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Badges Detection tool and online tracker / Leaderboard


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The error message is specif to when the tool can't find the specific chat line, the one that give the Toon name.


The search is done from bottom to top and try to find any line that will match the following:

  • start with: Now entering the Rogue Isles,
  • start with: Welcome to City of Heroes, 

That said, I realize I never tried with a Praetorian.


Can you find a line that look like one of those 2?

something like this:

  • Now entering the Rogue Isles, Nikma!
  • Welcome to City of Heroes, Nikma!

where Nikma is the toon name

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22 minutes ago, SlyfoX said:

got it!

Badge dont count


Saved the World Saved the World... For Later

Would you be kind enough to provide a print screen of the badge name in game?

and/or point me where the typo is ?

I currently have :

  • Saved the World
  • Saved the World... For Later
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Here you go. The 'F' in 'for' is lowercase in-game. I found it last night and suspected it might be the issue but I've had meetings all day and haven't had a chance to post it.


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My pleasure. I am in the process of testing the spelling of all possible variations of badge names (including female/villain/praetorian and all possible combos) in order to update my badge menu and the Badger site. I'm not quite done with testing but when I am I'll submit all the updates I have to the Badger site, and will update my badge menu.

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Nice, thx in advance


I am assuming all hero side badge are already 100% correct as on CityOfBadger we have some 1529 badge match.

An I suspect that red side name was the last one for red side, as it's the second person who tell me about it.

The first person, swapped to blue side to get the last badge missing to get to 1529.

Not sure for preatorian names tho.


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Yes I think all male hero names are good. I know I submitted a fix for one gender assignment on the Badger site yesterday (a female name was mistakenly labelled as a male name) but decided to hold off on any other submissions until I was able to complete the testing, and that submission should not impact your work since the spelling of the name did not change. I knew from this thread to keep an eye out for a possible erroneous villain name (the one discussed above), and I still have the praetorian names to do tonight. I don't recall seeing any other spelling discrepancies but I can't say 100% for certain that there are none. I should be able to knock out the praetorian names tonight then I will parse my logs tomorrow and submit any other corrections I have. If I do notice anything else, I'll be sure to swing by here and let you know.


One thing I learned last night is that the praetorian-specific badge names are technically separate badges with different in-game tags and different settitle IDs. That's a data gap I plan to fill tonight but I can pass that along as well if it would be helpful.

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I finished my badge name spelling check and I didn't find any other badges that were spelled incorrectly and/or had any capitalization issues.

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I have updated the site today. Few Minor adjustments.

There is a Download section now.

It shows the date of the client tool was compiled. See it as a "version" thingy.

I have fixed some glitch and bugs in the client tool.

If anyone had issue with it, the new version might work better now.

Else, let me know 🙂



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  • 4 weeks later

Quick update, FAQ section is updated.

There is a way way way more easier way to do the set titles now.

A big thanks to @thunderforce for pointing that out.


Also, leaderboard have been updated with 2 new criteria:



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There's an error for myself that I'm not sure what the cause is. I've downloaded the tool and the 2500 text, ran the bind in game, but the tool reports different "Possible Matches" depending on how much wider chat has been recorded. (Getting into game and running it as fast as possible was still showing 1618 "Possible Matches").


On the Leaderboard, it's showing me with 1482, but my actual total is 1514.


Also in Firefox, if I click to Edit the profile, I can select the gump for the Server & Archetype, but there's no gump to submit it, and all I can do is escape out again.


Let me know if I can help track down the issues...



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Hi Bovine,


"Possible Matches" is the number of times the app. found a badge entry.

If you run the settitles file 2 times, you will double the entry.

I guess the app. could at least list distinct badge names... ill add that to my todo list.


That say we still have 32 missing badges I guess.


a quick look at it and I see this:




Seems you are missing 1551, 551, 2001, 2351, 1451, 401, 2201, 1375, 351, 1151, 1051...


quick like that its look like all the first entry of each  line in the file.




I will test this a bit more and let you know



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6 hours ago, xeaon said:

Hi again,


the new file should work.



there is 50 lines, each line start with settitle 0 (and is beeing ignored), then the proper ids



Ok, using this new version, and your suspicion was cow-rect, and it's found all 1514 badges and registered them; thank moo!


There's one more I can still cow-lect in game, Master Of ITF, so I'll try and have it running when I go for it and check if the app spots it...

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