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  1. You could always go Staff/Regen scrapper and add the powers from the Medicine pool.
  2. @Magnarsh Is there a request for help in here somewhere or were you meaning to post over in this other thread?
  3. A request for help designing a Friar concept ("The Air Friar") came up in the CRT. There is no Friar's habit in the CC so, using the much shorter kilt, this was my attempt. Bonus concept free for the taking: Several monasteries brewed their own beer so maybe a gold colored water blast set with lots of stun/mez powers could make like he was slinging beer and getting the mobs drunk. Some possible names could be The Drunken Friar? Friar Brewsky? Crusin for a Brews'n? His SG could be The Brew Crew.
  4. There is some dithering in that regard but a Cassock is usually black, has buttons in front, is fitted and has no hood whereas Habits can be brown or black, have no buttons, can be more voluminous and often add a cowl/hood as well. Nuns also wear a habit but add a wimple (their hat). As Vulpoid above suggested the robes are geared more towards Asiatic style monks so the closest I could find, though it's a bit on the short side, was a combination of the "Baggy" top a corded waist and a Kilt. You can also use Baggy pants and a cape to suggest the long rob
  5. @optimisticWelcome to the best part of the forums. It's called a Friar's Habit and there is no direct analogue but I'll see what I can do.
  6. Perhaps a similar word like "Part One" since it is not actually the chapters title? It's off to a good start, my only con/crit so far is I don't think Plants/Animals are polar opposites the way that Day/Night, Summer/Winter and Life/Death are. Glad to hear it because I am more invested in "Feels like Homecoming" at this point (I don't know the actual name of this comic or if it even has a title but based on the page 3 Atlas image and game's current iteration that is what I have taken to calling it) & I don't think said Korean company ha
  7. Oh nice, is she running a package deal of some kind and did you pick which expressions you wanted or do you just send her face refs and she runs the gamut herself?
  8. Oh, then you should consider making an art thread if you have any game related/tangential art that you're willing to share.
  9. Something I posted over in the Costume Request Thread for Sovereigne. She seems to be getting a good response from people so I thought I would share. I wrote the "why" of her design in the thread post over there if anyone is curious about it.
  10. Cool look @Argus_The_Risen and welcome to the best part of the forums!
  11. Thanks Sovereigne and you're quite welcome, glad it helped. Bonus points to @Mjolnerd for a cool take on the costume and for slipping an Eagles reference into his costume file. I see what you did there.
  12. Yep. Sorry I keep thinking once someone sees the image they can just copy it from knowledge of the CC. I went back and added the costume file. Are we talking art history here or do you draw/paint/sculpt or something as well? Lol it sounds like there may be a compliment buried in there somewhere, thanks?
  13. Thank you American Valor, I'm happy to hear my little contest got you back into the game. The costume creator is such a great creative tool, in many ways it's like its own little mini-game. While I didn't have a whole lot of drawing time today I did begin sketching out ideas for Charming. On that note, do you like the tall "tin cup" style crown he has or would you prefer a more traditional one? You're welcome DJFM, glad you love it and the avatar looks good. I've not ever tried Waterblast/Martial Combat do they play well together?
  14. We have threads for both of those things, when people want help with a look they post here and for Bios help it's over here. You should take a spin through those and see if there are open requests you can help out with. Also the minor pedant in me would like to "point out" that is Data's pointer/index finger & not his pinky. See what I did there?
  15. Pig Pen: That's right Villains! Smell my JUSTICE!
  16. Okay so keep the headpiece but something that "pops" more. You know other than using straight color to make something pop you can let contrast & the shapes/contours do the heavy lifting for you. For me at distance read my eyes are drawn to the gold of the belt and gloves. I took the gold from there & moved it up to her head to draw the focal point up. I then changed the belt to a purple sash with silver ring to blend back in and changed the gloves to a more bulky design to add flair to her silhouette. I changed her hairstyle to
  17. You're welcome Seen2BeGreen glad you had fun. Sure thing! You know once I had chosen the final four I was secretly rooting for you to hit the random draw just so I could say "Face it Tyger, you just hit the Jackpot... of art, that is." Gag for another day perhaps. I'm glad you enjoyed the process and created some keepers along the way. I'll let you in on another little secret, only 4 of the 24 colors were truly random. Are we allowed to post there? I thought that section was jus
  18. I'm sticking with the habit of picking one finalist for every three entries (rounding when needed) and so with 11 entries striving to go the distance I chose 4 characters I thought best followed the theme & made good use of the four selected colors & then I picked one at random from a hat. Well the judging took forever but four stood tall after And this week they were... @Yellowjacket @biostem @American Valor @TygerDarkstorm
  19. I'm amazed that named wasn't taken already, that clip has been around longer than Youtube. Fun Fact the Techno Viking actually sued and won (of course) a case against the guy who shot the video that made him a famous meme.
  20. ==================================================================================================================================== That's the deadline and that will do it for the Color Costume Challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated. I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. ====================================================================================================================================
  21. Glad you did @SN0WJ0B and welcome to the best part of the forums. Is there somewhere that you normally go look for costume stuff outside of the Art/Multimedia section that I should've posted to? I had it in my sig for the last six weeks but just found out that some people on their phones never even see signatures.
  22. Just a quick heads up, the costume color challenge I've been running for the last 6 weeks ends in less than 24 hours if any of you crack costume makers in here want a shot. Everything you need can be found here. Last chance to win a prize. Cheers!
  23. Just 24 hours to go for any last minute entries. The Costume Color Challenge will come to an end tomorrow so this is your last chance to join in on the fun. Good luck! DJFM's prize drawing for Week 5 is done and colored. <--- click me.
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