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  1. Badges seems a bad place too though, as I don't give a rodent's posterior about badges but do care about accolade powers. But I doubt it matters too much since the new posts button is so much more convenient than searching particular forums anyway.
  2. Yes, Silk, only downside other than cost of catalyst is that they then become unable to be level boosted. So if you plan on only playing high level content you might want to go that direction instead. Alternatively suppose you're an altoholic like me and you have a toon you're only going to use for penny yin tf, e.g. in that case you'd be better off getting level 27 ios and boosting them. They'd still behave as 27 for set bonus purposes but have the stats boosted. And no desarix, they should be in i24, but the market change that allows recipes and enhancements to change to the level they
  3. Apart from the cost of the catalysts yes, that's correct. And even without the luck you can bid on the set at its lowest level in the market and get it at that level even if someone put it up at a different level. So if you intend to attune you might as well always grab it at the lowest level for earliest slotting.
  4. They come in higher level versions but they only retain set bonus effectiveness three levels below the level of the enhancement. So the 27s in Redlynne's build would have their bonuses work exemplared to level 24. It's become much easier to get enhancements and recipes at the level you desire because all of them on the market go into the same pool now and a winning bid gets you the level you bid on. It's a huge qol improvement. Alternatively if money is no object and you plan to exemplar a lot you can buy enhancement catalysts and attune your enhancements to work at any level (well the full le
  5. Good to know. Still probably easier to pop to red to do high pain threshold now that it's just marcone lieutenant and minion instead of bosses, but a good option. Now if only there were one for arcmage for people who refuse to go to red side.
  6. Yeah some are so used to being wanted and slurped in holy trinity games that they take constructive criticism about as well as King joffrey. I suspect some take on the healer role in game after game just for the blind validation from strangers.
  7. I decided for lulz to make a 'healer' emp on the last day of live. Got it into the teens basically just being silly and topping off my friends' health every time they took any hit with my medicine pool heal. But anyway, last day of the game and I got the name Achilles Heal. that the name was still available tells you about everything you need to know about the 'healer' mentality.
  8. Well yeah they vary, nature of the beast. But the ones with no ato are evened out by the ones with two. Of course you might be better served getting them off the market anyway, especially if you need some of the cheaper ones.
  9. I generally prefer red side but with null now switching alignment on the fly I see no reason to stay on one side. I switch from vig to rougue and back depending on what I'm wanting to run. The only reason to stay pure hero or villain back in the day was for h/v merits but with alignment mishes all rewarding the same merits now that's gone too. It's made accolade powers significantly easier with grabbing demonic and high pain on red, Atlas on blue. No more nem tanks or illusion pets for me tyvm. Of course I suppose if you're one of those character concept types...
  10. The only thing I've played that reliably drained enough to be super useful was electric control. The aura drains significantly, especially in concert with the drains in your other controls, and pretty much cripples entire mobs from doing anything too worrisome.
  11. I had the same problem and it turned out peerblock was blocking the login request because the IP range was used by the British government until 2008. If you're running peerblock you'll need to allow two exceptions to login and get to characters.
  12. It's very nice getting those PvP ios from low content. TF runs have netted me several of the low procs that were cost prohibitive on live. The insane fantasy builds I made for fun during the hiatus are now not so insane, well assist from how many there are.
  13. Did i25 up the rates? Cuz purples feel just as streaky as always to me. PVP IOs seem to drop way more regularly for me than purple.
  14. Old positron (rule of 3) and sister psyche TFs (something something Clamor) in ouro are very good merit/minute solo once you have them down (they came back to me quick from running so much on live). Solo even drops the AV in Sis to EB. And since you're concerned with badges anyway there are lots of merits to be had from the exploration badges @5 merits/zone.
  15. Ran the first respec trial last night and taking the breaks out of the spawns has turned one of the most boring bits of CoH into one of the most fun. An absolute blast to run now. Double merits and notice were just icing.
  16. I hardly think ae is to blame for salvage costs. But you should have been able to sell your dropped salvage for similar prices to afford the human blood samples. Or, run one ae arc for tickets and some random salvage rolls should net you two quickly.
  17. Charged and havok the AOE refers to the taunt. Jacob's is a cone but a particularly lame one iirc.
  18. If you're upset by things being free and want to feel like you earned them, go look up the old prestige costs of things and keep track of your influence earning. Then only add things you'd have earned access to as you go. There's no reason to make the rest of us give up a great qol change.
  19. Sprint = where your stealth io goes :D
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