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Can we not wait at tram doors?


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I know it's neat to see your guy actually board the tram before you go somewhere but is it really necessary? Does that neatness outweigh the obnoxiousness of missing one tram and having to wait those damnable seconds for the next one? Or the much much bigger obnoxiousness of the tram being completely unclickable while doors are fully open?


Can't we just have tram doors be constantly usable and work instantly? Losing the neat tram coming and going and boarding animations is an acceptable price to not lose any more seconds of our lives to commuting.

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I'm with you, but idk how hard it'd be to fix. But if it's not hard why stop at the tram. Basically any door that makes you wait because someone else just clicked it should be on the hit list as well. The boat doors on itf and the sub door on stf are particularly egregious just from sheer repetition. And then of course the entrances that you don't know where to click, and the slow to load after you click ones like the helicopters and ok i hate entrances in this game 😄

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I personally get a little thrill out of racing to catch the tram, especially when I know I just barely clicked fast enough to squeak in and beat the lockout in the animation cycle. It adds to the immersion.

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1 hour ago, krj12 said:

It actually used to be like that, back in beta.   I'm not sure why they added the wait, but it is a bit annoying.




Well, now you could miss the guy on the phone saying he's not Ascendant if there was no wait.


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2 hours ago, krj12 said:

I'm not sure why they added the wait,

I would bet upper management told them to add the time, because CoH was a subscription game.

To be frank a few seconds at the Tram door is nothing compared to the 20min boat rides of EQ, that could leave you swimming if you disconnected while on the boat.

I vote,



Side Note, I would like to see every suggestion with a Yes/No Poll at a minimum.

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