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Help Name the 17th Anniversary Badge!

GM Arcanum

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formerly @JimmyVine (on Infinity & Victory)

currently @Cenozoic (on Reunion)


Cenozoic (Mind/Psionic Dominator) ... Los Infiernos (Fire/Devices Blaster) ... Slof (Stone/Spines Tanker) ... Zen's Furnace (Illusion/Dark Controller) ... Cryovolcano (Earth/Cold Controller)


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On 3/20/2021 at 12:08 PM, Icecomet said:

Commemerative or Commemoration


Reason for this name is because its an anniversary, but also we had some sad passings of important members of our community in the last year.



This is very good way to memorialize the passings we had in the community!  👍

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OBDURATE - it's short, sweet, and cryptic. it will send folks heading for their dictionary

LEOTARDED personal supergroup

TinkerBell, super reflexes / martial arts tanker & badge hunter; Sarabraxus, energy / energy blaster; Sarathustra, fire / therm corruptor

Scotch Bonnie / Pulva Rising / Vapo Rising, fire/ss brutes & fire farmers; Green Granny / Grand Aid, empathy/psi defenders; plus a few others.

@Xarah formerly on Champion, Triumph, Victory, now @chuckv3 / @chuckv4 on Reunion

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Because the other four Shards already ARE named in the Anniversary Badge list.

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Darmian does make an excellent point.

My suggestions are tiered for convenience and to better convey what my personal favorite would be. None have been suggested so far from what I can tell, and none should be the names of existing badges.


Tier 1:




Tier 2:








Tier 3:










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