascade Archipelago Cap au Diable First Ward
Boomtown Peregrine Island Firebase Zulu Grandville Imperial City
Brickstown Perez Park Pocket D Mercy Island Neutropolis
Crey's Folly Rikti War Zone The Chantry Nerva Archipelago Night Ward
Croatoa Skyway City The Storm Palace Port Oakes Nova Praetoria
Dark Astoria Steel Canyon   Sharkhead Isle  
Eden Striga Isle   St. Martial  
Faultline Talos Island      
Founders' Falls Terra Volta      
Independence Port The Hollows      
Kallisti Wharf        
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It isnt the most efficient as far as using fewer porters but it makes stuff easy.   I have red side on one porter, gold side on one porter, two for blue city zones, one porter for hazard zones which will include shadow shard, and a last porter for co-op zones. 

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18 hours ago, Olly said:

How do you manage to get the beacon names to sort? Specifically, I want Perez, RWZ, Striga, and TV in alphabetical order but they insist on going: Perez, TV, Striga, RWZ...

Unfortunately you can't. Each beacon has a unique ID number and they are listed in that order when displayed.

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I went with a pretty standard split for my portals.


Redside, Neutral (including Praetoria), Blueside, and Hazard Zones




However, I couldn't get everything to fit everywhere, with the new Shadow Shard portals. So I had to come up with a solution. Luckily my Incarnate Lore pets (storm elementals from the Storm Palace) were able to help! Both of them contain portals to all four Shadow Shard zones.



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Wow, Plasmic, that must've been a bitch and a half to get the beacons to attach to the correct porters!


I've posted this elsewhere as well but here's how I do it in the Dauntless Reverie base - color-coded by zone type (with blue zones taking up two teleporters, one of which is dedicated to zones like The Hollows and Croatoa that have their own dedicated stories):



Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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16 hours ago, Flashtoo said:

Wow, Plasmic, that must've been a bitch and a half to get the beacons to attach to the correct porters!



It actually was pretty easy...  I thought it would be,  but when I moused the beacon over the shard, the shard's box glowed yellow so I placed and sunk it.  I was placing them directly on the shard, so I think the beacon had no problem recognizing the attachment. 


Only problem I had was between my ears...  I tried to check them all, but my hero alignment wouldn't allow me to look at the villain destinations, so I thought they weren't right, despite them showing in the attachments..  Deleted,, redid it, same thing...    SMH


Also, have to give credit to @Dacy, this is kind of derivative of her ship's porters.  Soo many creative and bright people building bases.  

Edited by Plasmic Fury
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