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  1. I slotted the Power Transfer chance to heal self into a Scrapper's Energy Drain and so far I haven't seen any effect from it. Am I doing it wrong or is my sample size too small? Should I move the slot to Stamina instead?
  2. Thanks! But what do the different values mean?
  3. So Energize gives you a discount on endurance while it is active. Is this a true discount on the base cost? I.e., not just adding percentage to your End Reduction slotting and potentially being limited by ED diminishing returns? Or am I making no sense? Currently level 23 Eng/Eng Blaster. Energize is slotted with 2 Healing/Recharge set pieces for 39.6% more healing and recharge. Is Energize slottable for End Mod to get a better endurance discount? Speaking of which, what is the discount anyway? Why do I see different numbers for it everywhere I look in
  4. Would it be feasible to have some sort of progress bar indicating how far into a task force the team is? On long TFs I find myself reading the wiki and counting missions, but that's tedious.
  5. Standard hulking Brute, possibly Titan Weapons...but the costume uses the headless option. My badge suggestion: Monitor Duty.
  6. Your free base which does not require prestige.
  7. Bentley my friend, I like your suggestion. But was it really necessary to quote the entire OP in a response on the first page, where the OP itself is still visible for reference? 🤔
  8. This seems like an aggressive response.
  9. One of the few clear distinctions made between Scrappers and Stalkers is that Stalkers get less AoE and are somewhat harder-hitting vs single targets. Giving them all the AoE in one Scrapper set seems to alter this design decision. Now if the solution were to give MA for Scrappers MORE AoE, I have no problem sharing some of it with Stalkers. 🙂
  10. So is "/buildsave" working currently? It said "BuildSaved" when I ran it, but there's no build in the directory Mid's points to (I put that under Documents) *or* the place COH is loaded (C:\apps\homecoming). I just found out about it today and I would love to get it working. Whoops, I think I found it... there's a <username> directory OUTSIDE the hiomecoming folder for some reason, and that has a "builds" folder. But the Build.txt file doesn't load into Mid's with "open," am I doing something wrong?
  11. So when looking at my salvage types, just to the right of Invention salvage is a tab for Legacy salvage. It's empty. As far as I know, everyone's Legacy salvage tab is empty, because legacy salvage was disabled during live, and the tab existed only for leftovers people had not used up yet. No one on ANY modern server has Legacy salvage, unless there's something I'm missing. And yet there sits the tab, forcing me to expand the window or work my way over to the Special salvage tab to the right of it, which actually IS useful. I do not know how difficult re-coding the U
  12. It's in MY HAIR, isn't it?!? It's in my haaaaaairrrrr!!!!
  13. Running the merits might be less effort than persuading our team to change the code to give out free purples.
  14. I guess I'm just not cut out to be a villain, because the question doesn't move me. Why would we (collectively) want to increase villain population? A significant portion of the hero side pop is hero side because they don't want to be villains. I can understand why a given player might want more company v-side. But as an organization, Homecoming seems to be all about indulging individual preferences. Why would Homecoming try to change what people play? Furthermore I constantly see people concerned about the population overall, heroside included. Unless we're bringing in ne
  15. Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!
  16. Stone/Electric Tanker? Tanker because the city is vast and cannot be destroyed. This would enable you to do Lightning Rod while in Granite form, which should be amusing...every couple of minutes.
  17. One place you will encounter it is Devouring Earth Quartz emanates. So if you're relying on defense, whack those things as priority one.
  18. I'm going to take sort of the opposite tack here. If you're unable to reach your financial goals under the current patch, I don't feel that revoking said patch will do enough to supply everything you need/want. It would only less-than-double (since you're not always running at 50) your cashflow. And much like zero-times-two is zero, "grossly inadequate" times less-than-two is still inadequate. Really, if you're not making enough now, revoking won't help all that much.
  19. Giving some thought to -dmg effects. I'd like to try a character who exploits the effect. Ideally, the character would also have very high resistance, to compound the effect, trivializing incoming damage as much as possible. My first thought was a Shield/Kinetic Melee Tanker with Soul Mastery for Darkest night. I kno you can get S/L resists quite high on a Shield Tanker with a lot of IO sets; I currently have one who is not 50 and has 74% S/L resistance. But I am not familiar with every set and surely someone out there has an idea as good or better.
  20. This is one of the new sets I believe. So I found a few and wanted to sell them...looking at the Last 5 prices was confusing. For days and days, there were sales for 1 and 1.1 million interspersed with sales for 10 and 11 million. It looked like "extra zero" typos, but it kept happening. I decided to hold on and not sell. Finally it settled down to 1-1.1 million this weekend. Figuring I'd missed out on the freak overpayments, I listed one for around 1 million...and this morning it cleared for 10 million. The Last 5: 11.1 mil, 1.5 mil, 11.5 mil, 0.5 mil, 11.5 mil, all today. Is there s
  21. Last costume contest I attended, all 3 finishers had the most glowing costumes parts. It was as if a firefly was judging.
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