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Vidiotmaps for Homecoming

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13 hours ago, Exaltist Ethan said:

I should let you guys know that since the latest publish, with the changes they did with Atlas Park and AE, Vidiotmaps is now broken for Atlas Park. I went to other zones and saw the general map to make sure that the installation was working, and it was, and every other place I went to had current information. I did download the i24+ patch to the data folder. 

You shouldn't need an "i24 patch" you'll need to either install the .pigg file linked in the install instructions in the OP, or use the mod installer (also linked in the OP) to install the new version of the mod with the event maps included.  Make sure you remove all of the map files from your data directory (also outlined in the OP) when you use either of the install methods.


New versions of Vidiot Maps don't use loose files that go in the data directory anymore, but those will still override the maps installed via either of the above methods.

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