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Improve Visual Distinction: Regenerative Tissue and Harmonized Healing

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At a glance, the two of those are really difficult for me to tell apart.




Maybe my monitor or my resolution is to blame, or just my poor eyesight, but I can scarcely tell the difference between the two.


So, I propose the following:

Flip the icon for one of the two horizontally!





That would help immensely, and hopefully wouldn't take much effort.


Please, and thank you?

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I modified the Regenerative Tissue icon texture to reflect the suggestion in the OP. It is attached if you would like to try it. It goes in:

<CoH Install Folder>/data/texture_library/GUI/Icons/Enhancements

If you don't have one or more of the above folders in your CoH install folder, you can make them. If there is sufficient interest I can load this into CoH modder as well. I checked the recipe, the attuned enhancement, and the non-attuned enhancement in-game and they all appear to work fine for me. Here's a screenshot:



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