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  1. Nice costumes @Moonxtal and welcome to the best part of the forums! Rubbery fingers. 🙈
  2. Just a F.Y.I. @ToxinFox the first two links work, but when I click the third one I get this...
  3. You're welcome Fox and oh how well I know it. I will often revisit pieces and add or tweak them even if the person I am drawing it for is happy with the original. And that is why I don't generally point stuff out like that, it doesn't take away from your enjoyment of the comic and most people will not even notice it's there. If there is an unfortunate spelling that changes the meaning or the artist asks (there is a webcomic I read that says "all typos must die" next to the byline) then maybe I will.
  4. ToxinFox's comic is very professional (and a joy to read!) and mistakes are few and far between but just one page back for example... "Level 5" is missing the 2nd L. Yeah, a little bit.
  5. See I know you're kidding there but yes I try to be encouraging and welcoming where I can & point out stuff that I think someone might enjoy learning about or at least find funny but not everyone wants to know about every little typo or error. Also congratulations on officially being a running joke... in a comic that is.
  6. I love the new page Toxin Fox. I'll forego the commentary, I don't want you to get sick of my gushing praise and/or nitpicking (praise-picking? gush-niting?). Also, yay new comic!
  7. I know right? He's a baby but he can run, jump, talk and he has a full head of long hair. *shudder*
  8. Cool looking costume Tan but if it's anything like King Cake then under all that purple and yellow is a creepy little baby for some reason.
  9. That is the Organic Armor face Mjolnerd, Bioluminescence is not very human looking.
  10. If it's anything like the "Mow the Lawn"Task Force I have to run every week or so there is definitely villany afield! Also as an alternative to the shack there is Imgbox where you don't even need an account (but they are free and easy to make). Whichever you choose just avoid Photobucket at all costs. They took in millions of pictures as a free website and sold out to a company who then put a up a paywall locking people away from their images unless they paid a ridiculously large sum of money for access. Unscrupulous to say the least.
  11. The original ones did yes. The Sith were a race in StarWars long before the nonology (the 9 "episode" movies) takes place.
  12. Very generous @_Kai_ @DJFM 2 quick questions. 1. Does Pondy have a weapon of some sort? There is space in the upper left of the sketch I sent you. I could put the head of a trident or whatever up there if you want. 2. Those things on his at the sides of his mouth are the same color as his skin so I thought they might be face tentacles like Sith have but then I realized the color restriction is maybe why they are green but they could also be a mustache (the CC names them as a Confucius mustache), how do you see them?
  13. Your welcome Cutter, yeah it does really help. You guys seem to love not making it easy for me. "Nat it's earthquake under the ocean, we handle it by not handling it." ...is what Okoye would say if this was Avengers: Endgame and Marvel was trying to tease the coming of Namor (I'm on to you Feige!). Yes I saw it, and yes it looks to be green not yellow (most likely F4 not E3) and that's okay. Participants have until the deadline to tweak stuff, what's posted then is what counts. If people are playing along for fun and to st
  14. I'm sticking with the habit of picking one finalist for every three entries (rounding when needed) and so with 12 entries in a league or their own I chose the 4 characters I thought best followed the theme & made good use of the four selected colors & then I picked one at random from a hat. From the depths it did occur that four fathomed the theme And this week they were... @Cutter @Icanav @DJFM @American Valor and the winning entry
  15. Yes. Everything is proceeding precisely as pla... oowhat now...? Oh um yes, well obviously when dealing with such a potent and awesome color it is best to use it sparingly.
  16. I once again have fallen victim to the dreaded copy/pasta. Week 6 it is and thanks Tyger for the correction.
  17. @BjorJlen 1st, hello and welcome to the best part of the forums. 2nd, Yes this would be the place to share costumes & art. Well you can take the characters that you think are your best and post them in the "best costumes" thread here. Or you could start your own thread, that way those who want to can look through at their own leisure. Or try an image hosting site. Or some combination thereof. Finally the Skulls are not there to be annoyed they are there to be hunted so Go Hunt Kill Skulls!
  18. The new theme and colors are posted check the OP & spoiler boxes if you have any questions or want a hint. Good luck! The colors for week 6 are: A9 - B5 - E3 - N8 + Any "Skin" color ~ The theme is: Ever After!
  19. ==================================================================================================================================== That's the deadline! I'll go over entries and pick a winner this evening. New colors and theme for next week will be up later today! ====================================================================================================================================
  20. @Seen2BeGreen Well it originally was called something like "What Can Your Level 1 Do?" and the idea was to make a level one hero meet up in the old sewers and sprint madly past as many huge mobs of level 5+ Hellions as possible before faceplanting. Afterwards I would stand over each downed hero on a 50 and look at the distance to an X marker I placed in the entryway. Multiple runs and the person with the most cumulative yardage would win a prize. Upon having the rules I had made up explained in the sewers one contestant quipped "so we're all go
  21. @Lunchmoney Thanks, I did not know that. My signature says... Like the Costume Creator? Enjoy a challenge? Love to WIN? Then you should click here before noon April 16th! New colors and theme added! It's the contest I am currently running (in its 6th week now). This was the winning entry and prize drawing from week one.
  22. Hunh, it's strange sometimes the perspective you get from reading threads like this. I lead stuff all the time and I don't really experience the problems that people here are describing. I've hosted costume contests (thousands of them), lead events, officiated runs and held challenges both in-game and on the forums here (cough *sig* cough). I've even invented new things (The Cannon-Brawl Run, Corpseflinger, CoXsO). I go out of my way to find new players and help them with mundane tasks or getting their bearings (the way people helped me get started). I
  23. One day to go for any last minute entries! @_Kai_ Is Contaminated Fly the name of your character? It was all I could find. @biostem Are you sad because there are too many puns or not enough? Because I assure you there are plenty more where those came from.
  24. @Sublime No worries. That is the purpose of this thread. Here's a couple more. One using assorted armor pieces & the other using color patterns to suggest the shape of the Luddites tunic/gambeson. a ludd6.costume a ludd7.costume
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