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Any thoughts on across character inventory improvements ?


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I would like to see at some point in time the ability to have or access ALL Salvage, Recipes, INF/Money across all the characters on an account combined into one total list of some sort. 
There comes a point where just playing your characters just funds you enough money and IOs to finance and build out another character so there is minimal market playing required..  


The problem comes when you are trying to switch merits, IO recipes and Salvage across toons.
With 30+ level 50 toons it becomes a chore of logging in all your toons to build out one toon.
This is my process when building out a new level 50 toon.

I log in each toon.

  1. Check IO recipes stored on AH 
  2. Then checking IO recipes stored on the toon.
  3. Then looking at which IO recipes you want to convert to others.
    • So you are not just looking at for Luck of the Gambler Recipes, you are looking for Red Fortune and  Reactive Defenses to convert to LOTG.
  4. Check for Merits
  5. Check for Converters so as not to buy more with Merits.
  6. Then it is creating the emails to send each IO recipe 
  7. Email Money
  8. Email the Hero Merits
  9. Then checking salvage, usually the high end orange salvage and even yellow at times.
    • Then you have to bring back to base the salvage to drop off in the empty salvage container you have just for this purpose..
    • You transfer over the High end salvage and then the Converters..
    • Sometimes requiring several log on and log off of the same character because you reached the 100 count limit on the salvage container.. 
  10. Then of course this doesn't account for the next toon having the specific IO recipe you needed so you no longer have to convert a Positron Blast Damage IO to Energy because you found it on another toon. 
  11. Reaching Recipe limit on the toon in question. 

Moving Recipes not needed to the mail system to make more room on the toon.

End result Steps 1 to 10 are done repeatedly for the next 29+ other toons. This becomes a time consuming process.  End result building out a character ends up being many hours of work and crafting. When someone is limited in game play that can be the span of several days committed to finishing out a level 50 character build. 

For me doing this it has taken me 4.5 hours over 2 days get this done. 
Again not knowing what each character had I a full mail system with IO recipes at the end that I needed to disperse back to other characters to hold.
It becomes an arts and craft project that you need clean up afterwards as well. 

My suggestion, though might not be the best..

Have the computers at the colleges or base, inventory all the IOs and Salvage, Merits, candy canes, Brain Storms you have..  Maybe have a INF sink of 10 million to be able to do this, similar to the crafting table INF sink.  


Call me crazy but I would rather spend 60 minutes building out the toon and 3.5 hours actually playing the toon or several other toons.

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13 hours ago, plainguy said:

chore of logging in all your toons to build out one toon.

And yet you can do it in a fraction of the time instead of planning it out all at once.  Spend a few minutes a day across a week, instead of several hours at once.


Take your main toon, while playing an alt toon do the same but don't spend all day in a single day logging in 17 characters.  WHILE YOU PLAY!  5 minutes is nothing, 

 Check your inventory every day or after several missions, build what you need and delete the rest.  Sell the generic IO, like 10 will give you 1 million.  IT adds up, eventually you will have 6 million to buy an extra LoTG if you find yourself short.

Right click = D for recipes (single), S for stack of salvage.  You will get more then enough while playing, just save the rare!

Keep the useful recipes, delete the ones you don't need and keep the ones you need/want until you get salvage

Every so often, check your recipes and build.  "Guys, 1 minute" and build the 3 recipes you will be able to get every mission. 

Build the recipes you need, LoTG, Pancreas, defense/resist and convert...as you get them.  Use AH to pick up converters on the fly

Keep rare salvage on you, but delete yellow and white.  The game shits it out!

Again, check your recipes every so often

Haven't gotten that Spirit thorn, but have the other 4 pieces for that rare recipe?  Use AH, buy the one piece.  Build, destroy the rest of the white/yellow

Store the salvage?  You do realize, you are creating a problem you don't need.  You don't need tons of salvage, just what you need and occasionally drops.

Store the finished IO, but don't keep 200 red salvage.  I did it once...turns out I could store 40 on a character and build what I needed while playing.


Its all about time management, not inventory management.  You can literally convert 5 salvage to one recipe and store 100 enhancements instead of 100 salvage + 20 recipes.  Notice thats 120 items you got in inventory?  How much micro managing to your inventory to build?  Drag and Drop?  Thats what is killing you, the need to micro manage hundreds of items you don't need but expect and think you may need in the future.  THE GAME SHITS OUT MORE THEN YOU EVER NEED! RIGHT CLICK AND DESTROY ALL BUT THE RED SALVAGE!  Sell it when it hits like 50 red.  You can quite litteraly store at least half a build of the useful stuff, drop it on a SG enhancement in January, continue to build stuff you need, continue to drop it, and suddenly its June when you need to build that new toon, and buy the rest instead of saving thousands of salvage hoping for that one recipe.


tl;dr - Manage your inventory for the day every day building recipes, and deleting what you don't need, you got 70 enhancement slots and that one toon can hold them until its full for the week.  Then pop into the SG and drop off, or drop off a handful of the ones every hour.  It takes what, 5 minutes at most to drop off 6 enhancements?  5 days later, thats 30 enhancements or 1/3 of the build.  Converters...drop the red fortune and titanium coating into the SG storage bins, spend 1 hour a week converting them into LoTG and what ever the popular Armor set is (I am usually saving Aegis for farmers), the hold them into a SG table.


tl;dr - Make time to plan ahead!


You should not be logging in all your toons every time you build one new one, manage that one toon you played for the day and drop off what you need.  You should be able to cut a good chunk of time for one toon that one day, knowing you have the important stuff you need by spending a few minutes a day managing a single toon.

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2 hours ago, Outrider_01 said:

Keep the useful recipes, delete the ones you don't need and keep the ones you need/want until you get salvage

I don't keep any drops except purples.  Everything else is either sold, or crafted and sold.  The only IOs in the base are purple drops, spares of the IOs that most characters use like Panacea procs, and anything left over after a respec that I think I'll want again.  If I like a character enough to IO it, then I 'store' their build in AH bids for the (attuned) IOs.


The current state of the market, with very low inflation and level bucketing, encourages selling drops rather than hoarding.  While I'm not necessarily entirely opposed to an effectively unlimited account-based storage system, I do wonder what effect it would have on market liquidity and prices.

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You can email yourself influence - which is a perfectly usable way to transfer it to another character. 

Email yourself in chunks of 50mil or whatever pull out what you need as you need it and put back in whatever you don't need before logging out.


Build a supergroup base for yourself.

you don't even have to build just one. You can build as many as you need. You can /altinvite to move characters for access to other bases as necessary.

Converters and unslotted can be stored in bas storage.

Merits are character based so the only want to move them to character to character is to craft something with them.


Recipes storage the the main missing thing from my point of view. I have to email that around it and it would be easier to throw it into storage and pull it out on another character.


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One thing I would really like along these lines is if I could set a permission on my SG storage items to allow full access to my alts, regardless of whether they're in that SG.

Don't get me wrong, being able to email stuff to my self is much better than having to dualbox to manually trade or something, but there's still room for improvement...
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Mule alt perhaps? Log in with a second account to hold things you're moving around in bulk.

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May I respectfully suggest that, instead of hoarding absolutely everything that you come in contact with, perhaps you could consider selling stuff you don't want on the market, hanging on to the INF, and buying the stuff you want when you're ready to use it.


Doing this would solve your problem. Just a thought...

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    I don't get it, I made an SG base, and all my alts dump their stuff there, and when I make a new alt, I just go shopping at the SG base...


The only thing I have to worry is influence, merits, and emps.


With regards to all the influence, I transfer from my alts as I play to my main via email, same happens with merits (after converting to hero) and emps (transcendentals)


Not sure this helps you



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