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  1. Is the exploration badge for the Founders Falls Bank safeguard (the one you get from PI radios) bugged? Admittedly I am using Vidiotmaps which confuses the issue, but twice now the Vidiotmaps market for the badge has been outside the walls of the zone. Also, can't find the badge inside the walled map area -- Paragonwiki says to look for a radio mast on a building near the center of the map, but I couldn't identify any such building. I looked but did not discover an existing post on this topic, although it seems unlikely I'm the first to notice it.
  2. Thanks for your patience...stupidly I now see the question was recently discussed but I missed it. To justify the thread, I am struggling with slotting for a level 41 Shield/Axe Tanker, which is kind of silly because when he's 50 I can slot Tanker and Winter sets that will easily solve a lot of problems. But I'm in no hurry to hit 50 and I like to exemplar down a lot and want him to be viable at lower levels as much as possible. Fitting in everything I want is difficult (as it should be, if game design is good). To date I have skipped Phalanx Fighting as you can guess...also Build Up, which
  3. I read on Paragonwiki that it gives a little defense with no allies nearby, and more with each ally up to three. But the in-game description is vague, and I don't recall from characters of old.
  4. By removing Bruising and replacing it with a damage buff that is always equivalent and usually better, they boosted the individual attack powers. But they also, by no longer requiring you to spam your weakest attack to get a debuff for the others, significantly improved the overall attack chain. Also, what was that someone else said about Tanker AoE range and arc being useful only for farming? Man, I've (always) replied on my attacks hitting enemies to draw the all-important aggro on teams, and increased range and arc is HUGE for absolutely, positively hitting every m-Fer in the
  5. Yeah, anything with a "superior" version behaves that way, but sets without an upgradeable "superior" version will give the bonus as long as you currently meet the minimum level requirement with all the pieces required for that bonus. I.e., if it's an attuned level range 20-50 set, you could use it at 17 (say, exemplaring), but if one non-attuned piece is 25, you'd have to be 22 (within 3 levels less that the IO) to get that sixth-piece bonus.
  6. Eh, I moved nine pieces for a million each during the spike. It's over now.
  7. Just today before the maintenance shutdown I've seen 3 different orange salvage items going for 1 million each, instead of the usual 500,000 or just under. Fluke, or is something trending?
  8. Sure...and yet it's still the dominant power for spawn clearing, despite all the other powers. That should indicate something.
  9. In terms of interface, they could add "custom slides" to the P2W vendor alongside custom sprints.
  10. Good idea, although I don't see how the "higher rewards for soloing" change would help the "sad that they were unable to find a team" problem. Might need further refinement. 😉
  11. To offer a specific long-term suggestion, perhaps disable the higher Incarnate powers in non-Incarnate content. Short term, form teams expressly excluding those powers in your invites-- you may find plenty of players who want to play their ATs and not be carried or merely a Judgment button.
  12. Seems to me the OG devs were fine with nerfing Controller powers by halving the effect and doubling the recharge because they were making things too easy. And Controller powers, being primary, are waaaay more important than Incarnate fluff. In addition to the power creep, there's also the "homogenization," as was pointed out by others early on. All characters are just another recharging nuke, AT doesn't matter.
  13. So after almost a year I have accumulated the resources (I'm a bad marketeer and a so-so farmer...I often street hunt, for God's sake) to build my flagship Storm/Dark Defender. I'd like opinions and suggestions. A couple of things to note: I don't really want to build defenses. If I get some, that's ok, but the character is highly survivable using Hurricane when solo and when teamed I'm careful and might have a tank. I have made a few soft-capped characters and plan many more; but they don't ALL have to be soft-capped. I do Main goal of the build is +recharge
  14. Defender. Hear me out. You want squishy -- don't compromise, go full squishy! The cheat, and make a Storm Defender. Secondary is optional -- Dark Blast, Sonic Blast, Fire Blast, Water Blast, Energy Blast all have their advocates. Personally I'd lean toward Dark or Water if you're soloing, but they all have good points. You're soloing, so you'll get the Defender's +30% damage boost while solo. That offsets a significant amount of the lower Defender damage. Then drop freezing rain on everything! The biggest soloing tool you'll get, however, is
  15. Update: still getting this regularly. However, it seems to be associated with tabbing out to the desktop. If I tab out a lot, like to consult Mids, it goes into Windowed mode until I reset it manually.
  16. Inspired by this thread, I looked through my old texts and found the one I sent to an old friend on April 22, 2019, the night I logged into...Torchbearer? Or was it still Bree at that date? "I am by God booting up!" The feeling was awesome. I am glad others have a chance to experience it as well.
  17. Ok, here's another one I don't understand. A Brute IO was selling for 20-22 million in last 5. I placed a bid foir 19 million and let it sit. Today the last 5 (all new) shows 3 sales for 2,000....one for 50,000, and one for 22million. My bid did not pick up the IO for 19 million. How does anyone buy for 2,000 when there's an outstanding bid for 19 million...much less 3 times (and another at 50k to boot?)
  18. I have some perspective on this, as I spent quite a few years as an administrator for a gaming community with its own forums and passworded online games with scores of players active every night. The number of evenings I spent quietly working on forum postings, community policies, and chasing troublemakers out of the passworded games while everyone else got to play wore heavily on my determination to do my best in the role, but I stuck to my principles. There were always a few individuals espousing conspiracy theories about the admins and griping about policy and whatnot, but by a
  19. Technically, this means Tyrant himself has no innate resistance to resistance debuffs, but his resistance resists the Resistance's resistable resistance debuffs. (I couldn't resist!)
  20. Seeing a lot of Staff users mentioned here. I made a Staff/Radiation Scrapper. I chose Scrapper because I wanted to see Staff at its optimal damage level, yeah, I know the resistance secondary would be better on a Brute. She recolored /Rad into water (the little bubbles help), picked the trident Staff weapon, and goes by the name "The Atlantean Princess," so I guess there's a princess theme going in this thread as well. 🙂 Staff's good cones and PBAoE are really solid for fighting groups. I defeat 5-10 Council goons in just about the same time as I would one. So far (29, using
  21. My Archery/TacArrow Blaster slotted up Stunning Shot. Also two single-target Holds and an AoE Hold. He's currently 46. Maybe I am doing it wrong?
  22. I realize I won't persuade anyone against their own experience, but I was going to promote Rain of Arrows on an Archery/TA Blaster...until I saw someone say they didn't even take it. *boggle* If you're remembering from live, note that Homecoming cut the animation time for RoA (I believe from 4 seconds to 2). But if you use it as an opener, foes move much less...especially if you queue up Glue Arrow, ESD Arrow, or Explosive Arrow (with kb -> kd slotted). Enemies are alerted, start shooting, and are knocked down and wounded just before the big nuke lands. Coupled with Aim an
  23. The Iron Eagles had several 50s, including some Blasters, believe it or not.
  24. One side effect of hardcore was a certain reluctance to buy expensive sets, since they could be "lost" if you died.
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