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  1. So old story time: many years ago my high school set played En Garde, a not-very-sophisticated tabletop roleplaying game of Three-Musketeers-style fencing adventures in France. The game allowed for team play but also pvp competition. We were...not very cooperative players. The ones who won the initial duels rather unchivalrously killed their competitors and leveled up...soon, no new character had a serious hope of besting the established high-level players, who continued to play mainly to lord it over the rest of us with all the arrogance an American high schooler imagines a French aristoc
  2. Megajoule is correct. Before the caps, every team was one Tanker, one AoE Blaster, who really only used his nuke, and whatever dead weight characters they deigned to allow to witness their glory. Support, control, story, and adventure were all viewed as quaintly unnecessary. Nobody else got to play except the Tank and the nuker. Meanwhile of course the very idea that all of villaindom would crowd into a dumpster for easy disposal was ludicrous. Mass herding was nothing more than a game mechanic, not a heroic adventure. The aggro and target caps might not have been t
  3. Just as an aside, I enjoyed seeing "Slim Pickens" talk about the scarcity of power picks.
  4. Uh...Insta-snipe from +22% to-hit wasn't in the game originally, was it? Also, the to-hit bonuses you have accumulated increase the damage of your insta-snipe, thus still benefiting you.
  5. Storm/Dark was my favorite character to play, period, at the moment of shutdown...and is my current main. So it's been an obsession for about 8 years. That said, I am excited to see any Defender whose player appears to have enthusiasm for their character. I must confess the contrarian in me has a harder time appreciating the healing-focused sets, however. Generally I like debuffers a bit more than buffers just because I like to see the bad guys suffer (and because I've never seen another game where debuffers are so powerful).
  6. Given that much of the survivability of a Fiery Aura Tanker comes from timing Healing Flames (once you're slotted up, at least), would it be worthwhile to invest in the new Medicine Pool synergies to develop a secondary self-heal for times HF is on cooldown? Or is the opportunity cost too high?
  7. So I got this unsolicited PM (username redacted): " Am xxxxxxx by name, I want us to be friends, email me at ( [email protected] ) i have something important to discuss with you i don't always come online here please email me now " Long experience online has made me suspicious of phishing attempts. The apparent urgency to respond now puts me even more on my guard. Have other folks received similar or identical PMs? Is this a known thing? Or just a poorly-constructed but genuine attempt at friendship?
  8. Greatly enjoying Water/Martial. Water has plenty of ranged killing power and mitigation (knockdowns and slows), but I've found that there's often a few guys trying to get all up in my grille. Reaction Time literally gives me time to react before they reach me, and I can Ki Push them or kick the hell out of them (ideally both, as Synfoola says above). I find myself enjoying Storm Kick and Dragon's Tail so much that I run toward danger just so I can kick. You know, occasionally one sees threads wishing for a ranged attack primary/melee attack secondary Archetype, and it strikes me
  9. "Martial: Reaction Time: Toggle, Type TempHP. 30ft Radius Slow, -Recharge. +40% Recharge (Self) A strong one to be sure. Rather than -Dmg to enemies, this one gives you higher recharge speed yourself. That's right. Your Sustain is just over half a perma-haste all on its own." Are you sure about that? Currently running Martial Combat, Reaction Time, and seeing no bonus when the toggle is on.
  10. Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the WAR ROOM!
  11. Khitan General: My fear is that my sons will never understand me... Hao! Dai ye! We won again! [Cheers] This is good. But what is best in life? Khitan Warrior: The open steppe, a fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair. Khitan General: Wrong! CoHnan, what is best in life? CoHnan: To crush the purple cons, see them knocked down before you, and to hear the ding of the level-up!
  12. Just for the humor, I kinda wish they'd move the menu option from "Head/Headless" to "Head/None."
  13. Tabletop Champions player & GM from way back -- my real name is listed as a playtester in the 4th Edition big blue book. I had the good fortune to be friends with Rob Bell. None of that gives me any credibility regarding the computer game, which I never played, except to note that Dr. Destroyer and Grond waaaaay predate the computer game. They might have been Marvel homages at creation, but their presence more than a decade later in Champions Online doesn't imply any Marvel involvement.
  14. I recognize not everyone plays the way I prefer, in fact I'm almost certainly in the minority on this issue. But I never wanted Incarnate powers in the first place. The moment they were announced, the threats of power creep, co tent trivialization, and archetype homogenization reared their heads. Furthermore, there was something very satisfying about "finishing" a character, which is not really possible any more. But here we are.
  15. Well if I had to choose, level, AT, and alphanumeric would be my favorites and offer significant flexibility. While last played would be useful, level might serve as a proxy, since your level 1s probably have not seen a lot of action and your 50s won't lose their names.
  16. Well to be honest, if you only have one or two ways to sort, it's a lot less useful. The ability to group by different criteria is in itself useful.
  17. Sounds like a competitor to Brutes for farming.
  18. We can fix that! It's easy to make friends in this game. I usually have to go to some trouble to avoid it...lots of people send server or global friends requests, sometimes unprovoked. Just tell us what server you're on and either a character name or global and I'll bet you'll get some offers just from folks reading this.
  19. So we have 1000 slots, and it's searchable. That's great. I feel like some sort options could still be useful. Imagine if you could re-sort your characters by: * Alphabetical * Level * Creation Date * Time Played (hours) * Archetype * Hero or Villain (currently) * Influence/Infamy (currently held) * Most Recently Played The sort direction could go either way, so you could put Most Recently Played characters at the top of the list ("Who have I been focusing on?") or the leaset recently played ("Who needs to come out and play?") or quickly find out "Where all my Blast
  20. So you want to be able to convert knockback to knockdown globally for one slot because as currently implemented, slotting individual powers leaves you "stretched thin" and, presumably, slightly less effective than other characters because of multiple slots occupied by the proc IO. But then you're fine with other players who don't want the global effect being "stretched thin" and, presumably, slightly less effective than other characters because of multiple slots occupied by the proc IO. I think the idea needs more work so it isn't solving only some players' desires.
  21. Just last night I was playing a much newer, more "modern" game with old friends. One of is was the wrong level for the content and...nothing could be done about it. Five of us wanted to play together, but team size is capped at 4. None of us was playing the build we wanted to play because you can't even get the equipment for it until you hit the level cap. We walked everywhere. We did the same content over and over, basically just farming xp and drops. Everyone was one of the same 7 classes. We were dressed like random murderhobos, because our appearance was tied to
  22. I've been on travel for two weeks and only got back a few days ago. I was so excited about all the possibilities open to me that I could hardly wait to log in. Once I did log in, the pure excitement was replaced by a sort of steady, low-level euphoria, Everything just felt interesting and somehow right.
  23. It could be argued that a level 50 character constitutes some degree of "using" the name.
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