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So saddened to hear about his passing.  I did not know him in real life, but knew him for many years back on live.  I was delighted to reconnect with him here again on Homecoming.  We both have a couple of alts in our respective SGs and shared many a fun adventure teaming together, impressing each other with our base creations and having wonderful conversations about all kinds of topics, especially his passion with language.  Truly a kind soul and one of the nicest, most sincere people I had the pleasure of meeting.


May you rest in peace Steve.  My heartfelt condolences to your loved ones and friends.  Paragon City will not be the same without you. 

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This is indeed sad news, hope his friends and love ones know they are in our Collective thoughts and prayers.

" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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