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Power Sets made Just for Laughs

Marine X

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Flick- Plunges finger deep in Nose and pulls out a Winner and flicks it at a single Target: Fear, Disgust and Minor Cleaning Expenses.


Loogie- Hacks up a mouth full of Phlegm and launches it at a single Target: Immobilizes and causes Infectious Disease over time.


Bad Breath- Heartily Exhale Outward toward a group of Targets ( Cone ) : Causes Involuntary Celibacy on Self and Nervous Sweats on Targets.


Sweat Socks- You pull off your socks and throw them into a group of enemies: AoE Targets become Runners and your feet are now Cold.


Skunky Pits- You lift both arms above your head and Release Vapors: Cone, Light AoE Stun and Sudden Realization that Lumburger Cheese ain't THAT Bad.


Light Fart- You Drop to the Floor, Lay back, put your legs above your head and ignite a massive Fart: AoE Cone Fire and Ego Damage as well as Targets Having to Pencil in Eyebrows for weeks.


Road Kill- You pull out a totally Flat Rotting Groundhog ( Whistlepig ) and toss it into a group of Targets: Causes Repeated AoE Vomit and Major Unintended Weight Loss.


Porta Pot- You Summon a Totally Contaminated Porta Pot that's been sitting in 100 Degree heat at an Outdoor Rock Concert: Pet AoE Toxic & Lethal Damage, Triggers Secondary effect-Hallucinations and a Sudden Appreciation of Classical Music.

" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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33 minutes ago, JasperStone said:

There was a lengthy discussion on Carp Melee/Carp Armor during live....

You should Post what you remember here, just trying to add some humor amidst all the number crunching.....

" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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Clown Summoning (Mastermind)

All clown pets have a chance to cause fear in their enemies. In addition, many clown attacks will taunt enemies, and when a clown taunts an enemy that's already taunted by you or another clown, that enemy takes bonus psychic damage as the hate consumes them. The more stacked taunt effects, the more psychic damage is dealt.


Pie Toss- Ranged, Moderate Damage (Toxic/Smashing), -tohit, Foe Taunt

A classic gag, the pie to the face chokes the enemy with a toxic cream filling and blinds them for a short duration.

Mimes- Summon Mimes

The Mimes arrive by stepping through doors that aren't there. They attack by throwing invisible objects and swinging invisible baseball bats. All their animations are over-the-top and exaggerated.

Seltzer Spray- Narrow Cone, High Damage (Cold/Smashing), Knockback, Foe Taunt

A blast from this pressurized bottle soaks enemies with cold water and sends them flying backwards.

Paint Clown- Ranged, Upgrade Clown Henchman

Gives your clowns terrifying facepaint, improving the nightmare fuel that sustains them and upgrading their attacks. Mimes gain a variety of (silent) taunts they can spam, harlequins get torches they can juggle, and Rodeo Clowns get a barrel they can jump into.

Banana Peels- Ranged (Area of Effect), Moderate Damage (Smashing) Knockdown, Foe Taunt

Tosses Banana Peels onto the ground in a targeted location. Enemies in that location when you first throw the peels have a high chance to be knocked down and take smashing damage when they fall. The peels persist in that location for a while after, continuing to trip enemies for the duration.

Harlequins- Summon Harlequins

A more acrobatic breed of clown, the harlequins juggle knives at first and more dangerous objects as they're upgraded. Getting their reluctant audience in on the act, they toss these objects at nearby foes giving them a chance to catch them. They "catch" them in the face. Harlequins' attacks taunt enemies far from them but placate enemies close to them.

Clown Car- Summon Clown Car

A tiny vehicle filled with an improbable number of clowns, this special pet has no attacks of its own, but releases clown after clown from within its unfathomable depths until its duration wears out or it gets destroyed. It plays a dreadfully irritating tune, taunting nearby enemies as it unleashes its unholy cargo.

Rodeo Clown- Summon Rodeo Clown

The alpha clown, the rodeo clown is half cowboy and a skilled melee combatant, able to ensnare enemies with his lasso to draw them close and tie them up. He's an expert at taunting enemies and is naturally very tough.

Hell Toupee- Ranged, Upgrade Clown Henchman

An upgrade to your clowns' hair completes their transformation into the eldritch horrors you always knew they were. Mimes trap enemies behind invisible walls, Harlequins start juggling chainsaws, and the Rodeo clown summons a bull to ride on.

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I would pay good money to see this as offensive and defensive power sets...


A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Sometimes in life it's the only weapon we have.” -- Roger Rabbit, toon philosopher

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I'm the Pennywise this thread deserves, just not the one it needs right now...

"The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth." - Niels Bohr


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Found an artifact that was posted on the Live boards that you can tell was from another, simpler time.




"You can bend the power of the Internet to your will, using its eccentric abilities to hinder your foes and aid your allies."

Tier 1: Lag Spike

Violently alters a single foe's latency, immobilizing him.  This power deals energy damage over time and can slow the movement of targets that escape its grasp. (Ranged, Moderate DoT(Energy), Foe Immobilize, -Speed)


Tier 2: Mapserver Disconnect

Causes a single foe's connection to the Internet to be briefly severed, rending him incapable of taking any action.  Mapserver Disconnect deals energy damage over time. (Ranged, Moderate DoT(Energy), Foe Hold)


Tier 3: Series of Tubes

Summons a mass of twisted, tangled-up tubes that extend out in a cone in front of you, capable of immobilizing multiple foes.  This power is slower and less damaging than Lag Spike, but can ensnare multiple targets.  Series of Tubes deals energy damage over time and can slow the movement of targets that escape its grasp. (Ranged (Cone), Minor DoT(Energy), Foe Immobilize, -Speed)


Tier 4: Flame War

Assaults a single target with the power of inflammatory thoughts and words, inflicting fire and psionic damage. (Ranged, High Dmg(Fire/Psionic))


Tier 5: Leetspeak

You unleash a stream of near-incomprehensible Internet jargon.  Most foes that hear it will be disoriented.  Some targets may be so confused by it that they will turn on their allies, ignoring you.  You will not recieve any experience points for foes defeated entirely by Confused enemies. (Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Disorient, Confuse)


Tier 6: Lurker's Cloak

Your mastery of the Internet allows you to shroud yourself and all nearby allies with the power of anonymity.  Lurker's Cloak makes you and your allies harder to see and increases your defense to melee and ranged attacks, as well as your resistance to disorientation, fire, energy and psionic damage.  You cannot use any other concealment-type powers while using Lurker's Cloak. (Toggle: PBAoE, Team Stealth, +Def, +Res(Fire/Energy/Psionic/Disorient))


Tier 7: Direct Denial of Service

Overwhelms the connections of multiple foes, preventing them from taking any action.  Unlike the power Mapserver Disconnect, this power does not deal any damage, but it can hold multiple foes at once. (Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Hold)


Tier 8: Terrifying Imagery

Bombards foes around you with horrific pictures culled from the Internet, causing them to tremble in Fear uncontrollably. (PBAoE, Foe Fear)


Tier 9: Summon Newbie

You can call upon the denizens of the Internet to fight by your side.  Though they are powerful, their abilities vary.  However, they will all follow you without question and can be buffed and healed like any teammate. (Summon Newbie: Special)


This one's a special case as there are three distinct pets, but you only get one of them and they're chosen at random.  Granted, they're all relatively useful... but sometimes you need a tank more than a blaster or debuffer.  Hey, you're lucky you got help at all.  Normally these guys are pretty lazy.


Sonic Blast - Shriek (Ranged, Minor Dmg(Smash/Energy), Foe -Resist)
Sonic Blast - Scream (Ranged, Moderate DoT(Smash/Energy), Foe -Resist)
Sonic Blast - Shout (Ranged, Heavy Dmg(Smash/Energy), Foe -Resist)
Internet Control - Mapserver Connect (Ranged, Moderate DoT(Energy), Foe Hold)


Stone Melee - Stone Fist (Melee, Moderate Dmg(Smash))
Stone Melee - Stone Mallet (Melee, High Dmg(Smash), Knockback)
Stone Melee - Heavy Mallet (Melee, Superior Dmg(Smash), Foe Knockback)
Earth Control - Fossilize (Ranged, Moderate Dmg(Smash), Foe Hold, -Def)


Fire Blast - Fire Blast (Ranged, Moderate Dmg(Fire))
Fire Blast - Fire Ball (Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate Dmg(Fire/Smash))
Fire Manipulation - Fire Sword (Melee, Moderate Dmg(Fire/Lethal))
Fire Manipulation - Combustion (Melee (AoE), Moderate DoT(Fire))

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As a Scrapper main I eat a steady diet of crayons and glue to keep my wits sharp and my reflexes honed.

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On 8/2/2019 at 1:53 PM, JasperStone said:

There was a lengthy discussion on Carp Melee/Carp Armor during live....


Was it, by chance, inspired by Dwarf Fortress? Because at some time in that game, carps were deadly freaks.

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If someone can post Carp Melee I will add it to my Melee Set compilation thread.

Archetype Concept Compilation -- Powerset Concept Compilations: Assault Melee


The Great Archetype Concept Battle: Final Round


Archetype Proposal Amalgamation

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Catgirl/Catboy Control Set:

Confuse Libido 

Attract - Placate

Force Small Gift - player gets a gift instead of an attack

Dance For Me -  AoE confuse/hold

Force Large Gift - player gets rewards for defeating the mob

Fangirl/boy - mob becomes controllable pet

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