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  1. I am a fan of the brevity and precision the confined space enforces. I think of it as the haiku form of character backstory.
  2. I have toyed with the idea myself, but lacked the time commitment. I am, however, inspired. Consider me onboard.
  3. Well, what most of us in the Iron Eagles wound up doing was simply moving dead hardcore characters intro softcore, where they were played like normal characters that no longer interacted with their hardcore former teammates. Think of it as an afterlife.
  4. I just noticed this. Do you still accept influence? If so, how do I throw money at you?
  5. This is a fun idea but it would need some balancing. Like it or not, the original powersets were balanced partly by having some dud powers. While IMHO a better idea might be to make each power of equivalent rank equally good, that tends to homogenize the powers and remove the distinction between powersets. If there were not a careful balancing factor of some sort, it would be possible to only take the "best" powers from each set, skip all the duds, and become way too strong. I'm not sure what a proper balancing factor would look like, but I do like your idea of bein
  6. Very sorry to see this. looks like he was a useful contributor to more than just our community. The article seems devastating but there remains a thread of hope. Best to him and his loved ones.
  7. Yeah . Just for clarity of communication, I wouldn't round in conversation either. 44.96% defense is not soft-capped. It's close enough you might never notice the difference, and it's very good defense, but I wouldn't confuse that with actually being soft-capped.
  8. Here's one of the Citadel teams taking a victory screenshot: A glorious time battering Council goons was had by all. Sadly, I forgot to note the character names. Best guesses (going left to right) we have: Caillou-sometthing? I forget Darke Knight (kneeling) Minoan Rusty Tank Suzie Sparkles (sparkling) Brass Bishop Apologies to the two I've blanked on, please correct me.
  9. So I have 3 slots in FR. At 50, that's 2 Recharge IOs at +5 and the third slot is currently an Achilles Heel Heel -resist. I think that only rolls to proc when I cast -- correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think ANY procs trigger from the rain damage ticks, just once on casting. Assuming that is true, would something else serve me better in that third slot? A Force Feedback +recharge perhaps? Any tips or suggestions?
  10. Ah. that explains, thanks. Maybe this thread is about a TEXT bug, then. Just to be clear, the tier 4 (Agility Core Paragon) would, in fact, boost End Mod, Recharge, and Defense? That would be groovy.
  11. But the one character IS seeing enhancement from Spiritual and this oine is NOT from Agility, roughly equivalent slotting. There's NO increase in value, even .00001%, for Agility.
  12. Bill doesn't need my help defending himself, but from the perspective of a forum reader, I would like to see us address each other more cordially.
  13. Stormy Knight is the closest thing I have to a "main" over on Excelsior! Whoever takes it, please enjoy. 🙂
  14. TL, DR: Tier 2 Alpha power shows increased value on character for one buff but not the other. I don't have many Incarnates yet. I have Tanker with the tier 2 Alpha power "Agility Radial Boost," which gives 33% Recharge Rate and 20% Defense Buff. 1/3 of that ignores ED diminishing returns. In the Enhancements window, I can see the percentage increase in defense buff -- one power gains from 57.something to 66.2% of it's base defense. The combat attributes window shows a corresponding increase in defense values, and it feels like it's wokring.
  15. I really like Shield/Axe on a Tanker.
  16. Yeah, thanks. I am currently enjoying a classic Energy/Energy Blaster, working on Ranged defense and whatever else I can cram in. I really enjoy Bone Smasher so far, and plan to slot up a few Blaps for fun. Not sure I'll have the durability to melee regularly, but I do like slamming anyone who runs up in my face.
  17. Not PvP player myself, but I would imagine the higher target cap, so wonderful in PvE, isn't often a factor in PvP. Unless, like, sixteen guys jump you and somehow fail to burst you down.
  18. I don't. See you sig, that is. Am I missing a setting?
  19. Hah! Got in for only the third time. Thanks for making it all possible.
  20. This is heresy, but... I've always felt that one effective way to address this problem is to increase the damage differential between single-target and AoEs. Whether this would involve nerfing AoEs or buffing single-target attacks (and enemy hit points, thus effectively nerfing AoEs), I can't speculate. Maybe just dramatically increasing the END cost or cooldown of AoEs would be sufficient. In the genre, AoEs often are depicted as requiring ultimate effort from the protagonist and leaving them drained afterward, A very large part, if not the entire part, of the probl
  21. Thanks, that seems to align with what I've experienced.
  22. Hey, I noticed Excelsior has a Community calendar: Do we want to get added to that calendar? Are other shards also using community calendars?
  23. These places would NOT pass fire safety inspection. Imagine trying to evacuate swiftly and in an organized fashion.
  24. Looking to make a Dominator who uses something vaguely like a knife or dagger for main damage dealing. Thorny Assault. maybe?
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