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A Question from The Homecoming Team


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Not starting over.

Finish the originally planned Incarnate slots and Coming Storm story arc.

More instance maps. Like, a lot more.

New Zone events.

Un-cap all existing Enhancement Sets so they all have a level range of 15 to 50+5. Maybe have a contest to create new sets.

XP slider so you can earn zero, some, or maximum experience; separate slider for influence/infamy.

Variable Reward Merits for TF/SF missions based on notoriety, group size, settings/restrictions, and actual time. Show potential Reward Merits in settings window.

Incorporate VidiotMaps into the game, so it doesn't require a separate download, and include an option to enable or disable the extra information.

Add in-game access to Mid's/Pine's/Homecoming Hero Designer. Include option to have access in SG base.

Badge of the Month: new badge for each month going forward from day of legitimacy. Earned by logging in, or participation in an event, or a combination of missions, or whatever. Mix it up.


Homecoming team has been nothing short of amazing through this whole process.

Keep fighting the good fight!

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Everyone will have their own ideas on what we all individually want of course.


1) More of what Homecoming is already doing.

2) Some sort of model to pay for more development. Subs, Micro Trans, etc.

3) Improve and modernize the engine current version OGL (4.6) or Vulkan.

    a) even with no new special effects this would significantly improve performance. 

4) More Story, more powers, more animations, more everything as a 'legit' game would develop.

5) Full/better support for high resolutions/multi monitors

6) Support for full 3d sound, fancy color changing keyboards, and all the fun new tech invented in the last 8 years in the real world.

7) The next Hero Con in Norther Nevada/California

😎 Shall I keep going? 🙂 

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I would like for Discord to recognize City of Heroes so that when I'm playing it others on my server know that I'm on.


Super Group bases should have personal storage for each global.  I'm an altoholic and I would like for some of the crafted enhancements to be safe from somebody else taking them.  In the current iteration of the game there is no need for a "True"  Super Group base since there is no real benefit.  I can make a SG base for myself with all of the "needed"  stuff like "portals" and "storage" without having to earn prestige anymore.  


Super Groups shouldn't have limits, with each account having 1000 character slots, it would be nice if all my characters and that of my SG mates were able be in the same SG.


Give out the old Anniversary badges to those who want them.  I played on live from the start until it shut down, let me have my badges back.


Make Kallisti Wharf a great mixed zone for Heroes & Villains  with content and badges.


A "Character Copy Tool" for AE missions.  I've ran into some great characters in AE missions that I would like to copy and put into my own Story Arc, maybe put a give permission to copy characters check box for when making a story arc.


Make AH available in SG bases.


Open up all options in the Character Creator.  There some some things that won't appear because I'm not taking "such and such" so I don't get the chance to select something.  Give us the ability to select any and all options.  If I'm a guy and want to wear a dress let me, think the Mrs. Doubtfire.


Put Null the Gull options in the options menu or even put another Null the Gull in the starting zones.


Make it so that Mids Reborn can directly import/export from the game.  


Global AH let all my characters from have the same Auction House items just increase the top number to be AH slots to be x5 or x 10.  Example let all of my characters on my global be able to access all of the bids that way I don't have to have Shadow email something that I bought for Darkness Delight, he can instead just get it off the AH himself.


Add a new enhancement type *Cloned Enhancement - This new enhancement cannot be traded or sold or otherwise exchanged.  This enhancemnt only works on the same Character just that it now works for the additional "Builds" that each character has.  So my six set Luck of the Gambler now will work on my second or third build, but only one time for each build.  If I have a second six set of LotG it also works on builds two and or three.


Set "capped" pricing for the AH.  Currently rare salvage is costing a million inf or more on Torchbearer with the cost of crafting a rare IO it and the salvage cost it almost and in some cases isn't worth crafting.  


Test Server - Give us a "One Day Test Server" that allows you to "test" out builds.  Instant 0-50, no inf to earn, everything costs no inf and you can run any of the content that you want to try.  At the end of night (or morning) the chacter gets deleted.  Disbale all transfers, emails, AH, just straight character builder and play.  


Just some random quick thoughts.


Thanks for all that you guys/women are doing for us.


Rich the Random Guy






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-Huge rework of hero epic ATs (PB & WS)

-Maybe simply some new animations for certain powers (a lot use the exact same animations) and/or reworks of powersets that are almost carbon copies of each other with a different flavor

-More challenging PvE for regular team play. Possibly something a bit more dynamic

-Balancing or rework of procs in general


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What I really don't want to see:

Loot boxes!

Real P2W store that really is P2W (powerful enhancements and/or powers for sale for real money)

Everything becoming a microtransaction

Forced teaming/PvP/solo content (no one likes getting told how to play)

Oh and LOOT BOXES!!!!


What I am okay with seeing:

The return of a cash store for cosmetic items to help keep the servers running- if it's determined that we have to rely on those whales willing to shell out for a new cape design or new fastrun type or whatever, then okay, cash shops, when done right at least, are neither evil nor predatory. The fact that so many out there are, doesn't make that fact untrue. So, as unsavory as it is, if that's what we gotta do, then that's what we gotta do.


The return to a subscription based model to help keep the servers running- If it comes down to a choice of microtransacting things to death/P2W/the dreaded loot boxes aka the predatory type of cash shop and having to pay a subscription? I would much rather the subscription. I mean, I'm okay with paying a couple bucks for a new jacket type but loot drops from enemies shouldn't be locked behind a paywall and people shouldn't be able to pay cash money for a real advantage over those who don't have the funds


A concentration on mostly missions as opposed to story. The writing in this game was extraordinarily intricate and, at times, quite brilliant and I love me a good story. But, I know that repetitive "daily" type of missions are 1) creatively much easier to do and 2) (Official Old Person Moment) what younger players these days are expecting. A lot of them either can't be or just don't bother to read the text boxes because they just want to get into the arena/taskforce and parse those numbers. I mean, after initial release, most MMOs just don't do story-based content and instead tack on a new daily area for that End Game Grind that looks suspiciously just like the old daily area for the End Game Grind just with bigger numbers.


Still, I know that I pretty much have to be a minority these days. Therefore, if I have to give up new stories to keep this game going, then that's just what I'm going to have to do. City was brilliantly fun before "End Content" even was a thing so, that part is going to stay brilliantly fun at least. While I will never do so "gracefully," I will still bow down to the winds of change if I must. My only request is the occasional "bone" like maybe at least something new for us story-based content old farts once a year or so?


What I would like to see that I think is "realistic":

Some of the more simplistic types of new content such as:

New contacts - as large as the areas that are already there are and as many of them that we already have- new areas aren't strictly necessary for quite awhile yet. imho new contacts with new stories behind them and new missions could realistically be "seeded" throughout our existing areas I should think?

Moar: Badges, Base Items, costume parts, etc, etc, etc.

More events both on and off- line (Costume parties, meet-and-greets, online get togethers in City, RL, and on Discord, etc)

A model that can ensure that our City will stick around for a long, long time to come. Some way to ensure that one jerk can't wind up shutting down the servers again wouldn't be a bad idea given what our history has taught us. LOL.


Continuing open communications between all of the teams involved in running this show and all of us that are players/fans and a consensus in the directions that further development goes in (translation: I think the part of our community that runs the game and the part of our community that just plays are very much a team right now and I want to see that maintained.)


Maybe a little compensation for our volunteers who maintain and run the game? Their time is valuable too and what they have done and are doing is amazing. I think they more than deserve something thrown their way for everything that they have and continue to do for all of us. Okay granted, I also don't think that it would be fair to demand our players cough up way more than they can afford in order to make our volunteers fabulously wealthy either. But, we are a tightly knit community that really does actually care about one another so, I honestly do not see why we can't come up with something for them. It doesn't even have to be money if the legalities are the concern (although other nonprofit/charitable organizations do have paid staff). I mean- dinner, a group letter of recommendation to that awesome programing job they're applying to, a birthday party- something has to be possible here!


And, more Easter Eggs, please. C'mon, they're just cool and we all know it.


What I would love to see that I'm pretty sure can't-possibly-happen:

More areas- they're huge and a PITA and take massive amounts of development but it would still kinda be cool to see our already sprawling City grow even further


Homecoming continuing on as a non-profit- These last several months have already proven folks are going to continue to be willing to donate money to keep the servers running and pay for things for a loooong time to come. Granted, I know that it's probably going to have to be part of any deal to make us legitimate that we lose that but, I will be beyond sorry to see that go. It just brings us all so much togetherness and flat-out pride to either be able to post or to read all of the posts that spring up so fast and furious in the few minutes that the donation window is open because they all really just boil down to just one thought: "Here's my donation/contribution to Our Community." It is just going to hurt when we have to let that go away so, I wish that we could keep that forever. I know we can't but, I still wish.


A Graphics Upgrade- I know that it would basically mean building a whole new program so, ain't gonna happen but it would still be really cool to see. lol.


More world changing stories instead of stuff just being tacked onto endgame content! Yes! I complained about those changes back then too! But. Going back through City now, all of these years later after having played several other MMOs, I really have come to realize that I vastly underrated the sheer brilliance of City changing here and there over time as the overarching plots continued. Like all of the other MMOs though, new content is most likely going to have to be "tacked onto the end," because that's the cheapest, the development team don't have to go back through everything and try to make adjustments in order to implement it, and it helps keep people interested in their max level characters so (Official Old Person Moment) its what the kids look for nowadays. That being said, I really did not realize just how fun it was to come to an area that I had practically memorized only to find that some things had changed while I was "away" playing in other areas until I was in other games that didn't/don't have that. I. Was. Wrong. Not. To. Appreciate. It. I would love to see it again.


Oh! And....

More hats with hair for women. Can't games ever have more than one hat with hair for women?!


Anyway, those are my thoughts.

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From the people running such a thing, I'd like:

  • Stability - I'd like to know that it isn't going to go away suddenly, either due to legal reasons, community drama, or just single-points of failure being hit with life issues
  • Transparency - I'd like there to be a lot of visibility into what is going on, both logistically and in game design
  • High Community Engagement - Lots of communication with the community, lots of engagement with the community. community events

From the game itself:

  • Maximize the support for different character concepts
    • More powerset customization options
    • The ability for powers to have a 'source' like a held item/weapon
    • Customizable skins for MM pets
    • Asymmetrical costume options
    • More powersets, of course
  • Support for duplicate character names on a server (I hate having the perfect name and it being taken)
  • Different types of missions besides kill-all-the-things, kill-the-boss, find-the-thing, etc.
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To remain transparent, free, and professional, No more knee jerk reactions like the removing titles from streamers because you can not endorse a streamer, a title for in game activities earned is not an endorsement of a streamer, promoting that streamer is.

New content is a must, whether it be new power sets, raids, story arcs, or archtypes and incarnate powers. No real money transactions, ever. Keep things to donations and no rewards for donating. Would love to sis sister solaris's costume available in our costume sets. that dress is just epic.

I'd also like to see yall work with me at sanitarium.fm and let us be an official news source for the homecoming servers posting news updates and teases of things to come and breaking news.

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Complete with a new invention sub-category for vehicle powers/upgrades.


Motorcycles, Cars, Airplanes, Rockets, etc.


Been dreaming of cruising the streets of Paragon since launch of the original game.



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Just now, madpoet67 said:



Complete with a new invention sub-category for vehicle powers/upgrades.


Motorcycles, Cars, Airplanes, Rockets, etc.


Been dreaming of cruising of cruising the streets of Paragon since launch of the original game.



Mecha suit power set, let me pilot a gundam!

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No wipes moving from unofficial to official

The P2W Influence NPC staying as she is (including the double XP option)

More powersets proliferation

Finishing the existing unreleased sets like the Origin Power Pools and Wind Control

New Power Sets

Addition of Guardian AT once it is open to the other servers beyond Rebirth

New AT Development 

New Costumes Sets and pieces 


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3 hours ago, Auroxis said:

I think we'd need two things:


1. A revamped donation system that recognizes donors in some way in the forums (optional forum titles, special font/color/style on forum names depending on donation tiers, limited-time rewards) and in-game(no p2w or content gating though).


2. Staff getting paid if possible, to help keep some of the amazing members of the team.

absolutely no rewards for donors, our reward is being able to play and know we can help out when we can.

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New in game events.

Give some love to power sets/AT's that are falling behind.

(Making MM attacks more viable and make pet stay command stop them from chasing enemies but still use ranged attacks, give controllers their pets early so they can solo better, get rid of random Quant spawns for WS/PB, etc.)

More content (Illusion Dominator, Melee Mastermind, Melee support class, create your own sidekick, etc.)

Graphical overhaul on costume pieces and environment.

The that has already been done is great, keep up the good work!

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I played Homecoming daily for a few months but am not currently playing for some reasons I'd hope an official server could resolve. I would enjoy and pay for an official server with the following qualities:

  • All of the current qualities of Homecoming (i.e., servers, character slots, P2W vendor with optional XP, easily accessible SG bases, etc)
  • A pledge to have absolutely no pay-to-play benefits
  • Officially supported and non-hacky Mac client
  • Regular/predictable maintenance hours (as a NZ player, a lot of times your short-notice maintenance windows are around my prime play time)
  • Continued development of Incarnate abilities and content
  • Continued development of high-level game content like Market Crash
  • Renewed development of costume options, including more gender and body-type options
  • Accompanied by (or uses its leverage to incent development of) an official hero planner web app
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  1. Transparency
  2. As far from ncsoft as possible
  3. Moderation/kid safe
  4. Continued direct forum interaction from whoever is developing, including active beta testing and feedback.
  5. Continued balancing
  6. Continued access to Incarnate drops through normal content (no trial gating!)
  7. Are we talking new content?  If so, seeing the stories that were laid out in the lore dumps over the years be continued would be cool.  New powers, etc.  I'd especially like the shapechanging EAT that was rumored...Primalist or something?

  8. No going after the other servers
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5 hours ago, LorannaPyrel said:

* New Content, across all levels
* New Powersets
* New Costume and Powerset Customization Options
* New Incarnate Abilities
* New People To Meet And Game With! ^_^



I am stealing this post and adding - I will ask for the sky and the moon


* Dev's feeding their spouses and children - this free ride is nice, but I am ready to send a subscription some where.

* Ongoing community engagement.  

* All ages content - welcoming community.

* Powerset proliferation / Epic Power pools finished

* New events (we only had the spring event 1 time before shut down and summer twice)

* New TF, Zone events, missions, more more more!

* New Zones (moon base!) / finish revamp on underutilized zones (BoomTown)

* New art of all kinds - loading screens, stuff used for "who will die?"

* New Stories (issue, multi-issue and more)

* New characters - some one needs to take down Zombie Red Widow

* maybe a new archetype or two, but not too crazy

* maybe a new engine if the current is becoming too legacy to work with....



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"She who lives by the cybernetic monstrosity powered by living coral, all too often dies by the cybernetic monstrosity powered by living coral."  -Doc Buzzsaw


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The most important thing of course is a stable gaming experience. Good maintenance and minimal downtime.


I would appreciate continued minimal interference with my character creation/play. As attached as I am to my custom creations, I also greatly enjoy my recreations, my digital action figures, that would be generic'd on most "legitimate" servers.


Of course I would like to see new content. Costume parts, powersets, ATs, zones, missions... I and many others will certainly be content to continue playing the game as is for years to come. Even stagnant there is a tremendous wealth of material to enjoy, with more usually available from AE. But growth would of course be better. Optimally I would love to see a method for player created content to transition to the game. Not just missions, but costumes and zones and such. A toolkit to edit or even create such things, and subject them for review and implementation would be worth it to me to pay significant money for even if I wasn't using it much but it helped justify development for the more artistically talented among us to use.

I'd really like an "alias" command so I can significantly shorten oft-used command strings in complex keybinds,

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Populate Kallisti Wharf, finish the origin pool powers, perhaps "clean up" some of the older costume bits (a lot of the 'with skin' textures could use some love), add more RP animations, and do something, ANYTHING to make it easy to filter out the farming content in AE.  


Other than that, what's been added so far is awesome.  I have to thank you profusely for what's been done so far.


(and yeah, IF any of the original Devs would care to jump back on board, we'd love to have them.)

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AE ARC's (So Far!)


15252 Child of the Tsoo - [SFMA] Ninjas, sorcerers, and human trafficking (Origin Story - Stick Figure/Storm Lotus)

50769 Hunt of the Eclipse - [SFMA] Finding something that was lost to Arachnos for nearly 20 years (Origin Story - Daisy Chain)

53149 Spells as a Service - [SFMA] When a young hacker makes a connection between magic and mathematics and encodes it into a computer program, chaos breaks loose!

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Quality of Life changes:


*Making the game more controller/gamepad friendly:

     -Making it so that you can switch all targeted location based abilities to be able to be activated on a targeted enemy instead. Example: Shield Charge, Lightning Rod, etc.

     -Having an activation Icon pop up on screen when near an interactable. So we don't need to click with mouse. Make it a key that we can change in keybindings. Also being able to navigate the tram menu without mouse would be greatly appreciated. Would like to select the desired zone by using up/down on the D-pad.


*Being able to place "MULTIPLE" ability's on Auto instead of only a single one.

     How great would it be to have Hasten AND Rage on Auto, I mean come on. ;D

     This would also help in making the game more controller friendly as you would need to manage less abilities on controller.


*Mastermind Pets updated to be more character concept friendly:

     -Example: Beast Pets: Allow us the freedom to choose All Wolves or All Lions(Add replacement for the Dire Wolf with Large Maned Lion). Would also love to see Bears added.

     -Example: Robots: Create Mechanical Toys to switch with. Like Teddy Bears or Toy Soldiers.

     -Example: Thugs: Add female thugs! Being to replace all thugs with Clowns!


*Costume Editor Equalization for Male/Females

     -Basically just adjusting pieces each has to fit the other.


     Metal 2 for Females

     Feral and Demonic Faces for Females

     Talon and Medusa Faces for Males

     Take a look at the hairstyles and which could be shared. I'd like to see Females get the Shark Hairstyle, but with less widow's peak. 😜

     Kheldian Belt for Females and Carnival of Light Belt for Males.

     Barbarian Skin(fur skirt/grass skirt) for Females

     Barbarian Belts and Shoulders for Males and Females. Just make the other Barbarian 2 when added.

     And much more, those were just a few I could find quickly that stuck out.


*Add a Task Force Sign Up Sheet and Recruitment Feature:

     Basically add all Task Force's to the LFG tab. Then make it so we get the option to either Queue or Sign Up or Recruit for each Task Force. Signing up places your Chars Name and Archtype on a list for that Task Force. If you select Recruit you can see the list and invite those you wish to have on your team. Makes creating a well balanced team easier than just quickly advertising in chat.

     So that the system is fair, those that Sign Up first should be shown at the top of the list. 

     And obviously you are removed from the Sign Up sheet should you quit the game.


*Remove or Time Gate AE

     I know this is a controversial opinion, but I honestly always felt like it ended up hurting the game more than anything else. 95%(rough guess) of what AE get's used for are Fire Farms. Everyone has a Spines/Fire build just so they can get the most bang for their buck/time. You have tons of players just sitting at AE running the same thing over and over when they should be funneled into the rest of the game taking part in the actual content. Like I said, controversial opinion on this one I know, just how I always felt about it. I'd like to see a Time Gate get added at the very least. Maybe 10hrs a week per account. Push players back into doing other things. Just my 2 cents.

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