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  1. Homecoming - For general chat. Better than the Help channel. Paragon Chat - Also for general chat. Seems to be focused on the community for the actual Paragon Chat app.
  2. I was doing missions with a Lightning Ri'Ashi just a little while ago when all of a sudden they said "I don't feel so good" and vanished!
  3. Echo: Dark Astoria is still available in Ouroboros, and it has exactly as much content as it did before the revamp.
  4. There should be channels for the individual server communities on the official Discord, was something wrong with them?
  5. You mean Bree? I guess I must be, I didn't realize there was really any difference.
  6. I could've sworn this forum had a WYSIWYG editor before, where'd it go?
  7. Issue 25, which the current servers are running, already adjusted various drop rates.
  8. You should've rolled War Mace instead of Kinetic Melee. You'd be SO STRONG. And pretty!
  9. Without Paragon Studios around, any new story developments are really just going to be fanfiction...
  10. I think you can get the Pocket D VIP Pass by going into Pocket D through a door and entering the tiki lounge. That or spending time in Pocket D; the badge says it's for spending 5 hours in Pocket D, but I wasn't there nearly that long and it popped for me when I entered the tiki lounge.
  11. Right-click on any of the displayed stats and then click "Monitor attribute."
  12. That was a problem they solved a long time ago on the Live servers. There's more content than ever at all levels, and they readjusted the XP cost curve, which resulted in an overall reduction of the XP required to level up at all levels.
  13. Like the top says, I've noticed I've been getting patrol XP without logging out my characters. Anyone know what's going on with that?
  14. Those issue 25 patch notes look pretty good all around; other than the new and proliferated power sets, I'd pretty much want every single one of those changes in the permanent servers.
  15. I always thought Blapper was a silly thing. We needed a special name for Blasters who actually used their melee attacks? That's just a proper Blaster! Blasters are damage-dealers. What we should've had was a special name for wimpy Blasters who only ever used ranged attacks.
  16. I never made much use of the merit reward system in the old days, because everything was way too expensive. I had a chance to look at the prices in the merit vendors on Torchbearer, however, and they're way more reasonable. For example: Uncommon IO recipes were 50-75 merits on the Live servers. On Torchbearer, I can't find any over 20. PVP IOs were unavailable for Merits on Live. On Torchbearer, they can be had for 100 merits. Archetype enhancements were 400 merits on Live, plus 25 million inf. On Torchbearer they're just 100 merits. These are prices I can see myself working towa
  17. If there's a cost to change your costume I doubt it's different here than it was on the official Live servers.
  18. ED actually worked out pretty well for me. Before ED, I had all my attacks six-slotted for damage, but I had terrible Endurance issues. After ED, I suddenly had three extra slots in all my attacks. I filled them with two recharges and one end cost reduction. Even though I no longer had perma-Hasten, my powers recharged as fast as before (faster, even, since I still had Hasten up whenever I could), but now they cost less endurance, to the point that I basically never ran out any more. It was a revelation.
  19. Yeah, but it also made it so your name always had your global handle appended to it, so instead of "Justice Guy" I'd always be "Justice [email protected]" or something like that.
  20. Unfortunately I don't think any animation or FX work was done on those sets before the shutdown, or if it was it didn't make it to the i24 files.
  21. How many of the powersets that weren't in the official game at shutdown were made by Paragon Studios, and how many have been cobbled together by the fans for these servers? For example, Psionic Melee looks like the real deal, but Radiation Melee and Tactical Arrow looks like it was pulled together from existing FX.
  22. Yup, Vanden here, maybe better known by my main Powerthrust, whose terrible name I will never, ever change.
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