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  1. Do Defenders have melee attacks in their secondaries? I can't think of any.
  2. Just a word to the wise...here on Homecoming, they've disabled the thing where turning off xp on a 50 doubled the influence. As I understand it, xp on pr off makes no difference, so might as well turn it back on and grind Incarnate goodies.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Looking at the character creator, I see that while Blaster tripmines do not have the interrupt, they have a longer recharge: Blaster: Activation: 2.77 seconds No interrupt Recharge: 30 s Defender, Corrupter, Controller: Activation: 5 seconds Interrupt: 4 s Recharge: 20 s If I'm piling up tripmines, wouldn't the 20 second recharge help more?
  4. I have to say your title made me wonder if you were using ultra-realistic graphics settings in sewer missions....eww!
  5. I have Dark/Dark Blaster whose costume and bio I like, but actually playing him feels underwhelming and I am considering remaking him as a Dark/Dark Corrupter.
  6. Unai Kemen is a national (dimensional?) treasure.
  7. When I played mostly support I felt the exact opposite of what you say. Pre-cap nobody wanted support and actively insulted support players.
  8. IMHO the aggro cap is crucial to the game making any damned sense at all. Before it was instituted in the first place the game was almost entirely one Tanker and a few Blasters and damn everyone else. Mass herding also felt stupid and artificial. The cap may not make "sense" logically but it's made the game wonderful instead of a sad frustration.
  9. Yes, it used to be much more reliable, almost impenetrable. It was nerfed back when they found out how well it worked in PVP and peopl comained. They were against having it work differently in PVP for some reason, so PVE took the nerd too. Now they have PVP IO sets, so that argument is a little silly.
  10. We4ll, there was a whole Iron Eagles supergroup dedicated to this style of play back in the day. They are at least somewhat active here on Homecoming. I played with them for years.
  11. If you're going to solo, might as well pick the set that groups complain about -- Storm. Storm is really great and even better solo. I have a Storm/Dark at 50 and I literally didn't look at defense numbers when slotting him for endgame. Turns out he runs about 17% Ranged defense, but it doesn't matter, since slotted Hurricane floors everything's to-hit. On top of having floored to-hit, enemies are slowe3d (so they attack less often) and ragdolled (so they attack even less often), so it's actually safer than merely being soft-capped.
  12. Back in the day I really got some jollies out of piling up Trip Mines and luring foes to an explodey surprise party. I have no illusions that Trip Mines are good for fast clears, just want to have fun. But what AT to get the most out of Trip Mines?
  13. I think what's happening mechanically is that the -knb turns it into knockdown, but when enemies are knocked down they briefly ragdoll. If Hurricane's repel pulses while they are ragdolling, it flings them. Pretty annoying.
  14. Can you tell me how to do it? Can't figure out if it works or not when I don't know what to do.
  15. People who intentionally breed their companion animals because they want puppies or kittens are always defensive and whiny when I add "spay and neuter" comments in their "look how cute the babies are" social media posts. They always fall back on "we already arranged homes for all of them," which, even if it's true, shows they are unaware that available homes are a limited resource. Buying an animal condemns one already in the shelter system to death, mathematically, and home birthing doesn't change that math.
  16. Specialist mobs that defeat common methods of mitigation are one of the few remaining areas where control powers are really helpful. Who cares what insane value the +ToHit is for a held or stunned Rularuu? Controllers and Dominators are the best for this, although other ATs can dabble.
  17. Long long ago om my university's server, there was an indy game pr4ogrammed by students that was a "roguelike" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike). I forget the game's name now, but it had a bug -- every once in a while, a character would get a bug where at each log-in, their armor class would increase by 1. Once a character got it, it could never be fixed, so after a certain number of log-ins the value would roll over and the character would be permanently unplayable. We called this bug "the Armor Creep" bug, because the armor crept up 1 each time. Years later
  18. I played a bit of Marvel Heroes online before it shut down. Of course they're invested in their trademarked characters, so they use the names we're familiar with. Up to 8 players could be on a team, sop sometimes the team introductions went like this: "Hello, Hulk. I'm Hulk." "Hulk." "Hulk." "Hulk." *nods* "Hulk." "Hulk." "Yo, Hulk." "Me Hulk. You Hulk?" "Yep, Hulk, Hulk."
  19. I play another game (don't tell anyone) called War Thunder, a vehicular combat simulator (PVP). There are many players, from many countries, and a LOT of them have either troll names or random letters/numbers. Sometimes the results are funny. I was dogfighting in WWII planes against a guy named RocketAss and managed to set him on fire. As his fighter arced downward trailing a pillar of fire, I said, "there goes RocketAss."
  20. See here: Already fixed and will eventually be released.
  21. *Prostrates self* Oh mighty devs,. blessed be thy name! err...game! That was so fast it already happened. Thanks for all you do.
  22. Hopefully we can get acknowledgement of this issue and at least get on the radar.
  23. I am also seeing this bug...very sad. Please fix! My brand-new Energy Melee/Energy Aura Scrapper is unnaturally slowed! edit: it also shows the debuff rings around the character's forearms, like when you're slowed.
  24. Maybe they're squeezing through the catgirl flap.
  25. Simplest change to support Hardcore would be a badge you get the first time you are defeated. Slightly more complex is a badge everyone gets that you LOSE the first time you are defeated (can you *lose* badges?). That would let Hardcore characters fly a flag proving they're undefeated. Self-rez powers...hadn't given them much thought. Certainly if you die a second time before it recharges you should lose hardcore status....I'll leave it to others to decide about the first use.
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