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  1. Probably shouldn't say anything about + rage
  2. lmao A couple of powers were slightly effected. You are overstating the case to a ridiculous degree. They've already fixed it internally. Have you never been through a patch release in a professionally managed game? They are rarely as smooth as this.
  3. Then why do only 1% of scrappers take it?
  4. It might have to be either keep it as is or throw out the cottage rule in this instance. Scrappers perhaps were originally designed to be off tanks, that's why they were given Confront. But it turns out the way the game turned out they are not off tanks they are pure dps. Perhaps in order to make it a useful power it actually has to be radically altered.
  5. Well, Stalker placate imo has an easy fix, make the version every Stalker gets an AoE that is still autohit. Call it Vanish. Get rid of the AoE one in Ninjitsu and give them a passive with res, kb protect, and a little +end. Still doesn't help Scrappers lol.
  6. Maybe since Brutes were nerfed (very slightly) in the latest update people will off-tank with Scrappers more and Confront will rise in popularity...but I doubt it.
  7. If you can think of a better way to do that I'm all ears...
  8. I know what you mean, but I think to observe the cottage rule and not make scrappers OP it has to remain a power that lets you help allies but that does not benefit either your offense or defense.
  9. How about this: If you target an enemy it works as it currently does and taunts ONE enemy. If you target an ally it taunts the THREE enemies who hate that ally the most.
  10. Y'know, even without the Placate effect...JUST making it an Ally Targeted taunt ability would make it better. See an ally losing health? Click on THEM and hit Confront. You taunt the mobs attacking them, not the mobs they are attacking.
  11. I figure, there are now ranged attacks in the pools, so pulling is available to everyone at level 4.
  12. Actually, I kind of like that. Stalkers get Placate. Brutes and Tankers get Taunt. Scrappers get a power that's sort of both.
  13. Here's an idea no one will like: Change the name of the power to, off the top of my head, Strategize (someone else can come up with a better name). If you target an enemy the power will function as Placate currently does. If you target an ally the power will taunt the top three mobs on that ally's threat list.
  14. I dunno. I don't see any way to change them to make them useful to Scrappers that doesn't make them overpowered. Probably should just leave them as is, an option that no one actually wants unfortunately.
  15. Widows have them, and you can get one from the power pools.
  16. They don't need to be must haves. Just be of Some actual use. Right now they are of no actual use.
  17. I'll clarify. They did not, as far as I know, state that they are going to change Confront. They did however make note of the fact Confront and its variants are literally the least taken powers in the whole game. Literally almost everyone skips them.
  18. It wasn't my idea. It was the devs. Confront is literally the least chosen primary power in the entire game. It doesn't have a use really, despite it being a single target taunt, because it is on an AT that doesn't care about taunting.
  19. That is a terrible design philosophy. False choices are always bad.
  20. eh...depends on your definition of bug...it's definitely not ideal
  21. Yes, but the problem is coming up with something you can replace it with, that works for every set, that doesn't break the cottage rule, and that is actually good, but not so good that having it makes the AT overpowered. So far I don't think any of the suggestions made fit the bill.
  22. Oh, yeah, that's a terrible idea. I don't agree that Dwarf is ok just being an off tank. Kheldians must be able to tank, actually tank, on teams. If its restricted to Dwarf, allowed in Human or even Nova or not. In AT LEAST Dwarf form Kheldians must be able to actually tank, with an aura. I would prefer giving them a human form punchvoke option in addition. I like the idea of Nova too, but I can see that's more iffy.
  23. @Call Me Awesome Naturally I agree with that philosophy but that's the problem. Scrappers have NO AT wide issue or hole that needs filling. Any improvement to Confront without some kind of corresponding penalty is going to a straight up buff. The fact that Confront is stupid and useless does not by itself justify buffing Scrappers. Would anyone be willing to have some aspect of Scrappers nerfed in order to have an actually useful power instead of Confront? My bet is no. Any change to confront that improves Survivability or Offense is a straight up buff that the AT overall does not
  24. Adding slots? It feels like you didn’t actually read my post.
  25. An alternative would be to bake the effects from the toggle directly into the dwarf form, increase the single target damage of the nova form, and make the inherent toggle apply only to the human form. I believe that any buff needs to include both making the dwarf a better tank and giving the human form the ability to tank at least a little bit.
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