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  1. The posts so far are well intentioned, but seem too technical for a beginner. I turned my Water/SR into a proc build, and I had a hard time learning the basics. All the guides and advice were so technical and detailed that I had a hard time grasping the main idea. Forum post were full of math for optimizing proc builds, but I didn’t understand how to make any proc build let alone optimize one. A proc build is simple: throw as many procs into your damage powers as possible. Usually, this means you’ll sacrifice set bonuses because you’ll slot damage procs instead of filling out sets
  2. I ended up making a Demons/Dark MM after reading the responses in this thread and elsewhere in the forums. Thanks everyone and wish me luck!
  3. I have played all the ATs except MMs and VEATs. I want to make my first MM, but I’m struggling to pick the right primary and secondary. I don’t PL my characters, so I’d like something that is a relatively smooth ride to 50. At the very least, I want something that does require Incarnates and purple sets to perform well. I spend about half my time soloing, so I need a solo-friendly primary and secondary. I don’t care about team support or tanking; I want to build this as a survivable damage dealer. I’d love to eventually solo difficult content like Dark Astoria and be able to do gener
  4. Can you share the data / raw input you're giving to the algorithm? I'm guessing it's a set of 3-dimensional coordinates for badges and plaques in each zone. I'd like to play around with a few implementations.
  5. Don’t underestimate the ranged single target attack. I like chaining Hold -> Fire Blast for some decent single target damage with containment. For illusion, you get Hold -> Spectral Wounds -> Fire Blast. The resistance armor is nice on my Fire/Dark controller since I can softcap with Fade, pool powers, and set bonuses. EDIT: You might have ignored Fire Blast because Gravity already has a single target attack chain. I stand by my comment in general, but it’s not important for a Gravity controller.
  6. I don’t have any Thermal or Cold characters. Are fresh level 1 toons allowed?
  7. I want to try PvP, especially 1v1 or small teams in the arena, but barriers to entry are too high. It seems like you need a really optimized build. I’m a casual player and I have a hard enough time affording purple/PvP/winter IO’s. I don’t want to invest the time into farming or playing the market to afford a good build when I might not even like PvP. If there was an active PvP community on the test server, I would join.
  8. I'm not interested in the meta game. As long as my toons can run the content I want to run, I don't care if someone can do it better. My Scrappers can take on most of the game, so I don't care if raw numbers put Brutes ahead of Scrappers. I don't like maintaining Fury. I like that I can put down CoH to take the dog out or talk with my fiancé, then jump right back in. Scrappers give me that, Brutes don't.
  9. I would never drop dwarf. I’ve seen builds here that do go without it, so I may be in the minority. Dwarf Form has so much utility. At some point, you’ll get slowed enough that Light Form drops before it’s recharged. You can wait out that time safely in Dwarf Form. Dwarf gives you another heal that can be activated quickly. Dwarf let’s you wait out status effects that get through Light Form. I use the taunt in Dwarf Form all the time. You can herd mobs into corners to maximize your AoEs, and you can taunt runners back to you. This was definitely not the point of your post
  10. Does Reactive Defenses’ Scaling Resist give +resistance at full health? The Homecoming wiki says it doesn’t. I could get some free resistance in some of my builds if some of the +res is always active.
  11. Great guide! Thank you for the hard work. Thanks to your last guide, I played through the high level hero content and had a blast. Do you have a recommended AT and/or power set combination to solo most of this content? I think you’d want something that gets a good attack chain early and has good sustain. I was thinking a /WP Brute.
  12. I could use some help with my triform PB build. I like the utility of having all three forms available. I'd prefer not to drop White Dwarf Flare. I don't know if it's optimal but I like having 3 PBAoE attacks. My usual strategy is to hit Inner Light then Dawn Strike -> Solar Flare -> White Dwarf Flare then either cycle through Nova AoEs or start my human form chain. In my current build my human form attack chain is Istrike -> Radiant Strike -> Gleaming Blast with Glinting Eye thrown in when I have time. I throw in Photon Seekers when they're up. My goals fo
  13. Can you post text or a screenshot of the PB builds? I use a Mac, and Mids doesn't work on the latest operating system
  14. Mids won't work on Catalina. Wine isn't supported yet. It can't run in 64bit. Try doing something simple with wine like You'll get an error message
  15. Is it reliable enough? I considered Core on my Fire/Dark, but I didn't think it would be useful. Fire Cages sets up containment without the extra mez. You need the +1 mag for bosses, but the proc is random so you are just as likely to double up on minions and lieutenants.
  16. I love DM, but I have a level 50 DM/Shield. I want to try a new primary.
  17. I'm between War Mace and Rad Melee. I've never played a scrapper with a damage aura (let alone two damage auras if I take radiaition), do enemies run from you? Does /bio have a way to keep them taunted?
  18. I want to roll a /bio scrapper. I usually see Titan Weapons/Bio recommended, but I’m not a fan of TW. I don’t like the momentum mechanic. I like to play my Scrappers without thinking too much, and I don’t like managing momentum (or Fury for that matter). I’m thinking of rolling a Fire/Bio but it doesn’t seem very synergistic. Does anyone have a pairing to recommend?
  19. Do you want to play a more offensive controller to match a blaster playstyle? Fire is a good choice. You sacrifice some (but not all that much) control for an awesome PBAoE damage toggle. I will plug my own Fire/Dark build. You can get softcapped defenses and hardcapped S/L resists by investing into recharge. You might also consider a "splattroller" which is a controller which trades hard control (holds and stuns) for general chaos. I think these are really fun to play. Plant/Storm is a powerful, easy to use combo. I personally don't enjoy Earth, Ice, and Mind because t
  20. Can we please alphabetize the archetypes? The current ordering doesn't make sense and it's hard to find a specific forum. I know this is a very small issue, but it's such an easy fix.
  21. I moved to Indy a week ago. I don't think I'll be able to make the meet and greet, but I would appreciate any suggestions about the city from locals. I'm still trying to find my bearings in Indy. Feel free to respond here or DM me or if you feel more comfortable.
  22. Clarion is nice. Perma mez protection is hard to beat. I'm surprised you have end problems. WIth perma soul absorption I don't worry about end. It's even better with Agility as my alpha slot. My endurance to vanishes if I let soul absorption lapse, though.
  23. Do you need any set recharge set bonuses? If so, both Expedient reinforcements and Cloud Senses give +5% recharge with 4 slots. Slot Dark Servant if you need more protection or slot Imps if you need more damage. If you're good on set bonuses, I'd split the difference. They're both great powers. Maybe try to steal some slots from another power. I think they're both worth investing 5-6 slots. If you're dead-set on one or the other, decide if you want more control or more damage.
  24. It is absurd how tough /dark can get. You get Scrapper resists and defense and regeneration and your controls prevent damage. Dark Servant is a great power. It's probably the most useful power in Dark after Fade and Soul Absorption. I six slot it. I put in 4 Cloud senses for the 5% recharge time, making sure to slot the Negative Damage proc. Then I do the Touch of Nitctus negative energy damage proc and Trap of the Hunter lethal damgae proc. With those sets, Dark Servant puts out a nice ToHit debuff and can do some damage.
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