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Has an old legend come back?

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One character I recall was semi legendary back in the day for helping out newbies with advice, in etc was someone called Mother's Love.


Anyone else remember this person and know if theybare back in game?


Slim chance I know but....would be awesome to reconnect.

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I don't know or remember them but someone by that name posted a lot of stuff recently in the Art forum:



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Yes I am back.  Of course I remember you my dear. ☺️

Send a tell in-game and we'll team up again some time. (i think ML is around LV14 or so at the moment).


In the meantime enjoy these pictures from when we teamed on the afternoon of the 19th August 2006:







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" Reporting for Duty Sweetheart!." - Dropping My Knitting To Buff You Whilst Hitting! - Proudly Protecting Paragons Little Ones Since 2005.


" Wow! - You're like a Hot Yoda!.... only taller! "  - Soul Stalker.
" I knew there was Evil under that All-American girl persona! " -

" Hey! - Aren't you that roleplayer that says 'up you get' all the time? " - funny (unconscious) generic hero 01.

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And this is why I loved and still love this game. . . So many of the originals have come back and while I haven't teamed with many I still see them pop-up here and in game and love it.

@Mother's Love, @Bill Z Bubba, @The Philotic Knight, @Abraxxus, @Heraclea, @MunkiLord, @Sir Myshkin, @Myrmidon, and so many others I met when I played originally (I have never found my old super group mates: Twilight, Agent, theDoc, and Fionnaulla). . .  The one who had the most impact (other than the SG I mentioned) I have not seen in game and that was @GothGirl (even though that name does exist here). . . She was the one that started me on my badgewhore days because I teamed with her for a TF and she had like 930 badges (all of them at that time) and I never forgave her for that. . .


I am sure none of this community remember me as much because then, as now, I mostly solo and am a rather infrequent poster on forums but for those of you mentioned here and so many more know you had an impact on me and I appreciate it. . .

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