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  1. We used to do that in the old Iron Eagles hardcore SG. At the player's option, the character could be kicked out of the SG and played as a regular non-hardcore character after "death" although not with the hardcore teams any more. Of course it was an honor system -- if you got whacked solo, I guess you could have pretended it didn't happen and no one would be the wiser. But we were a tough-minded bunch.
  2. That sounds like a great name for the set, positive (heh) and better describing the buffing aspects of the set.
  3. Bottom tier for AoE or bottom tier period? I've seen a lot of talk about Dark/Shield being great.
  4. Yeah, Dark Melee is already regarded as a strong set. Buffing its AoE by a lot (Shadow Maul) and then a hell of a lot (Dark Consumption) would seem to be leaving other puny sets in the dust. How will Martial Arts rank against this behemoth?
  5. Oh. Didn't realize that -- I'd have called a zone-only channel "Zone," myself.
  6. Broadcast channel wasn't sufficient to keep spam out of Help and LFG? What do people use Broadcast for?
  7. Snow Storm is a serviceable debuff, and it's auto-hit, useful against things that resist holds or stuns, brings down flyers. But it's not vital. Freezing Rain, on the other hand, is routinely mentioned in rankings of the best debuffs in the game. It's an absolute keeper for any Storm.
  8. A Sudden Acceleration kb->kd proc in Hurricane will remove the knockback, but not the repel, and when things are knocked down repel will toss them a little bit. Still, it removes much of the unpredictable scatter from 'Cane. If you invest in to-hit debuff, Hurricane becomes a fairly effective debuff for team use and and an absolutely dominant tool for soloing. It might take a bit to defeat foes since you're a Defender, but my Storm Defender is effectively fearless against anything but AVs (and their EB forms, which seem to retain the debuff resistance of full AVs). It's a pa
  9. Late to the party, but what about a toggle like Quills?
  10. Not much of a market guy. I typically want Attuned stuff normally as I like exemping down. In the pre-attunement days, I would use lower-than-50 IOs and not be quite as uber just so the set bonuses would exemp down a bit. I understand on Homecoming that you can buy Attuned items that were put up for sale as NOT attuned. I see recommendations to more-or-less "sell an unattuned IO back to yourself" to get it attuned. I had an IO, not Attuned, that's showing "last 5" sales at 1,000,000 as Attuned. I bid 1.5 million...nothing for a few minutes. Re
  11. How did I miss this? I tried to organize several all-Storm ITFs back before shutdown. Never got 8 Stormies though. Will this be happening again?
  12. Yeah. I used to want base storage for recipes too, but I've come around to this way of thinking. The original Devs weren't perfect, but it wasn't an oversight that we have limited recipe retention -- it seems clear they intended there to be a lot of turnover in our recipes. I'm not much of a market guru, but it seems like there's already a lot of recipe slots on your characters and their market interfaces -- my 50s have around 80 slots themselves plus the market storage slots have got to be 30 or beyond (I forget exactly). So that's 100-120+ per character, and most of us have se
  13. This was, however, just fixed in the February 18 patch. I'd link but my phone isn't cooperating right now.
  14. IMHO Broadsword's Parry stacks nicely with Shield's positional defenses. But it's a tougher question now that the Tanker buffs make AoEs more attractive. War Mace does very nice AoE now, and (as much as I love Battle Axe) is probably the strongest choice of the three mechanically.
  15. Never mind whether people do or do not use COH's knockback well...this thread is evidence that more than one person does not read Homecoming's code of conduct.
  16. Just last night realized you can bootstrap yourself into Ouroboros to get the "Trusted with the Secret" badge (and thus access to the Ouro teleport power) using your base pylon. Take the base pylon to Echo of Galaxy City Travel power to the train station in EoGC Pick "Ouroboros 15-50" off the train destination list. Get the badge atop the arch and now you can port to Ouro at will (although there's a cooldown).
  17. Beast run on animal-themed characters. Looks great on American Pit Bull.
  18. Welcome! Your avatar looks good. Sealdy summed it up nicely. There have been a few other significant changes to how characters play that you might want to scan the details on: Snipes Dominator Assault Sets Tanker buffs (including minor Brute changes) ...as well as some new IO sets. Net takeaway from the above: snipes are much more useful and harder-hitting, Dominators and Tankers are improved, Brutes are slightly less potent in the extreme corner cases (mostly soloing) but their performance on teams is improved measurably. Edite
  19. Ah...I've been looking for increased damage % in the monitoring window for HAVING stacks...and not seeing any. But it's CONSUMING stacks that does the +damage? That would explain a lot.
  20. Back in the day (pre-Homecoming, waaay before the Tanker buffs) I had a Fire/Fire/Pyre Tanker with IO sets. She was able to chain Fire Sword Circle, Combustion, Fireball, Burn continuously, with only a fraction of a second hesitation in the chain. Fire Breath didn't fit the concept, but no doubt is decent now. I have rebuilt her on Homecoming although she's not fully IOed yet at 43, nor does she have Fireball yet. But the 16-target caps, greater damage base, and improved radii are huge improvements! Both versions used 5- or 6-slotted Fire Sword, Incinerate and Greate
  21. Doesn't expending 5 stacks of Blood Frenzy merely increase the radius of Rending Flurry, not damage? Or am I misunderstanding DPA?
  22. Quadruped body models. Well, you SAID in no way easily possible at all. I would flippin' LOVE to be a dog or a unicorn or a badger or a rhino or whatnot.
  23. Back in the day, a common topic was the desire to level up as one AT/Powerset and then turn into another. Usually this was dismissed as some sort of powerleveling. It seems to me that on a server with 1000 characters per shard and the ease of power-leveling these days, it wouldn't be much more trouble than setting up an alt build.
  24. Well, here's a fairly thorough discussion on the topic: It's worth noting two minor points in Axe's favor: there's a lot of knockdown powers, so you'll see a lot of it just by playing the set; and War Mace (is there a peaceful mace?) has stuns, which can mean you're chasing staggering foes as they lurch away. I still love Axe, however.
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