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Help Name the 17th Anniversary Badge!

GM Arcanum

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On 3/20/2021 at 9:51 AM, GM Arcanum said:

17th Anniversary Badge

The 17th anniversary is upon us, which means it's time to pick the name of the badge!



Help Name This Badge!


If you have any suggestions please reply to this thread! We'll then pick our favorites and host a public poll to decide upon the final name.


The requirements: it has to be one word, and it should be usable to describe a character; Celebrant is someone who celebrates, Rhapsodic is someone who is exceptionally emotional, Torchbearer is someone who carries a torch, Timeless is someone who is not affected by the passage of time. 


All previous anniversary badges will be available for purchase from Luna in Ouroboros throughout the month of May 2021.



Some options that I thought of, I don't think any are current badge names:
- Acceptor
- Campaigner
- Enthusiast

- Forerunner

- Go-getter

- Hopeful

- Heavyweight
- Protégé
- Sage
- Virtuoso

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19 hours ago, rookery. said:

Did upvoting Flea's post make you feel glad all over, Clave Dark 5?

Only because my dyslexia made it "reunited and it fleas so good," yeah.

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Hi, I'm Clave Dark 5!  You may remember me from such characters as King Pumpkin Spice, Stupid Like A Fox, Capt Sam's Space Zoo, The Pink Bamfer, Trash Ghost, Maid Of Metal... as well as a few really stupid AE arcs!

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