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So saddened to hear about his passing.  I did not know him in real life, but knew him for many years back on live.  I was delighted to reconnect with him here again on Homecoming.  We both have a couple of alts in our respective SGs and shared many a fun adventure teaming together, impressing each other with our base creations and having wonderful conversations about all kinds of topics, especially his passion with language.  Truly a kind soul and one of the nicest, most sincere people I had the pleasure of meeting.


May you rest in peace Steve.  My heartfelt condolences to your loved ones and friends.  Paragon City will not be the same without you. 

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This is indeed sad news, hope his friends and love ones know they are in our Collective thoughts and prayers.

" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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I thought this might be of interest. The only architect souvenir I have on most of my characters is this one from testing one of Heraclea's AE missions. typos are mine, and in place of certain unicode characters he used,  I used ascii.


A letter of commendation from Heaven


Ante prinipium erat quædam testudo. Et ista testudo sola fuit. Et circumspicit, et vidit vicinam eius quæ mater sua erat; et se deposuit super vicinam eius, et ecce, paruit ei in lacrimis quercum, quæ omne die creuit, et tunc decidit, et fecit pontem. Et ecce, sub isto ponte venit silurus, et ambulabat, et valde magnus erat, et fuit maximus quod vidit. Et tales autem fuerent colei ignei haec piscis, ex quibus vnus erat Sol; et alter, Lunam appellauerunt.


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/em holdtorch


So sorry to hear of his passing and my condolences to all those who knew him.


I was only familiar with him through his love of base building and his delightful and always warm posts. I didn’t have the pleasure of being his friend but always appreciated his passion and joy that he had for this game and our community.


I can only imagine what a pillar of light he must have been to all those who knew him.


Rest in peace, Heraclea.

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On 12/21/2021 at 11:26 PM, The Philotic Knight said:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must report the passing of my friend, @Heraclea, known to "real life" humans as Steve Gustafson, who passed away peacefully on Sunday December 19th.

Heraclea loved a lot of the music I do. 


I was browsing the "Return of the Son of Jukebox" thread and his signature has a bunch of ... I think they're supergroup base and architect codes. Presumably his work? Certainly worth exploring, and (to the devs) perhaps saving, somehow, in honour of Steve.

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