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You're making it snow inside a box where you've trapped two aliens, a clown and a robot?


It's a re-enactment of The Wizard of Oz.


Man, I'm good at this game.

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Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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7 hours ago, Glacier Peak said:


That's my personal SG's logo.

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Hi, I'm Clave Dark 5!  You may remember me from such characters as King Pumpkin Spice, Stupid Like A Fox, Capt Sam's Space Zoo, The Pink Bamfer, Trash Ghost, Maid Of Metal... as well as a few really stupid AE arcs!

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32 minutes ago, Solarverse said:


Why is he putting DoTs in the letter U?

One dot is an “um”. Two is an “umlaut”. Everyone know that.


And iawtp.

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Being constantly offended doesn't mean you're right, it just means you're too narcissistic to tolerate opinions different than your own.


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.


Let's Go Crack a Planet.

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